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  1. You're rank doesn't match mine... about Josh123... Rank: Green Lantern of Earth

    1. Ike


      *Your ;)

      (Ike saves the day again)

    2. Josh123


      Shut up Ike. 


      (Josh saves the day yet again)

  2. Atrocitus

    The smackdown quarter has ended!

    I'll take One Punch Victory. Thanks!
  3. Atrocitus

    X Marks the Spot

  4. Atrocitus

    LG's Wishlist - Buying Battle-Ready Misao

    They're up
  5. Atrocitus

    LG's Wishlist - Buying Battle-Ready Misao

    Hey LG, I can post these if you want me to! Chobits Sitting Chi Death Note Raye Penber x2 Soichiro Yagami x2 Teru Mikami x2 Gurren Lagann Yoko Littner The Hunger Games Mockingjay's Freedom LOST Charlie Pace Naruto Sibling Rivalry <-- Is it the sticker that you're looking for? I just want to be sure.
  6. Atrocitus

    Everything is for Sell/Trade

    Sounds good!
  7. Atrocitus

    Everything is for Sell/Trade

    Would you sell? A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Frightened Shaggy and Scooby (CO) Marvel Superheroes Jolly Galactus (CO) If so, what would you want for them?
  8. Atrocitus

    R is for reply now.

  9. Atrocitus

    Win the Candy Heart LE set

  10. 20 toons up for auction for 48 hours! Sword Art On Christmas - Charizard-Riding Ash - You Found Ricochet - Wish-Granting Jirachi - Shiny Ditto - Nami's Pot of Gold - Destructive Fester - Fanglongmon - George's Award - Link and the King of Red Lions - Miss Miller - Planktonamor - Preta Ghoul - Shadow Master - Space-Age Car - True Assassin - Hot Chicks - Leprechauns - Spookiest cWorld 2 - Sparring Saiyans -
  11. Atrocitus

    1 million points giveaway.

    Atrocitus Thank you for the contest!
  12. Atrocitus

    Selling Everything

    Mario Kart MK8 Toadette (VR) - 7K South Park Cartman (UN) - 4K Jimbo (UN) - 4K Kenny (UN) - 4K Kyle (UN) - 4K Mr. Garrison (CM) - 3K Mr. Mackey (CM) - 3K Ned Gerblansky (UN) - 4K Officer Barbrady (CM) - 3K Phillip (CR) - 10K Pip (RA) - 5K Stan (UN) - 4K Terrance (CR) - 10K Timmy (RA) - 5K Tweek (UN) - 4K Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker (CM) - 3K Static Shock Daisy Watkins (CM) - 3K Ebon (VR) - 7K Edwin Alva (VR) - 7K Flying Static (RA) - 5K Hot Streak (UN) - 4K Kangor (RA) - 5K Puff (RA) - 5k Richie Foley (CM) - 3K Robert Hawkins (RA) - 5K Rubberband Man (RA) - 5K Sharon Hawkins (UN) - 4K Talon (UN) - 4K The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Bad Book (CR) - 10K Bowling Ball Monster (UN) - 4K Grim's Trunk (RA) - 5K Magical Irwin (RA) - 5K Professor Toadblatt (UN) - 5K Total 163K?
  13. Atrocitus

    CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Krypto the Superdog Kevin Whitney (CM) - 4K Krypto the Superdog Logo (UN) - 5K Kryptonite (RA) - 6K Mammoth Mutt (CR) - 10K Snooky Wookums (VR) - 7K
  14. Happy Birthday! I hope you all have a good one!
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