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  1. Buying Battle-Ready Rain for 5k each till I have 100.

    1. TheWolfandtheRose
    2. PhotonCyberStar


      If I get extra Love Will Find A Ways for you, we can exchange.

    3. TheWolfandtheRose
  2. Happy birthday, sith!

    1. thelastsith


      Thank you, LOA! Always glad to see you on here!

  3. The Search for the next AO

    Nice SAO image you found, @Sister Love. That would make a wonderful AO. Here's a few of my suggestions.
  4. salut

    Welcome to CT! Like you, many of us here played Orbit back then including myself. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask.
  5. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Here's my two for this week.
  6. CT Hangman

  7. November 2017 Releases

    Beast Wars. And I love that show and Waspinator is hilarious.
  8. CT Hangman

  9. Happy birthday!

    1. mongoose


      Thanks  PhotonCyberStar

  10. CT Hangman

  11. November 2017 Releases

    Excited for the Ratatouille set. When Ratatouille is released, The Good Dinosaur is the only Pixar movie that doesn't have a set.
  12. Happy birthday!

  13. October 2017 Releases

    Love the Darkness plaque. Also I find that funny that both Mad Mods from Teen Titans and TTG are HRs.
  14. Happy birthday!

    1. Inuyasha


      Thank you!!!

  15. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

  16. Overwatch Expansion

    New characters so far. When more of them appear, I'll post more. Other images. Cute sprays. Since we have Pixel sprays, why not cute?
  17. Happy birthday, Zip!

    1. Zip



  18. ed edd n eddy Expansion

    How about these for the next expansion. Valentine's Day toons.
  19. Trick, Treat, or Trick!

    Set 26, box 2 please.
  20. Trick, Treat, or Trick!

    Set 28, Box 2 please.
  21. Happy birthday Coolguy!

  22. Edition 2 - First 20 people entered for 20 toons!

    LoverOfAnimation, thanks.
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