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    The smackdown quarter has ended!

    Battle Ready Jedi
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    2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    Here's my Entry
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    Anime Sunday

    I was at the first Anime Sunday Xavian saidI was on the list I didn't get the plaque
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    CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Adventure Time Adventuring Pals 35k? Princess Bubble Gum 18k Science Dance Finn 35k? Thanks.
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    Raffle: Powered-Up Garlic Jr.!

    Detelos, looks like a good raffle.
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    Why aren't you on as much?

    I'm not going to go into detail about who I am because frankly it doesn't matter where or what I'm doing in life. However there is merit in some of these guys post that I could agree with. The reality is most of your player base is guys who are now in their early to mid twenties. We have careers we focus or we just focus on other things. It's hard to come back and play a game like this actively when it's just based on building a collection of toons.
  7. Detelos

    Bikini Bottom Massacre

    Before any body reads this I suggest if you have a faint heart you stay away from this. It's dark and scary. Win or lose I enjoyed this. It was a cold night in Bikini bottom. Nothing but silence this was considered unusual in a happy place such as Bikini bottom, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm merely nothing more than a fry cook working at a burger restaurant. You might of heard of the place it's called "The Krusty Krab" it's a pretty well known Shop however it's a family owned business so there is no food chain. Which surprises me the most, every night I come in and I see nothing but miserable people at a dead end job. There's this one particular individual who works here he goes by the Name Squidward. He's a Egotistical Prick. He's always on about how he's going to be a famous clarinet player. I never let him finish I always pretend to care and communicate with him but in all honesty I could care less what he wants I'm just here to collect my paycheck and get out. Speaking of which I have this boss he goes by the name "Mr. Krabs" hence the reason for the restaurants name but I digress. One time I decided I'd call my boss by his name and he about blew his lid. He said you will address me as Mr. Krabs and that is all because I sign your paychecks. I politely said "Okay Mr. Krabs it won't happen again". Again I'd like to address my boss is a Jerk. He's always talking about money this and money that. You wouldn't believe what this man has put me through. He made me go to the prom with his daughter his daughter isn't ugly per-say, however she's not exactly the prom queen if you're understanding what I'm saying. Another time he actually made me shut down the business of operation so his daughter could run the business. I didn't want any part of this but he made me do it. So I put on a show for Ol' Mr. Krabs. I've been at this place for years it's always digging at me how I could be doing more. When you're a young boy and you start your first job your only concern is making some money for the newest trends, but when you're 36 and working at the same fry food store and have nothing to show for your self it kind of gets at you know? It makes me a little depressed. I've been bottling my feelings up for a long time now but I don't think I can anymore. I have these friends that I "Socialize" with One is an old friend named Patrick. He's not exactly the sharpest Crayon in the Crayon box if you get my drift but none the less he's a nice fellow it's a shame what's going to happen to him. However I have another friend I some what communicate with she's not from these parts her name is Sandy Cheeks. Honestly who names their kid "Sandy Cheeks" it's a little ridiculous if you ask me, but If my memory servers me correctly she said was from "Texas" it's some weird out of town country. It's a shame her and I couldn't get to know each other better though. Did I mention I have a pet named Gary? He's a Snail, but I don't have a girlfriend. I know I'm 36 years old and don't have a girlfriend. What a loser right? but let's talk about my pet Gary. He's a Snail I come home after working 7Am-8Pm a day to see this pet and he's the rudest little thing in the world. He never wants to take a bath and he never wants to eat what I buy for him He is so ungrateful! But Gary got what he deserved oh yes. He got his. You know lately I've been thinking maybe I could change my life a little bit you know? My psychologist thinks I'm a little cooky but hey who the heck is he anyway!? Who is he to tell me I'm crazy I mean am I right? Why can't a grown man always obsess over jelly fish and a comic book hero? I'm not crazy! I know you're thinking I'm crazy but I'm not! Okay well maybe I could be a little crazy but my friends could never tell they often times mistake my insanity for cheerfulness but in reality I think nothing but dark and impure thoughts. Shall I continue? Well It doesn't matter I will anyways. Remember my Jerk boss I was telling you about? Of course you do! How could you forget something I said!? Huh!? Never mind I'm just a little upset. Let's continue, He has this rival named as Plankton who has a moderately unsuccessful business. He's kind of a chum but hey at least he doesn't work 7-8 as a fry cook Hahahah not funny. Anyways this guy gets bullied by my boss all the time for being short. It's kind of annoying watching my boss bully him. My boss has these false ideas that his rival Plankton is trying to steal his "Secret formula" but I'm here to tell you there's no secret we just ground up some meat and put some kelp salt on it and call it a burger. So I guess you're wondering where I came from just now? On this nice night of Halloween? I'm covered in something you don't see often around these parts right? You're kind of scared I know but don't be I'm not going to hurt you. Just take a seat and I'll tell you what happened. You see today was like any other boring day but something just clicked in me this morning. I decided I wasn't going to live my normal life today I decided I was going to do something intense. I walked down to the kitchen and I grabbed the first thing I could find, working at a burger store you tend to own a lot of spatulas so I picked up the first one I could find. I called Gary into the kitchen for breakfast but what Gary didn't know was I was hiding behind the corner. I quickly grabbed on his shell and put my spatula under it and ripped it up. His blood started to splatter. I could hear his screams echo through out my house but I didn't care. I was going to change my day! He Started to crawl away from me. I wanted him to think he was going to get away but he wasn't going to of course. You never let the victim get away. Did you know that if you put salt on a snail they shrivel right up? It's kind of amazing. I followed him through out the house pouring salt on his back and as he screamed in agony. By the time he was gonna he was shriveled up into a dried snail. I decided I was hungry so I put him in a pan at 350 Degrees and cooked him for an hour. He was rather chewy for a dried snail. I know what you're thinking I'm a little crazy but I'm just getting started I promise no harm will come to you if you continue to sit and listen to my story. Next I decided I was going to go visit Squidward. He always likes to come in an hour later. So It was no surprise he was at home. I knocked at his door. Surprised to see me he said "What do you want!" I replied to him "Mr. Krabs needs me to talk to you about something we're doing for Halloween today" I could tell in his face he didn't want me to come in due to the fact he felt I was annoying but he decided to give in let me in. Haaa What a mistake on his part. See I hate Squidward with a passion he's always complaining about work. He sits around and does nothing all day while I flip burgers and do all the work. As soon as we walked in I grabbed the heaviest object I could find and bashed him on the head. He dropped quickly. I dragged him to this nearest chair and sat him in it. I began to tie him up. He started to come too. He muttered "What are you doing!? You psychopath!?" I replied "Oh I'm not crazy! I'm just changing my life style is all" He replied "You'll never get away with this" I said "You won't live to find out" He started to beg for his life but I didn't care he was out for a good hour before he came to little did he know I was sharpening the end of his clarinet. I walked behind him and said "Beg" he replied "Oh Please don't kill me! Spongebob! I'm sorr" before he could finish I stuck the sharpened edge through his neck. You'd be amazed how much a guy will bleed when you pierce their necks. He died within seconds. I know What you're thinking I'm sick but I'm not sick I just needed a change. Next I decided why not go visit my friend Patrick. Patrick is slow so he'd let anyone in his house if they told him they knew him. I knocked on his door and he came to the door with his shorts half way down his butt. A usual site to see. He said "Hi Spongebob! I'm just watching a movie come in" I said "Okay Patrick" I walked in behind him and shut the door quietly. I sat with him for awhile while he talked to me about his movie. It was clear he couldn't understand the plot. So I just smiled and nodded my head. He asked if I was hungry and I replied oh no Patrick I'm just fine. I had a good breakfast this morning! it was Italian food" and he laughed and said "What did you eat Gary!" he luaghed hysterically and I just starred at him with blank expression and said "Yes" Right there was when I could tell I put the fear in Patrick. He said to me "Cut it out Sponge-bob you're scaring me" and I replied "Good I want you to be scared." He got up and said to me "get out if you're going to be mean!" I complied with Patrick and politely left. We'll get back to him later he's further along the story. It's a good thing you're not running man that would be stupid just sit there and listen. Next I decided to go visit Sandy remember her? She was the person from out of town. It's a shame we crossed paths so many times. She could of avoided all of this but hey wrong place at the wrong time! I knocked at Sandy's door. She came out dressed as a Hula dancer. She said "Howdy Sponge-bob come on in! I'm just finishing some Pumpkin spiced nuts and some home made candy corn" I smiled and walked in. Sandy and I sat for awhile and talked about her week and how she just loved the holiday Halloween and how she loved scary movies. I grinned at her and said "That's funny because I came here to kill you" she got up and said "OHH you want to practice Karate. Well if that's how it's going to be let's do this!" I decided to go along with it seeing she was naive to my true intent. We started to spar a little she decided to run up to the top floor of her house. We started to kick and punch and practice on each other. We probably spared a good hour or so. By the time we were finished she looked exhausted. She turned and faced out the window to admire the view. At this moment I spurred at the moment and pushed her. I could hear the bones in her body crack as she hit the ground. I started to walk down the stairs slowly. Its not like I had to walk fast right!? I mean come on. She was broken in half! I get down to here and said "Nice fall eh?" she looked up at me with pain in her eyes and said "W-w-w-h-h-yyy Sp-onnnggee bob" And I replied it's time for a change. As I finished my sentence I decided to get on top of her and strangle her until the life left her eyes. She was gone. Ah now I know you're scared. You're thinking how did this psycho go out and do all these things in one day without being caught? well When you ride under the radar for years like me it goes without saying. No one will notice what you do unless you want to be noticed. Just sit and shut up and be quiet we're almost done! Next let's talk about Eugene A.k.a Mr. Krabs. It was 8Pm now. I know you're thinking what did you do from 2Pm-8pm it couldn't of took you that long to get to Mr. Krabs Well let's just say I took a visit to my parents house. It was a nice visit considering their in pieces in the back yard. I also visited my Grandma ah she was so excited to see me until I started taking her limbs. Oh well right hahahha. SHUT UP and keep listening. I also went and Saw Mrs. Puff at the drivers school! She's the jerk that wouldn't let me get my license. Jokes on her. I made her beg to give me a license before I cut her from ear to ear. It was pretty fantastic if you ask me but let's get back to the Mr. Krabs part of my story. See Eugene was closing up but I came and knocked on his manager door and the moment he laid eyes on me he asked where I had been and why was there fake blood on me? I said "Mr. Krabs you're a greedy jerk I'm tired of being pushed around by you.That ends tonight" Baffled by my statement he replied "and How do you intend on stopping me? Matter of fact you're fired." Before he could say another word I revealed a knife I found in the Krusty Krab kitchen and said "I've come to kill you" see the thing is Mr. Krabs wasn't exactly a weak man. He was in the Navy he was a trained solider. So when I took the knife out he attempted to disarm me. We fought for a good 10 minutes before he got the upper hand. He threw me to the ground and said enough. I'm calling the cops you're going to jail. He walked to his desk and started to call the police For some reason I just laid there like I wanted to be caught. I knew it needed to be ended but I had to finish some things first. I got up and saw that his safe was open I pulled a lighter out of my pocket and said "Hey Jerk have fun with your burnt money" I threw the lighter on top of his cash and of course he said "what have you done!" he dropped the knife to run and try to salvage the little money that remained but before he could get there I picked the knife up and stabbed him 6 times. I watched him bleed out from his backside. He dropped to his knees and I slit his throat. I watched his years of money be burnt away. So much fuss over something that could be took away in a few seconds. Oh well I know what you're thinking! That explains the smoke cloud and yes that was in fact my doing. In a few minutes that Store will be burnt down forever. Now let me tell you the last part of my story and then I'll let you go. After burning the Krusty Krab and Killing Eugene. I decided to head over to Patrick's to apologize. I Knocked at his door this time around he seemed much more comfortable with me. He said to me "Hey Sponge bob it's nice to see you're dressed up! come in!" I walked in and said "You know Patrick I didn't mean to scare you earlier. I just wanted you know about my breakfast" not knowing what to say he shrugged and walked into the kitchen. I followed him and said "Patrick I hope you know that you're my best friend" and he replied "I know we are!" and he smiled. Such a shame he had to die though. I took the knife I used on Eugene and plunged it through his heart. The last thing I Saw was Patrick's eyes get really big and then get really small. It was a clean and quick painless death. I kissed him on the forehead and said "Only for you best friend." Now we're back to this situation I know you're scared of me, but you shouldn't fear me for I am not going to hurt you. I'd have to know you for longer. Wait a second you've been here for at least and hour. We could be considered friends. Actually could you come here for a second? Oh no? you don't want to? I promise I won't bite. Happy Halloween 2015!
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    CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    The Batman Toons Bruce Wayne x3 25k? The Batman Logo 10k? Mr. Freeze x2 20k?
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    Summertime SD Contest

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    Spookiest cWorld Contest 2012

    Heres my entrie.
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