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  1. Lol guess who. what's ur Instagram. 

  2. Sup baby. So you're a new mod ? I like a women in charge. Hahaha

    1. Xavianangel


      Gave me a chuckle. Thank you lol

  3. Why not monetize with Google ads? Better yet convert it to a phone application, with ads, and pay to play. This could easily become very profitable. Not sure why owner isn't capitalizing on this. Sure the toons are from old cartoonetwork etc, but why not make original toons from scratch, and create own world. Anyways, best of luck.
  4. It's only fitting I do this one last time. Ahem. FINALLY... And the ILLEM MEANS FINALLY!!! ILLEM HAS COME BACK!!! TO FRUITYY... LANDDDDDD!!!!
  5. Back after 10 years. as Super Saiyan Rose
  6. Hi. Lol. Not sure exactly who from the past knows me, or recognizes me. But a little back story, I use to be the biggest, and only rebellious member here, since the czone central days. I use to run circles around that Tails kid, by passing the rules of the forum, by replacing bad words with fruit names. Such as, "I will shove a pine apple up your strawberry". Yeah.. man I was immature. Found my old account, and saw the posts under Achilles, Lol. I was a crazy kid. I'm 27 now. Got a feeling to check on this site, and saw its closing down ? Thought I'd come and say goodbye. I joined czone central 2008, I believe. Raven, Julifoo, Rusty Sneakrs DDP, were my close friends, under my account 2cool4life. And this weird girl who use to make newspapers,forgot her name, she was cool too. (Kinda hot) jasmine or something. (Always wanted to make some babies with her) anyways. After orbit shut, we all migrated here. Hold, pause. We all first migrated to Tails forum, before this. An embarassing story, and immature on my end, I was dating his admin at the time(e dating) so I went into her account, and turned his forum into a rainbowlicious, gay parade, full of gay colors, and (explicit pics). While Tails was away for the weekend( Hilarious). Looking back at it now, I was a kid, and immature. But it was memories, and I'm sure we'd laugh about it now. After coming here, I came under a new name Achilles, since tails was mod, and got by under the radar. Met another hot girl named randaaroo( still got a crush on her,and would love to reconnect Lol) if not,if you see this I love you baby. Anyways the rest is a blur after that, didnt really spend more then a few months at this place, but I'm surprised and happy to see it going and expanding so much. A lesson to learn from this is, yeah, the kids next door eventually grow up, but the kid inside us will forever be here. Love yall, take care.
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