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  1. Kid Goten SSJ (DBZ Arena Only) - Allergic Reaction Ed (EEE Auction Only) - Spice (DBZ Uncommon - 2010) - Door To Friendship (Monster's Inc Holy Rare) - Buu Chocolate (DBZ Arcade) - All of these end in about 30min
  2. If I donated $2 just now and another $8 afterwards for this month it counts right?
  3. Hey All! Long time no talk haha. So I stumbled upon this ctoon and it should be "Gold Parakoopa" or "Gold Koopa" (although the first one is correct term. Gold Lakitu is a whole different character lol
  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday  :bday1:

  6. Literally loved this xD Amazing!!
  7. Thanks for everything guys! Will report here if I see any issues that may need correction
  8. Thank you for all the hard work Toon + Mods!!!
  9. Not sure if thread has been made, but has anyone gotten one yet? I'm loving mine!!
  10. When's the official deadline for this? *raises donation up*
  11. I'm loving the effort and work here guys!!!! I see a new era in Collectoons rising on us
  12. this was an amazing post!!!!! not to mention this was an amazing thread!! thanks mods I love proactive stuff that helps toss in ideas and the thoughts of the community. For a community to grow it is important we come together and put our minds together to list any possible complaints, errors/issues/glitches, suggestions, etc to help think amongst the people what they would recommend - a democracy if you may. I really love this and being an old-time Orbit vet this is something we have that Orbit didn't on their site really Some gripes I have: - Trade Board: Wish it was a little more detailed. Pretty much regarding when I click on a cToon it just pops up and shows the toon. I'd prefer if I get a little info on it such as release date, set, etc. kinda like if I was in My Collection. - Shops: Same as above. Wish I get more details on the toons I would be purchasing. I know I'd normally buy toons that DO look familiar lol but I'm always interested. I would love to see info on the set, release date, etc. Please also mention how many of the toon we own of it upon clicking. That would be amazing as well. - Auctions: Few things. I know I'm being picky but I would love that "cha-ching" noise when you bid on something. That added so much personality and life to Orbit back then and sometimes I'd click just cause of that lol. It was such a small addition that was so welcomed by me. Also when I'm bidding on something I would also love a "Back to Auctions" button or something on that page rather than going to the drop down. Would be much more accessible especially for times when you're bidding and rushing to the next auction if they're closing seconds apart from each other and can't be bothered to use multiple tabs lol (gets hectic sometimes). Also would love a "What I'm Bidding On" button to keep track on this stuff as well. - Points: Easier more accessible and fun way of getting points would be nice especially for newer members that would get intimidated by some vets and stuff going for high prices on the market. But while still making them feel they gotta work for it so it isn't that easy. - Donation: Better incentives would be nice for this as well as more options. Would be great to be rewarded for giving 'x' amount and stuff. - Games: Has been touched on already but we need something huge, appeal, and functional like how gToons was. It was amazing and fun to play. Might be all I got right now but I can't think of more Obviously aesthetics/looks/layout/etc of the site plays a role for me as well (visual presentation plays a surprisingly alarming role at gathering and keeping people on a site) but that's a topic we could talk elsewhere Thank you mods/admins for all you do and this was an amazing thread idea!!
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