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  1. I stand by my original statement. Those offers are bad offers. Get off your high horse about only mods can see donations lmao.. I don’t need to see who donates to know this game is being grossly undersupported. And it makes total sense that most donators are veterans since hardly any new people even come to this game, nonetheless donate to it. What’s funny to me is that everyone wants to play, but hardly anyone wants to support the game... but once it’s gone everyone will wish they’d supported it. As a newer player, the only way I can excel in this game is via donations/prizes/referrals, etc. I’m not saying bow down and worship me because I donate 20$ per month.. but the offers listed above don’t exactly motivate me, which is my point; you’d think vets like Chi would be more appreciative and supportive since he has billions riding on whether the game survives or not. Tbh I’ll never seek approval from anyone here and don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I know I’m a good man, and that’s good enough. If you’re my friend I’ll have your back until the end. But I’m also brutally honest, so if you aren’t comfortable in getting called out then don’t send bogus offers my way.
  2. MTD_Orbit


    What’s with the disrespectful offers lately? Chi, for example, is a billionaire. I’ve spent my hard earned money to support this game, which is how I’ve acquired most of my toons. This game is dwindling because veterans aren’t supporting it, yet they’re perfectly fine letting other players support it while they sit back on their points stack. You’d think they’d show a little more respect to those who do help maintain the game so they can continue to enjoy their in-game wealth. Lmao.... offering 34 points for something worth 200-300k, or 100k for something worth 1.5-2m are garbage offers. It’s like tipping your waiter 10 cents, just don’t even bother offering anything at all....
  3. I find it weird how scarcity rarely dictates pricing. For example, an expired toon with only 50 in game may cost less than a HR with 100.
  4. I’m sure we can think of an advertising strategy that obeys copyright laws. Cartoon Orbit only made toons related to CN, so they were able to advertise on their own channel. The best thing going for CT is that it associates with cartoons in general, which means it has a MUCH higher audience potential than just CN alone: Disney, Nick, CN, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Kids WB, etc. All of those have giant fan bases littered with leads. It’s just a matter of proper advertisement. It’s also important to maintain healthy social media accounts, because many people will turn to SM as they see your ad, and it will be another way to engage with them. The SM account could make or break that person’s decision to play, depending on if it’s lively or dead. Television ads are your best bet. We just need to find a way to advertise. Advertising another network’s property only benefits them since they get free publicity, so they shouldn’t mind if you were to reach out and ask for permission. It’s 100% safe to do even without their permission as long as you state that the company owns all rights to the characters involved and that the game is in no way in association with them, either in fine print on the tv ad or said at the very end. But all of that should be done after the website is polished and updated to fit the needs of newer players. Most people use google chrome and don’t use Firefox or flash drive anymore. If we can all come together for revenue to clean this site up, then advertisement can be the next phase that will inevitably grow this game. There are advertisement marketers out there who make a living making good ads for businesses. This game hasn’t reached even 1% of its overall potential. That should be motivating.
  5. Got milk and bowl-o-rama plaques, like in orbit? I would donate just to buy those with support points. Count Spankulot, boombox, Eduardo, clover, golden clover.. hmm
  6. Hey all, I collect old cartoon orbit rares. I made a wish list because I feel like everything I want is stocked WAY overpriced in player shops. Feel free to message me in-game if you're willing to sell any of these at a reasonable price. Thanks! -Pizza------------- -Jawbreaker Ed/Edd/Eddy.-------------- -Ann Margrock-------------- -Fred Flintstone----------- -Bamm Bamm Flintstone -Wilma Flintstone -Barney Rubble -Betty Rubble -Super monkey------------ -Super monkey gToon -Golden Blossom-------- -Elmer Fudd -Headdress -Indian corn -Pilgrim Joe----------- -Pilgrim Bob -Porky pig -Pumpkin pie -Pilgrim hat -Yosemite Sam -Kitty -Kablooey----------- -Pow -Bam -Major man----------- -Mayor -Liberty Belle————- -Harmony Bunny---------- -The Mange -Mardi Gras Blossom/Bubbles/Buttercup -PPG Boogeyman -Octi -Princess---------- -Professor Utonium -Record player -Stuffed alligator -Stuffed kitty -Dracula -Coffin -Wolfman -Beebo -Amoeba boys -Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup -Blossom's----/Bubble's/Butercup's head -Chemical X———- -Country Blossom/Bubbles/Buttercup -Disco ball -Everything nice -Fuzzy Lumpkins -Hotline phone -Box of crayons -Ima Goodlady -Mistletoe Jerry -Bow Tom -En Garde Tom-------- -En Garde Nibbles------- -Mojo's helmet -Toy robot -Toy wagon
  7. MTD_Orbit


    Do referrals still work? I'm trying to invite my friend but she said she isn't getting the email. I tried emailing my spare email account and I didn't get it either.
  8. I haven’t read every comment here, but has anyone mentioned buying ads? I know it’s expensive, but it takes money to make money. You can market anything if you do it the right way. You could target certain genres on YouTube just as one example, since ad blocks don’t work on them. I’m sure there are many gamers in their 20-40s that would at least try this game out. The only problem is (and this was cartoon orbit’s achilles heel) the distribution of wealth has been rooted to older users. Sure, new players could play to collect toons for fun, but this will drive away the competitive gamers since they have little/no hope of ever acquiring the same wealth as the older players, thus entering the game on an unlevel playing ground. To add on to the problem, the rarest toons will only become more scarce as the population grows, which only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. If we find a way to incorporate a way that new users have a way of competing, while maintaining the current value of rares, it could work.
  9. Hey guys. My username is Weasely on OSRS. Feel free to add me.
  10. Hey, It's been a while since I've visited this website. I remember when it first launched! I'm just wondering, who remembers cartoon orbit aka the inspiration of this game?? Man... I miss it so much, even after all this time. I was only like 11 years old when I started playing that game, and I'm not sure what it was but I was hooked from the start. I loved the simple yet complex feel of gToons, and really liked how the strength of your deck depended on actually obtaining the gToon card in your collection (sort of like how a real life match would be, like in Pokemon or Magic the gathering). I wasn't great at the game, but it sucked me in and eventually started becoming addicting. I wasn't playing when all the BB cRings (blue backs) were sold cheaply, so they were already considered like ultra rare when I started. I wasn't an original player but I still considered myself a vet since I started around 2003, and think I ended up with a few BBs before orbit closed. I still have a pic of my cZone on Photobucket that I can post if anyone is interested, but it's bad quality. But man... the memories were splendid indeed.... I remember people used to try to scam me in the trading zone by accepting the trade and then somehow removing the item they were trading.. I remember telling my dad I didn't want to go camping (because I wanted to play orbit all night) and ended up getting scammed of the Scarecrow, from Super Friends, that same night.. and cried like a noob lol (literally on the ground crying.. LOL). But then I grinded and completed the super friends set. My overall collection wasn't "amazing", but I was SO proud of it. Let me try to flex and remember my collection... full DBZ set, a few BBs, full valentines set, nearly full candidate set, slade in shadow, Eduardo, boom box, all the slam gToons, a few rare PPG cToons, and of course the SF set, and I'm sure a lot more that I'm forgetting. Cartoon orbit actually taught me a lot growing up... such as supply and demand, pricing, how to work with numbers, how to plan, organize, and set goals, and probably the most important thing Orbit taught me was how to make friends, particularly at cZone central. Anyone else remember cZone Central? That place was my home for years. My main group of friends were Lord Kai Mee, Master Gohan Ha8, Monographic Skip95, and Jazzy... (weird how I can still remember their usernames lol). I basically lost contact with them all, except Jazzy. I've played other games that were popular back then, like Neopets and Runescape, but Orbit definitely has a special place in my heart. Always has. So much time has passed that I literally went YEARS not even thinking about Cartoon Orbit, and then BAM, all the memories start flooding my mind and the nostalgia is strong. Did anyone here play Cartoon Orbit, or have any pictures?? PS: I am contemplating creating an account here just for fun, but I don't see myself playing competitively unless cross-trading between games is legal in the TOS here. I still play runescape and neopets on and off, but if I can't cross trade then there's really no point in starting from so far behind as I am a competitive spirit. Anyway, thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from any Orbiters! -MTD
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