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  1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Expansion

    @Xavianangel Reposted images due to Photobucket's changes.
  2. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    This week is Danny Phantom and Speed Racer, not bad.
  3. #PARTY Contest

    Screechingweasel96 Clover Clover looks like she's one of those girls that love to party.
  4. Plaques

    Wonderful job on the Mercy plaque. If there's a Tracer and/or D. Va plaque, my points will go bye-bye.
  5. CTContests' Sales

    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Disco Donkey 50k + 10% = 55k Rocket Power Eddie Valentine 120k + 10% = 132k Peter Pan Jane 105k + 10% = 106500 Yu-Gi-Oh! Toon Summoned Skull 150k + 10% = 165k Dexter's Laboratory Candidate Major Glory 125k Total: 583500
  6. #PARTY Contest

    Yo, yo, yo! LoverOfAnimation is in the hizzouse! Let's like #PARTY in L.A.!
  7. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to CT! There were a lot of us that played Orbit back in the day including myself. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask.
  8. Favorite cToons?

  9. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Here's my two for this week.
  10. Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!

    New Morph #1
  11. Survey! Help CT Find Sellers

    1. What is for sale in your collection? (Nothing, Singles, Doubles, Triples+) Doubles+ 2. Are there any exceptions? (For example, no 101 Dalmatians) Completed sets of movies, shows, video games, etc that I like. (Too many to list) Characters: Tracer, Mercy and D.Va from Overwatch, HOTS Tracer, Attacking Circuit Astronema, M.O.M. and other female characters I like that I have a lot of. 3. What Price do you sell cToons for? (Below Average, Average, or Above Average) Depends on what movie, show, video game, etc that toon is from. 4. Do you give new players (less than 3 months old) a discount? Absolutely. 5. If a player already has a cToon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) Yes. 6. If a player is "hoarding" a cTooon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) Depends, if I have more than one from one of my completed sets. If not, then no. I'll try to get some for those who want them if they are active. 7. Do you prefer points or other cToons? Points.
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