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  1. Everyone who hasn't already and is interested in joining our Discord, don't forget to join before the forums close!! Way too many people to tag, but I'd like to thank you all for this place and everything I've grown up with since joining in 2009. I was still 16 so I wasn't even an adult yet when I first joined. CT has grown with me throughout my teen years and I'm glad it existed in the first place. Unfortunately the donations apparently were not enough and as Sora has stated, a bare minimum of $5 a month from each member (which is literally nothing) could've helped keep the site afloat. But unfortunately that was not the case. @The Grand Poobah although things went sour it feels towards the end between the site, staff, you, etc. with the controversy of the site closing and when/why/how it would, we still greatly appreciate you for starting this in the first place, being one of the workers from Orbit days. So I'd like to thank you regardless for even granting us a platform to have something such as this running and hope things go well for you in the future.
  2. Ballerina Doug (x2) - 10k (5k each) Pink Ball (x1) - 1k Puppy Gift Box (x1) - 1k TB Martian Manhunter (x1) - 1k Caleb Leland Ghost (x1) - 3k Fish Creature (x1) - 2k Roller Ghoster (x1) - 2k Freezing Jerry (x1) - 3k Lovestruck Jerry (x1) - 3k Meathead (x1) - 3k Toasted Tom (x1) - 3k Tom & Jerry Summer Sticker (x1) - 3k total: 35k I have these my good sir. Just posted on the TB
  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. Josh123


      Thank you! 

  4. lets try this out lol fierce_deity
  5. It's probably a troll offer. Some people do that out of humor or just plain messing around. Either laugh it off or just cancel it honestly. Others if their price is low like lets say 50k for something worth 1mil, it's either because that's all they have to offer or they don't have an idea on the value of certain toons, so they toss a price out and see where it lands them. Not everyone that offers (seriously) always know the value of a toon put up on board. It's kinda hard to gauge things out in Auctions sometimes since people do usually wait til timer runs <1min before bidding it up too so the actual prices of things are sometimes hard to find there also. At least imo.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Toon! Hope today is an enjoyable one for you and you enjoy yourself. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into the site for us! Many more years to come.

  8. Thanks bro and yes I agree, it will take more than just one person getting the word out in a few places and grabbing some new faces to bring in some more activity, on and off forums and in-game.
  9. I agree, and I'm hopefully going to help out however I can and seeing who may be interested in joining. It's not something that will happen overnight of course, but it is something that will eventually build up into something respectable I believe.
  10. Well, good news. Once my thing kicks off finally I'll be able to increase my donation amount at least from my end xD
  11. I think it's a vicious cycle. The donations will probably have to come in in a decent amount to give him a drive again.
  12. For example I have plenty of techs I know personally, their prices vary. I know one that says if he were to help he charges $60/hr. If it's a project he can tackle in lets say 2 hours? That's something I'm willing to try to help fund if it's for bettering the site. He just will need directions on what to do/what we're trying to get done if he were to do it. I definitely agree, each entity is useful in its own way. In my old job I was Head Graphic Designer and Marketer, and helped with Marketing through use of Constant Contact and social media for example. I run a freelance page on IG actually, and in process of working on getting up a new company. I could help with social media marketing as well considering I've done so in a professional setting before. I do have more time to help around considering I now freelance from home rather than a 9-6 now, but it is a little rough/busy atm due to setting up the grounds for my team's new company which should settle down by end of October/early November. If we all tackle this activity issue on CT full force I think we can gain some traction. This game is insanely fun and has a nice appeal to it as I've said, all it takes is these two important parts: Spreading the word to grab potential new members and actually having them join and stay Keeping the game entertaining and fresh for our older members so they find reasons to stay as well and not "grow bored" (new games, new incentives, new features, new site designs/buttons, etc. Even something as simple as a new change of some visuals would go a very, very long way.
  13. Nice, keep us updated!! Also remember how I stated as of last year it was 130million users registered? Yeah... it's 250million as of this year lmfao. That's insane.
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