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  1. Will CTC_JR update its usershop again sometime soon? hehe

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CT_Robin


      Hopefully it gets fixed!! 


    3. The Grand Poobah

      The Grand Poobah

      It's doing that again? I guess we could move some from that acct to the new one and see if that fixes the issue.

    4. Xavianangel


      Yeah it's at like 390k toons now.

  2. I just updated my Usershop with abunch of 2008-2009 ctoons! Go before they sell out! 

  3. Robin enters the wormhole again! Thanks!
  4. Robin enters the wormhole! Thank you!
  5. Link doesn't work.
  6. Not sure if I can see a difference on the ctoon.
  7. Yeah, I think it would look better smaller so we can fit more ctoons with it.
  8. I think VenomMyotismon needs to be shrunken down in size because it takes up my whole cworld?
  9. My account is showing that I have Locked Points: 33,000,000.
  10. robin if I am allowed to jump back in!
  11. Happy Birthday !!!!

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