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  1. SagNoras. Ready to bend the wormhole.
  2. That's awesome! I was hoping for some Flood morphs!
  3. SagNoras. Slowly making my way down the ramp and into the wormhole.
  4. I love Peace Tea's Sno-Berry and Razzleberry flavors. I also enjoy most flavors of Pure Leaf that I've tried, especially Raspberry and Peach. Gold Peak is also pretty good in my opinion. I used to drink Lipton Citrus Green Tea quite a bit, but I haven't had it in a while.
  5. SagNoras, falling back into the wormhole.
  6. Happy birthday! :bday1:

    1. Josh123


      Thank you very much! :) I don't know why, but literally everytime I see your username it reminds me of Chuck Norris. LOL Not in a bad way though. That mans a legend. 

  7. Happy birthday, boss! :bday1:

  8. Happy birthday! :bday1:

  9. SagNoras. Thanks for the raffle, Sharky!
  10. Happy birthday! :bday1:

  11. Happy birthday! :bday1:

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