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  1. Happy birthday! Sorry for the late post. Was busy yesterday.

    1. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      @PhotonCyberStarThat's alight, thanks for the birthday wish anyway!^_^

  2. Happy birthday! Sorry I posted a few days late. Hope you had a good one. :)

    1. deepcanyon1


      Thank you :)  And it was a really good one !

  3. When I first joined the site, my username was originally gonna be AnimationLover well because I love animation for as long as I remember. But I thought that is too common or someone else had that name so I thought "What about LoverOfAnimaton?" and I thought it's sounds like a great username so I picked that one. For my forum name, I like anything that is mechanical/cybernetic, space and light. So I came up with 3 different things as one and it turned into PhotonCyberStar.
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