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  1. good gracious. paper mario and mario rpg in 2 months. killing me
  2. since we don't have a 2019 cworld one yet, figured i'd post it here. Spent a lot of time on this one
  3. posted the ppg stuff for you
  4. Yo, hit me up when selling your paper mario stuff!! I'll buy:

    Crazy rares: 10k ea

    Shadow Queen: 100k ea

    Also beating all competitors prices!

  5. rustysneakers SSB Meta Knight Thanks!
  6. I'm in need of some evolution stones. Thunder stone first would be appreciated. Please let me know if you have any for sale.

  7. also hoping for an N64 expansion. or at the very least, TTYD
  8. happy b day!! :)

  9. rustysneakers will get in there again if the wormhole will have me
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