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  1. Nm i re read and mis understood. Happy to see this. I may return!! And i will for sure be in chat!!!! When is the expected launch? Would love a link asap!!!
  2. 20 hours and no feedback seems like a no
  3. Not to stir a pot. I hate the chat we use. Look at discord it is amazing especially with notifications and messaging. You don't have to use a browser to join chat. what is everyones take? Can we make this happen. I would be way more involved if we had one. This also makes it easier for people to just drop in and see whats up. I will even start it if i have to.
  4. When will shops be updated. It seems that 10 of the same toons stacked. Still counts as 10 individual. I know we had talked about this before.
  5. If this doesn't work let me know I have another idea
  6. Thanks for some great feedback!
  7. So as time goes on I'm seeing a lot more points in game and everything getting easier to get. Ever since some main players have quite, this game has taken a turn. Many things that used to be worth so much are now worthless. Granted they did horde them. I honestly think we need to cut the amount of toons put in game. Why have 2k of a common toon in game and like 200-300 players? That makes no sense to me. Inflation is happening. I suggest we start doing Auction only toons more often and with less releases. try and reduce points. We need to keep things competitive not hand everything to everyone. I also don't want us to be a pay to win site. Which is currently is. Will the site ever get a make over? Any suggestions or comments?
  8. Lol i know the feeling. ;p just a thought
  9. Is it possible to go to the old shops like orbit? Shows toons tht are sold out or expired. You can search by show. Yes its not a radom thing anymore but first come first serve when it comes to posting new shows.
  10. My ideas/ thoughts: Player shops: i know we have talked about this before. - adding mass amounts of toons in one click. Instance click a toon and it asks how many would you like to add. Second part of this. Have 100 toons stack when adding of the same toon. So you only need to add one price instead of doing it 100 times. This also can make it so 100 stacked means only one in shop not 100 of 600. This will also allow players to pur way more toons to sell. - i did post early to someone elses about auction changes i think will help. - different home page, like cartoon orbit had it back in the day. Shows a special feature stuff. Ill share an image. Idk would you call this a more retro look? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartoon_Orbit#/media/File%3AViant_cartoonOrbit1_lrg.jpg - gtoons and battles make a come back? - remove ads from the site. - we able to advertise or is this a copy righr issue with cartoonnet work? Would network support this site? I have more ideas just busy.
  11. Add a resever to auctions and if does meet the sellers price then it doesnt sell? What i mean is like ebay, bidders can not see the reserve but it does say not met if players have not bid to that point. And make a but it now button. ;p
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