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  1. Blind

    Mortal Kombat X

    I play it on the xbox one, this is such a great game!
  2. Blind

    Happy Birthday narengoku and LuckyStar

    Happy birthday, Hope your enjoying it.
  3. Blind

    ELLO! OvO Noob here

    Welcome to the forums, If you need anything..dont hesitate to ask.
  4. Blind

    New member

    Welcome to Collectoons man!
  5. Blind

    Happy Birthday XavianAngel!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Blind

    Just joined

    Welcome to Collectoons, like most of the others said, If you need anything at all please message me.
  7. Blind

    Hi im new

    Welcome to Collectoons! This game is the closest to Cartoon Orbit around, Glad to see you joined and If you need anything at all, Please let me know! Thanks, -Blind
  8. Blind

    Exclusive code toons

    We will start issuing the code on Fridays a few hours earlier, and see how that works! Thanks for pointing this out to us!
  9. Blind

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to Collectoons!! If you need anything, please feel free to ask!
  10. Blind

    Exclusive code toons

    Hmm, That is a very good point and I agree something needs to be done. I'll talk to the other staff and see what can be done about this. -Blind
  11. What a great job. Xavi.
  12. Blind

    Morph Your Way to Victory!

    Morph #6: Morph #7: Morph #8: Morph #9: Morph #10: Morph #11: Morph #12:
  13. Blind

    Morph Your Way to Victory!

    Morph #1: Morph #2: Morph #3: Morph #4: Morph #5:
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