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  1. The BBC didn't see the point of keeping old tapes of Doctor Who; Metromedia didn't see the point of keeping kinescopes of DuMont programs. You can't know what the future will want till the future arives. Archiving is easy today; if you can move the forums to a free host there's no real reason not to. It would show respect to the people who've contributed over a period of 11 years.
  2. To keep the content archived, so someone could look back & see what it was about. Besides, not everyone uses Discord, FaceBook, etc.
  3. I'm still not sure if you got my message. What'll happen to Toonarific? Could we copy/repost articles elsewhere, if you don't need them anymore?

  4. I see Toonerific is closing too. Might we have permission to copy & repost the articles on another site?
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