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  1. Another year, another age.. Maybe one day the elusive copy ninja will return.... Zman... Happy 43rd birthday. 

  2. happy birthday dude. Hope it twas a good one. 


    what are you now? 42?

  3. Happy Birthday Man!

  4. happy birthday to ya :)

  5. Bon Anniversaire!

  6. Happy Birthday Homie! Hope you have a great day!

  7. Happppppy birthday you beautiful little man!! I hope you have an amazing day!! 

    Image result for sexy sasuke

  8. My dude! Get that internet service back asap, happy birthday. I will see you in LA in 7/8 months my boi B)

  9. Very diplomatic response. #SciFriForPres2016
  10. Who's getting married? Is it @BROKEN raven123 and a certain mod?
  11. However, I'm more flattered than a flattened flapjack. @BROKEN raven123 for Pres. I need those Overwatch commons.
  12. There is one reason, and one reason alone, why Team Step Aside is the best.
  13. To everyone not even willing to try: This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Cranky Kong.
  14. Zman21

    23 years old, eh....

    23 = 2 + 3

    Ike has 3 letters

    1993, the year of Ike's birth, ends in the number 3


    Illumbirthnatiday confirmed


    1. Ike


      The secret isn't safe :o.

    2. Zman21


      And neither are we.

      Brace yourselves, America, the Hoarder is coming for your a reasonable price, at least. Have to be shrewd in order to maintain such a habit without going broke.

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