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  1. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

    LoverOfAnimation. Thank you.
  2. Happy birthday, Captain! :bday2:

  3. Happy birthday, Flash! :bday2:

  4. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Pinocchio and South Park. Not a bad week at all.
  5. Heroes Of The Storm Expansion

    @Xavianangel Reposted along with a few new characters.
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!

    1. reaper9697


      Thank you very much!


  8. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    Set 30, Box 1 please.
  9. LoverOfAnimation's Wish List (Buying Overwatch Pixels)

    Thank you.
  10. Holy Rares Disguised Boo Jane Saluting Zipper Heroic Po Goodbye Goku Vegeta's Ashes Kid Kami Laughing Gogeta Nanny Resurrected Frieza Hamtaro Boss Alien-Ham Cappy Pumpkin-Ham Elder Wolf-Ham Hamtaro Franken-Ham Oxnard Spider-Ham Panda Skeleton-Ham Penelope Ghost-Ham Dexter Jingle Lapis Maxwell Panda Sitting Oxnard Skyham Snoozer Munching Penelope Scribblin' Hamtaro Singing Hamtaro Sleeping Snoozer Peanuts A-Plus Snoopy Naptime Snoopy Peanuts Christmas Peppa Pig Hacker Peppa Muddy Peppa Peter Pan Nana Tiger Lily Sesame Street Running Big Bird Super Grover Teeny Little Super Guy Dexter's Laboratory Mandark 1st Ed Secret Agent Honeydew 1st Ed Super Monker 1st Ed Degravinator 1st Ed Einstein's Brain 1st Ed Hydroplamodrifier 1st Ed Jacob's Latter 1st Ed Candidate Mom Candidate Mandark Morphs Princess Cynthia of York Shindia Mahad Mana Margaret Beaufort Manu Lord Thomas Stanley Melody Moore Michael Stanley Rishid Princess Rebecca of York Sir Robin Bakura Adonah Bakura Cecily of York Christian Rosenkreuz Bishop John Martin Elizabeth of York Sir Tristan Grey Princess Victoria of York Flamedramon Raidramon ExVeemon Magnamon Hawkmon Aquliamon Halsemon Shurimon Wormmon Stingmon Paildramon Imperialdramon Imperialdramon Fighter Mode Ankylomon Digmon Submarimon Rocket Power Biking Otto Biking Reggie Biking Twister Biking Sam Starters Frozen Fever Bugs Bunny gtoon Yami Marik Doomed Aladdin Buying List Wreck-It Ralph Posing Sgt. Calhoun x2 for 5k each Overwatch Pixel Tracer for 800 each till I reach 500 Pixel D. Va for 800 each till I reach 500 Pixel Mercy for 900 each till I reach 300 Pixel Portrait Tracer 4k each till I reach 20 Red = high priority Blue = mid priority Green = low priority Thanks To: Paul Ssoldier Zero_Hybrid Sora Jazzy Denverb24 Volcom ChooDabbaBear Ike Rapunzelsanna Dab_marino LovingGoddess Baywatch7 Deepcanyon1 Moxie Zip
  11. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    Set 28, Box 1 please.
  12. Power Rangers

    @Xavianangel Here's Power Rangers Turbo!
  13. Double Or Nothing 2: Electric Giftitude

    Set 35, Box 2 please.
  14. Double Or Nothing 2: Electric Giftitude

    Set 28, box 2 please.
  15. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Here's my two for this week and it's a SMASHING week.
  16. Bartok the Magnificent

    A spin-off of Anastasia and it is one of my favorite DTV films that I would love to see as a set.
  17. Bartok the Magnificent

  18. Titan A.E.

    This is one of my favorite animated movies ever. It would be amazing to see a set on CT in the future.
  19. Titan A.E.

  20. Happy birthday!

  21. Anastasia

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