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  1. Like hey gurl, I know you've been busy, but if you get a chance you should totally drop by thisparty! #Bestpartyever #Partytilwedie


  2. HR Giveaway

    I apologize for the lateness. Here are the prizes being handed out (ignore the fact that some are partial names and some are named by set because I forgot the names when I was typing in my list lol). Everyone got something as promised. The second go around I just let fate take over and some people got four while others only two. Either way, everyone got a prize. Here's the list. I'm handing them out now, but realized I may accidentally double hand out so I'm trying to do it slowly. Congrats to all, and thanks for patience. XD
  3. Happy birthday!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. 026nvFR.png

  7. Happy Birthday!! 

  8. Wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

    Have a great day :bday2:

  9. Happy Birthday ..hope you have a wonderful day :)

  10. HR Giveaway

    Alrighty. Cut off here. I'll get the results for ya soon and then hand out prizes
  11. HR Giveaway

    So, I have a bunch of Holy Rares that I need to unload. I'd like to unload 72 of them to start. Post here with your username to enter. I will use random.org to generate a random number for each HR. It will be multiple copies of each HR. When your name is picked, your name will then be taken out of the list to give everyone a chance to get something. IF less than 72 people enter, then I will put everyone's name back in and start again. I'd like to do this by Friday. So post away Prizes: EDIT: OK so it's more than 50. Lol. Updated.
  12. LG's Wishlist - Buying Battle-Ready Misao

    Woop! ty UPDATE: Done with Princess and the Frog. It's killing my points. XD
  13. December 2016 Releases

    Ahh I was wondering why those weren't showing
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