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  1. Thank You Everybody! And to answer your question I am really 26 Yeah I am pretty Young and Old!
  2. Just remember something everyYou can dance if you want toYou can leave your friends behindCause your friends don't dance and if they don't danceWell they're no friends of mine
  3. Ah if they want to compare it to that then its really up to them. Now that I put my two cents it's time for me move on now
  4. Wow you all are funny you took something like merging in a image game and made it your life partner and your roommate. Merge is more like a double tennis match. You both have to be on the same page and pick up the load if one partner miss the ball. I never like mergers and I still think it just lead to problem. Not for nothing but if you really want a image that badly just hit ctrl + Print Screen on your keyboard then hit the start button go to run and type mspaint and then hit ctrl = V
  5. Welcome OasisX! You are going to like it here. (I hating to talk behind people back but they are really nice here.) Dont tell nobody that I said that!
  6. Trust me he is nowhere near the worst actor on the planet ah but hey If you feel that way then you feel that way. just playing
  7. It is a really great movie! Clint Eastwood know how to make a movie I wish more directors had Clint vision.
  8. Wow a lot of people are excited about this toon.
  9. LOL true at least you got the same name Dark and i like your pic!
  10. Dear MalachWhen you enter the room what song is playing?
  11. Should be a very good game! I wish my Giants and Jets was here but hey the cards and steeler are two team they will hopefully have a great game tonight!
  12. Wow I can't call you guys Megaman X and Choas anymore! Thanks for the welcome!
  13. Happy B-Day
  14. How rude of me I never introduce myself. My House Party friend Malach told me about this place. Most of you know me as TheUnknownSeries on TCG and as TheStarGuest in CZC when I did log on to the forum. Well it nice to see some of you again and its nice to meet some new people! Well let me stop boring you and lets get on with the show
  15. Yeah I know but the last few superbowls have been ok. Well I am a old man and I have to get my beauty sleep! We will talk football another day!
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