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  1. Come Back Teddy!! :(

  2. Valentine's cWorld Stories Contest

    After deliberating, the judges have determined that PinkRose is the winner of the Valentine's cWorld Stories Contest. Congratulations! An offline trade has been sent with your prizes.
  3. February AO

    Well, if nobody's going to buy them I'll take them for cheap! Too bad there's a cap. >=D
  4. Valentine's cWorld Stories Contest

    Less than a week left to submit your entries. If we can break 15 entries, I may just add a second place prize and possibly even a third.
  5. Should the AOs be held off for 1 week?

    I say that if you don't have as many points as you would have liked for the AO, then you should have played the game a little more wisely. Hopefully you will be able to save up for March. ;)No to the delay of the auction only.
  6. Raffle Giveaway!!!

    Thank you very much Tameran! I'll be sure to offer when it's up on the trade board.
  7. Raffle Giveaway!!!

    I think 46 is the number I still have, so 34 and 46?
  8. Raffle Giveaway!!!

    12Edit: Nm. Forgot to check other members. :P16Edit Edit: Christ this is difficult finding a non-chosen number. XD46?
  9. Raffle Giveaway!!!

    I'm probably too late, but 4 and 7 would have been my numbers.
  10. Raffle Giveaway!!!

    Sign me up please. :)Teddy
  11. Superbowl Chat!

    Haha. Safety. :PFollowed by a touchdown.22-20
  12. My Contests Just For Fun

    Thrice Cream?
  13. My Contests Just For Fun

    I liked your original answer CruzAzul.
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