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  1. So I originally was opting to keep my thoughts to myself and privately on everything but a little goodbye post may not entirely be a bad thing. Being originally begged and forced into creating an account so someone could get "extra dupes" of an expensive toon on Christmas no less was nothing but an annoyance and a bother, but decided to join due to having a few decent friends here that I wished to stay in contact with and casually play a more thought out orbit (that didn't deal with instant sell out of toons in shops and almost no communication from the "higher ups" of the website.) After winning the lotto and getting 1.4million points in game i decided I'd at least attempt to collect some sets and see what would come from the site. Over the years I began creating signatures for some good people (and some major annoyances that couldn't understand the aspect that I did them during my free time and for the joy of seeing people happy with no profit on my end.) At the same time was getting slowly more into the "teams" that were created for ct to ease the stress off of the overworked mod team with gfx projects that 99% of the time were declined because some mods were unwilling to take risks. After a while I was offered the position of Henchmod (can no longer remember if it was a willing or forced offer, but i seem to remember someone constantly pestering me xD) and shortly after the position of GameMod. Once I hit this position I began to see a lot of the issues that the site truly had from behind the scene. This normally ranged from certain mods only caring about their own well-being and not what the players would ultimately want. (either in the means of pushing certain sets out if they didn't have the points to properly buy everything they wanted from the set, or means of trying to mess with other players to make them broke in game for various reasons.) Also TONS of infighting causing concerns to either go undecided or decisions being made that would harm the site greatly, which was one of the biggest downfalls to the site. If the moderators focused on improving the site and the overall happiness of the players the players would stick around, which is something I would attempt to do at times with either big contests (with the great help of @Jazzy) or by releasing big AO's to help drain the influx of points coming into the game that would help level out the increasing cost of still images in a collection game. Being behind the scenes also showed a lot of bias some of the old mod team had for certain players, and if you weren't liked good luck getting anything in game, which will bring me to a later shout out. This would sometimes cause witch hunts on finding any reason to ban someone just because they weren't liked. (keep in mind, the things I have stated above are from MY time on the mod team and while I did pop in from time to time after my "retirement" to give a outside opinion the later mod team was much better at keeping a level headed mind on fairness most of the time even when they were dealing with a player they disliked.) This brings me to my next topic of the website itself and even though I've tried to explain it, it doesn't quite get through but I will state it again. From my own experience and knowledge, including the knowledge of people who are infinity more skilled than I in programming. The code of this website is so broken and fudged up that the sheer amount of time and money that would have to go into fixing it would outweigh the cost of creating a new website from scratch and I've had people look at the code that is public to see and they said they wouldn't touch it no matter how much money they were given. and while we never always saw eye to eye @The Grand Poobah and I have major issues with some of your decisions I ask that you DO NOT give out the code. Let it die, the code itself is not worth saving and the sheer number of corners that were cut by the programming team to build the website ultimately aided in it's downfall, which is no fault to you with the cost it can take to build something of this caliber. Now this is far from a fully compiled list of people but if I listed every person I've had the pleasure or displeasure of dealing with I'd be here all night. @Jazzy You've always been a great friend even sense the CzoneCentral days, and the biggest thing that always kicks me is that I wasn't able to see you and @kenrmcha's special day in person due to school and lack of funds, but one day we'll find some way to get all of us together! Plus we still talk at least once a week so there's that xD @kenrmcha Dude, just Dude get Discord I miss you and want to do things that I can't discuss on a PG website ;) @Raven I feel like even tho we only talked every once and a while and you tended to be the tie breaking vote in most conflicts and always felt like you hated me in some shape or form you're a good guy. (That goes for you too @Zero tho we talked much much more lol.) @RollingStoned It's funny how much you came from your early days of "Scriptkiddy" fun and showing just how many loopholes there was in the code of the site and played the role of Chaotic Neutral while genuinely wanting to improve the site while having fun in your own way. (also...i saw every single "inserted image" in log ins every single one...and my eyes still burn) Tails - Get help period. no seriously get help. @Bunny21 While we didn't always agree on things you also genuinely tried your hardest to improve the site in your own way, and constantly would get declined for ideas that even the players said they wanted. Even if it was just "images on a screen." @LovingGoddess It seems we've kinda distanced ourselves from each other in the past few years but you were always a great friend and someone that at one time loved this website and interacting with people on it, and I hope life is still treating you well! @Hokey Just saying If they went with your design things could be different today. @Xavianangel You've come a long way from the "I'm quitting cause I didn't get my way" to someone who has manged to grow as an admin and as a person that realized that the best way to run a site successfully is to break yourself completely away from temptation of the game itself and to update completely for the players and never yourself and over the last year you've poured your heart and soul into the game and now warrior, it's time to rest. @average ct player while your name may be masked Taco, I miss ya man and I'm glad you got out when you did to start creating a life for yourself and I think about you more often then you think <3 @Marvelfan Probably been years sense we last actually talked but I'll miss our interactions in chat ;). @woodstock24 I'd sell you my neltu's but I'm afraid I either sold them to someone else or deleted them xD <3 I'm sure I'm missing some important people but all I can remember at this time and the beer in the fridge is looking better by the second, but i'll end it with this. If someone truly wishes to create a new site on where CT stood you will be fighting a costly uphill and risky battle of dodging copyright and costly programming. Unless you can find people with the passion to create a website for "fun" in their spare time or someone willing to dish out thousands of dollars to a new site built from scratch there will be NO CT 2.0
  2. @Xavianangel unfortunately we've already discussed how to improve the site, and seeing my thoughts would cause more issues for obviously reasons until those issues are fixed then my thoughts stay where we discussed. Though I will poke my friend tonight when he wakes up and do a quick test of discord seeing there should be time (hopefully..possibly..gf getting me sick may make me nap instead we'll see :P)
  3. Basically making sure I didn't miss anything so a normal member doesn't have access to certain locations they should etc. Buddy is good at breaking things and finding things I miss so why I want him personally to make sure everything is good.
  4. It's 99.9% done. I just need my buddy to brute force permissions to make sure I didn't forget anything. He's in the middle of moving to a new apartment so hopefully there will be time later this week, but I also am working through the holiday so it might be next week.
  5. So I apologize for the time the Discord sever has been taking. Between some issues with school, family, and gf dealing with some major medical issues that we're still attempting to figure out my free time has been used to attempt to keep the home front stable along with myself. The server is 99.9% done. All I have left is to input the rules and make sure permissions are set correctly, while this only takes a little time and more features can be added in the future each day brings some new situation that is hindering me from being able to complete it (Today someone decided to let air out of one of my tires, easy fix but it's also sad when I have a strong feeling on who did it.) The second problem is someone on the moderation team needs to be willing to take the jump and learn how to use Discord and such. I'm not a mod anymore and never will be so creating this out of my own spare time is my gift for people to interact whenever they want on the go with the site they grew up on, and with the people they want whenever they want. I have quite a few days off this week and using them to get myself back into a mentally fit state to work on stuff again, this is something that's constantly on my mind that needs to get done but my personal health and dealings come first over something I'm doing for free so please just be patient for a little bit longer.
  6. An existing tax for the 1% is always an option 1mill a day
  7. While this is a nice idea and a nice change of pace, I feel this may cause more confusion for some players.
  8. oasisx = Originally looking for a name back in runescape classic to play with some friends. Buddies father's small cooking business was oasis so we tried that...taken so as the edgy teens we were we slapped an X on it and tada
  9. The discord chat is basically setup. I have to finalize a few privileges but I won't let anyone in until a solid set of rules are handed to me. While I would run this a certain way and have made a few things that weren't originally asked for just to make things more user friendly, I've created this with concerns of the mod team at mind, and making sure it works well for them. I will be much more active in discord then anywhere else cause I can look on it on the go easily, where as ct or oasiz is much harder to just bring up on my phone. @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin Not sure if you misspelled Oasiz wrong or if you actually meant my name O.o. Ultimately this is just meant to help people stay in contact easier that don't always have the chance to hop on here, and is easier then trying to use the oasiz chat. Obviously some people might not be willing to give it a shot and that's fine, Discord offers many options to use even for people that are hesitant, including a web browser that you only have to log into to use and you don't need to know a lot of the ins and outs to use it. so I highly suggest people give it a shot at least when it comes out and people may realize that it is easier to keep in contact with people then oasiz.
  10. I mean I did have one at one point, maybe I might be interested in another to shake things up a little
  11. You're also able to set it up so that only a mod can invite people into the discord, or they have to give them privileges to see more than just a welcome page so keeping people out wouldn't be an issue.
  12. Making the site mobile friendly may help the issue (and shouldn't be too much of an issue, excluding the use of some games), doing an app is obviously out of the question right now, but at least being able to surf the site on your phone may bring up some sort of activity.
  13. Well for one, I know if I was a prospecting new user to the website and used chrome, this would scare me away. This is displayed on chrome for anyone that comes to the site seeing the site isn't a https website.
  14. oasisx


    There's no such thing as broke players WE NEED MORE AO'S!
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