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  1. My shop has been updated for one last time. Everything is 1pt each. Buying limit is 6 toons a day.

  2. Aw, man. I can't believe this is happening. I've discovered CT nearly 8 years ago and I had a really great time over the years, even though I didn't bought a lot of toons and/or played the games to get points recently, I still log on to the site every day. At first my username was gonna be AnimationLover but I thought that was too common, so I thought how about LoverOfAnimation and that was gonna be my username. Of course like many of you here, I too played Cartoon Orbit back in the day for 2 years before CO closed down. I played when CO closed down and now I played CT until it's gone as well. I also enjoy the things over the years such as creating cworlds, collecting ctoons, buying a lot of my personal favorite character toons from others, meeting new people, finding art for sets/codes and the contests and donations to keep the site going. I'd like to thank all the staff and Toon for everything they did for this site. Without them, we'd probably wouldn't last this long, let alone a decade. I'd also like to thank everyone of you who have been so kind and helpful to me and also having conversations with me every now and then on here or on chat, hopefully we still have Discord, even though I haven't gone there yet but I'll learn to use it. Thanks for all the memories CT, it has been a blast and hope everyone here would contract each other for fun and stay friends. LoverOfAnimation
  3. 1. Titan A.E. 2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3. LoverOfAnimation
  4. Happy birthday, cj!

  5. Buying Ashe and Moira from Overwatch for 1k per toon till I hit 100 total for both.

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