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  1. good gracious. paper mario and mario rpg in 2 months. killing me
  2. since we don't have a 2019 cworld one yet, figured i'd post it here. Spent a lot of time on this one
  3. posted the ppg stuff for you
  4. Yo, hit me up when selling your paper mario stuff!! I'll buy:

    Crazy rares: 10k ea

    Shadow Queen: 100k ea

    Also beating all competitors prices!

  5. rustysneakers SSB Meta Knight Thanks!
  6. I'm in need of some evolution stones. Thunder stone first would be appreciated. Please let me know if you have any for sale.

  7. also hoping for an N64 expansion. or at the very least, TTYD
  8. happy b day!! :)

  9. rustysneakers will get in there again if the wormhole will have me
  10. so stoked for paper mario!
  11. i'll throw up 2 AC Azrael and 2 electro drags for you
  12. Best of luck!! Your and my goal are very long term, and slow paced, but don't give up
  13. Then: I don't remember much. I was just incredibly happy to see an orbit site. More than that even though, was that this site was being ran by former members of CNOC and ETCC. This was the orbit community I group up chatting with, getting to know, sharing life with, and growing with. I wish I could go back and just watch old me play and chat on there. Now: Played for awhile back when it first came out. quit, and then just recently came back to see if it was still around and who was still here. It's nice because I can still progress in something (waiting for shops to refresh to grab CRs, HRs, and whatever), play some arcade games if i'm bored or have free time, but still have time to do other things between shop refreshes, like study or play guitar.
  14. I'd like the super mario rpg set. which also doesn't exist. otherwise, maybe some old HRs or AOs i'm looking for. tumbleweed, PPG Radio, Entei, something like that.
  15. My goal is to speak a competent, fluent level of Chinese. basically everything except maybe a top, academic level.
  16. something interesting is that i went to a very small school. my class had 10 kids in it. my name irl is josh. There was another kid in my class named josh and he had the same birthday
  17. always like the name rusty and i had a cat named sneakers. thought the two sounded interesting together
  18. rustysneakers would like to jump back in.
  19. Got a huge chunk of my wishlist knocked off thanks to mojofan!!! Come check it out and help me with the rest!

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