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  1. 1. Screechingweasel96 2. Umbreon thanks!
  2. So @The Grand Poobah, have we earned a second chance at this? Did we post enough to convince you that things can and will be different moving forwards? Look, we all appreciate you and love your creation. This goes without saying. Your little corner of the internet has given so many people joy and a place to be for the last 11+ years. The fact that you worked on the old Orbit site, and saved it and brought it to us in a re-kachiggered format - you are a god amongst men in our eyes. And it is understood that there is a business side to it, many of us (myself included) had turned a blind eye. No one can really blame you for not wanting to lose money hand-over-fist. As has been stated this month, many players have become upset over the fact that the donations never really amounted to much change in-game. "We" were promised various things, upgrades and etc., but alas, things like Card Clash never took off. And that's okay. It's okay for CT to be exactly what it is, a 2-D trading card game in a 3-D world. There is a clientele for this; your loyal subjects. And if we can get a second chance, we all now know - Eyes Wide Open - that our donations may not amount to much more than keeping the lights on here at CT. And we're okay with that. We are. Honestly and truly. But now we have been faced with CT's extinction. And a great many of us have stated what a shame this is, and how much we *wish* we could do to change it. Allow us a chance to literally put our money where our mouth is. I have an idea. This month has already been sort of like a victory parade, with massive code toons and now AO week, all great ideas. But you're a Texas guy, so let's go BIG. EMPTY BOTH BARRELS. Invite everyone back for one big "final goodbye" over the Thanksgiving holiday. Send a message to all players - not a PM, but an email. And not just active CT emails, but all of the forum emails as well, since those don't go away after 12 months of disuse. (Also, except for Tails - because @Xavianangel @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin and @oasisx might hurt me if I opened the door for him). I'll even help write it/get it started. And over the Thanksgiving holiday, you opened up the CTC vaults - trade board raffles, 20-plus pages of auctions (not just HRs, but everything from LE sets to uncommons from 2008-2013 and all the otherworldly goodies you still have). Release oodles of code toons as you have been doing with points attached. You advertise and release another AO and an OR - I know you still have all the old Orbit stuff, one thing I've been waiting for was that old CRing from the Jackie Chan adventures, J-TEAM or whatever it was called. I mean, heck, it could be something super silly like Dexter's Bee or Guile's Comb or even The Collectoons Logo, just call it an AO or OR and like they said in Field of Dreams, "People will come..." And you advertise that the potential last sets are DBZ and Pokemon. And you reinstate the donate button. Make it a double points holiday. And in your message to our world, you make it known, "hey, your donations might not save this site". But say something like "anyone who donates gets a special ctoon". (how about a shiny pokemon, since Shiny Charizard just went for 100+mil and we know Shiny Mew and Shiny Arceus are any more Shiny art available?) Have one toon for $5 and one other for $10 donations. I'm still thinking you could make $2000 fairly easily. 'Tis the season for giving, after all. And no one could accuse you of a selfless money grab, because this forum is public and all of our 6 pages of musings and discussions have laid it out there. CT is dying. This is our Hail Mary Pass at the end of the 4th quarter. If it works, WOOHOO! But if it falls short, HEY WE TRIED. And worse comes to worse, you've recouped a little bit of your expenditure that we honestly owed you in the first place. So whaddya say bossman? Can we try? Can we go big or go home? Can we empty both barrels, go out guns blazing? With the utmost respect and love, -Screechingweasel96 p.s. Here's the sample email to send out: Dear [CT User], This is a sad time for Collectoons, as we are faced with the reality of shutting down the website. However, we wanted to invite you back for one last big celebration. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we are celebrating all that is Collectoons, with raffles, auctions, a new Auction-Only toon and an Omega Rare release. And not only that, but on Sunday is the release of two massive sets - DBZ AND POKEMON! But wait - there's more! The holiday will also serve as a double-points bonanza! That's right, all arcade plays and donations will earn you twice the amount of points. Anyone who donates $5/$10 or more will get a special ctoon along with their donation! (Now, please note: your donations might not keep CT alive, but they will earn you the [special toons], so don't go crazy). Come on back for one last hurrah while enjoying your holiday break. We here at CT are appreciative and forever grateful to you as a player. No matter how much of the last 11 years you have been playing, thank you so much for being a part of this family and this game. Forever yours in toon-dom, CT p.p.s. I'm gonna try and tag everyone who has already posted in this forum because this post is a synthesis of all of our thoughts, feels, emotions, and love. I was gonna say "heart", but that sounded too Captain Planet! If nothing else, to show you, Toon, how much love and support you've garnered on this forum. @Josh123 @Moana of Motunui @Sora @Ssoldier @woodstock24 @kaigeta @Tameran @mr1b @Boro910 @Terrie @deepcanyon1 @PhotonCyberStar @sciencefriction @Cyberoplasma @xaviersxmen @Incrediblehulk @IncredibleJD @doctabryan @baywatch7 @Numbuh 1507 @Inuyasha @Wiscbadger91 @Bardockjr @Bard @Gamascottie @ZaberFang @Tooner58 @oasisx @Ludiologist @Paul @Masoonite @Coolguy @ChelseaOrgana21 @BROKEN raven123 @Jwoolman1993 @Sharktibolt @tankdog17 @hesher @dewdrop @Bunny21 @Marvelfan @thelastsith @randaaroo @LovingGoddess @Jazzy @Zero @RubixCube @FUTURAMA GUY @dragonwolf @dragonbowlz @amaris @Blossom @Hokey @RollingStoned @captainjack @CaptainAWB @Captain @Ike @i1o3 @CT_Robin @Rella @Roxy @JusJarBo @Rlebeau1405 @BTVKIDS @MKW19 @IGPXCHAMP66 @Buzzcut @kenrmcha @QuadrupleCup @DisneyDaygo @Kuwabara1 @RecklessRebel @UnLuckyTriple7s @mojoboss @Unluckygal @KagomeSango398 @Detelos @FredTheFish @ReaperX13 @reaper9697 @SagNoras @Sister Love @Johnny @JNWSK @XxGothsCanSmile2xX @Abdazar Slytherin @Fierce Deity @Xero_Hybrid @Alluper @scrmngdsy @mandalorethefirst @Mandalore The First @JollyRodger12 @Jollybuns @mikes101 @Dr. Venkman @mojofan @Fearfreak @Liquid @ChooDabbaBear @MTD_Orbit @LastColl @loejando @SSTRUNKS @marvelman51 @crooked @wallette1 @astn220 @djxfactor511 @mongoose @MongooseKnight @narengoku @asrow @BeardedBear @GeneralFredLazer @MojoJoestar
  3. It was posted / mentioned last year that CT would close? Do you recall when it was announced, just out of curiosity? Did I miss this somehow? I know it’s in the past now but had I known earlier, I’d have a lot less money in my bank account. (My big long shpiel is coming but suffice it to say CT has meant an immeasurable amount to me) random idea that randomly just struck my brain like lightning... instead of “selling” the site, any thought to taking on a partner or partners? A few deep pocketed CTers who can donate a couple hundred or so a month, or even pay some of the fees associated with running the site?
  4. But what if a few people were okay with doing the “heavy lifting” in terms of donation totals? I know you have said that you didn’t want it that way, but we (now) know the risks and the rewards and that our donations might not mean “bells and whistles and upgrades” but merely treading water.... if WE’RE okay with providing that support for the site, can’t you also be okay with a few, good-natured members supporting the site mostly on their/our own?
  5. Yes, but what if this has woken up some of that 90+% and they become regular donators...? also, anyone thought about Kickstarter or something like that?
  6. Sorry, but my thoughts are extremely disjointed. In all honesty, I'm having trouble coming to grips with this whole development. If you haven't read @Masoonite's post on page one, please go do so. I have a lot I want to say, a lot of feelings I want to express. I just can't put them down just yet. I would still really like to post like everyone else about how I joined and how much this site means to me - because it means a tremendous amount - I'm just mentally not able to gather all of the feels yet. So instead I'm gonna tag a whole buncha people and post a Guardians of the Galaxy clip, (since I don't know how to embed a clip which would have been really cool and motivational, it's the "you know what I see? A buncha losers. I mean, ya know, folks who have lost stuff" clip) because I don't want this site to go away. Also, I made my donation, I encourage others to do so as well. The little donate bar says 26% of the monthly goal. I believe we can convince @The Grand Poobah to save the site and keep CT open. "Do not go gentle into that good night" @Sora @baywatch7 @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin @Bunny21 @ZaberFang@Josh123 @Blossom @Moana of Motunui @Tameran@Tooner58@Coolguy @dragonwolf @RubixCube @Xavianangel @xaviersxmen @woodstock24 @mongoose @kaigeta@Boro910 @Terrie @deepcanyon1 @PhotonCyberStarr @Rlebeau1405 @Bardockjr @Numbuh 1507 @SagNoras @ChelseaOrgana21 @Josh123@BROKEN raven123 @Paul @FUTURAMA GUY @Sharktibolt@thelastsith @Jazzy @Inuyasha @XxGothsCanSmile2xX@moxie @mojofan @JusJarBo @Rella @Gamascottie @Ike @randaaroo @DC_ @Ssoldier @JollyRodger12 @sciencefriction @captainjack @narengoku @scrmngdsy @CT_Robin
  7. Screechingweasel96 rollin’ and tumblin’ into the wormhole
  8. Omg you have asked the impossible question! Well played... there’s just so many to pick from! 1. do I go Betty Boop or Guardians of the Galaxy or Eyeshield 21 or Prince of Tennis or Yvon of the Yukon or the new Addams Family Movie or... or.. or..., nope, I got it. Official submission for RUROUNI KENSHIN. 2. again, drive a dagger right in my heart. It’s like “pick a favorite child“ or ”which limb would you like to lose?” ; well who can do that (with ease)?? Do I request Futurama or Mulan or Case Closed or Sailor Moon or Madagascar or FLCL or more DBZ morphs or .... or.... gah! Too hard! Ok ok ok ok, enough stalling, I came to a decision (aka closed my eyes and scrolled through the list in my collection): IRONMAN ARMORED ADVENTURES. 3. Screechingweasel96
  9. Screechingweasel96, please and thank you!
  10. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp,... and the wormhole beckons Screechingweasel96.
  11. Pumpkin spice Wormhole! Screechingweasel96, ready to fall in again!
  12. It's not "Tom and Jerry", it's "TOM VS. JERRY"!!! Ready.... FIGHT!
  13. screechingweasel96 WORMHOLE!!! 9/19/19. its a palindrome! !emordnilap a sti .91/91/9 !!!ELOHMROW 69lesaewgnihceercs
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