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  1. Happy bday champ, if you ever return, say hi!

  2. Happy birthday Birdy! Wish you were still around. 

  3. like CAW!

    1. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      Good imitation of a Raven, Jazzy! Do hummingbirds next!

  4. get back here sir I remember you. I came back too!!

  5. Zero

    Hey, happy birthday, but... who are you again and why have people said such nice things about you down there? I'm upset by it.

    I'm also upset by your link to cZone over there.

  6. Dale

    follow the buzzuds

  7. My father before me! I wish we had more time than we did, but things happen. I will carry on the legacy! 

  8. I miss you Raven :(

  9. Raven

    January 2015 Releases

    Discuss. Week 1: Week 2:
  10. Raven

    The smackdown quarter has ended!

    I guess it's possible assuming we're still around by later in the year.
  11. Raven

    Website redirects to ads

    It happened to me twice when using a browser without adblock. I thought I just clicked an add by mistake.
  12. A great guy with a big heart. Always willing to help in any way :-)

  13. you're a nice person

  14. Raven

    The smackdown quarter has ended!

    These are done.
  15. Thank you for all the hard work you put for the site and how you try to save it! :)

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