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  1. rustysneakrs

    Do you remember me?

    Good to see you again
  2. rustysneakrs

    Pick Your Contest: Contest B

    Let's give B a shot. Thanks! rustysneakers
  3. rustysneakrs

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    rustysneakers getting back in there
  4. rustysneakrs

    Do you remember me?

    hey rolling. I'm glad to still see some familiar faces
  5. rustysneakrs

    Old Players Welcome

    thank you
  6. rustysneakrs

    Do you remember me?

    yo, rumple. nice to see you
  7. rustysneakrs

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    I'd like to enter this here wormhole CT Name: rustysneakers
  8. rustysneakrs

    Rusty's wishlist

    Big list of stuff. Help me make it smaller! Tales of Symphonia: Battle-Ready Colette Colette Brunel Emil Castagnier Genis Sage Kratos Aurion Lloyd Irving Martel Mithos Yggdrasil Noishe Poised Irving Presea Combatir Raine Sage Regal Bryant Sheena Fujibayashi Tenebrae Yuan Ka-Fai Zelos Wilder Bob's Burgers: Gloria Gretchen Belcher Clan Messy Tina Case Closed: Amy Booker Kudo Conan Conan's Bowtie Conan's Skateboard Conan's Soccerball Conan's Tracking Glasses Concerned Sherry Dr. Agasa George Gin & Vodka Imprisoned Sherry Inspector Meguire Jimmy Kudo Mitch Pondering Conan Princess Heart Princess Heart & the Black Knight's Reunion Rachel Richard Serena Sherry Soccer Ball Targeting Conan The Black Knight Vivian Kudo Phantom Thief Kid Skateboarding Conan Summertime Conan Dexter: Super Monkey Gtoon Action Hank Flour Smuggler 1, 3 Foie Gras Rugged Dexter Bugs Bunny Pom-Pom no. 1, 2 Cheering Dee Dee Dexter vs Santa Ant Dexter Anti-Cooties Dexter Beaker Dexter Blue Falcon's New Sidekick Captain Irk Chupacabra Combat Dee Dee Dee Dee Dexter Dexter's Dad Dexter's Mom Diva Dynamite Dr. McBoy Exo-Jock 4000 Family Robot Fireworks God of Rock Golden Dexter Hover Dee Dee Hover Dexter Lab Geeks Lalavava's Dance Suit Major Dee Dee Major Dexter Mandark Monkey Mr. Luzinski Nerd Power Sticker Parachuting Dee Dee Safari Pals Spork The Koos Bearded Buddies Chopper Dexter Dexter's Family Dexter's Laboratory Ornament Disc-Throwing Dexter Geezer Dexter Running Dexter Rushmore Lincoln Rushmore Washington Santa Dad Summertime Dexter Agent Honeydew Barbequor High-Alert Monkey Huntor Magmanamus Organ Grinder Rasslor Secret Agent Honeydew Simion Super Monkey Adult Mandark Dastardly Mandark Extendoid Old Man Dexter Overlord Mandark Team Dexter Techno Dexter Capital G CTF Major Glory Sticker Krunk's TV Living Bullet Major Glory Phan Tone Puppet Pals Glory and Hallen Ratman Sam-R-I The Infraggable Krunk The Justice friends Degravinator Einstein's Brain Hydroplasmodrifier Jacob's ladder Dexter Doubloon Dexter's Beads Poolside Dad Poolside Dee Dee Poolside LeeLee Poolside MeeMee Poolside Mom Dancing Muffin Matronly Dad Mom's Muffins Squirrel Candidate Major Glory Candidate mandark Candidate Mom Major Glory Poster 1 Major Glory Poster 2 Mandark Poster 1 Mandark Poster 2 Mom Poster 1 Mom Poster 2 Donkey Kong Country: Captured Donkey Kong Clappers the Seal Kaboing Klank Klubba Kreepy Krow Krockhead Rattly the Rattlesnake Team Up Army Banana Bunch Banana Coin Blue Balloon Candy kong Chomps Clambo Cranky Kong Croctopus Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Dk Barrel Dk Buddies DK Coin Donkey Kong Dumb Drum Enguarde the Swordfish Enguarde and Donkey Kong Enguarde Token Expresso and Diddy Kong Expresso the Ostrich Express Token Funky Barrel Funky Kong Green Balloon High Five Bro! Jamming Kongs Kaptain K. Rool Kiddy Kong King K. Rool Klaptrap Klump Kritter Manky Kong Master Necky Mine Cart Ride Mini-Necky Queen Bee Rambi and Donkey Kong Rambi Token Really Gnawty Red Balloon Slippa Squawks the Parrot Squidge Very Gnawty Winky and Diddy Kong Winky Token Donkey Kong Country Sticker Wrinkly Kong Fairly Odd Parents: Nega Chin Christmas Elf Fairly Odd Balls Octo-Timmy Patriotic Timmy Santa Timmy Timmy's Valentine Woes Adam West Bippy Britney Britney Catman Chet UBetcha Crash Nebula Dr. Bender Fairly Odd-fish Fairly Odd-squirrels Mama Cosma Norm Ruler of the World Crocker Veronica Young Catman Young Crocker Pokemon Gengar Sprite Mew Sprite Pikachu Sprite Nidorino Sprite Pokemon Blue Pokemon Red Pokemon Yellow Jolteon Vaporeon Flareon Umbreon Espeon Leafeon Glaceon Sylveon Sneasel Futurama: Al Gore's Head Bob Barker's Head David Duchovny's Head David X. Cohen's Head Dennis Rodman's Head George Takei's Head Johnathan Frakes' Head Leonard Nimoy's HEad Lucy Liu's Head Marv Albert's Head Matt Groening's Head Nichelle Nichols' Head Pamela Anderson's Head Richard Nixon's Head Walter Koenig's Head William Shatner's Head Cobb's Ego Elzar Excited Fry Excited Leela Good News, Everyone! Joey Mousepad Kif Kroker Langdon Cobb Mr. Peppy Roberto Scruffy Seymor Sitting Nibbler Future Trek Wars Futuriders Partying Slurms Richard M. Nixon Robot Santa Santa Fry Seaside Zoidberg Wooden Bender Harvey Birdman: Avenger Harvey Birdman Harvey Birdman Sticker Judy Ken Sebben Justice Sticker Mentok Myron Reducto Peanut Phil Sebben Rushing Harvey Rushing Peanut X the Eliminator Hey Arnold: Arnie Arnold Baller Sticker Big Patty Brainy Chocolate Boy Coach Wittenburg Costumed Brainy Edmund Eugene Gerald Johanson Grandma Grandpa Harold Helga Pataki Iggy Jolly Olly Man Miles Miriam Pataki Mr. Simmons Olga Pataki Phoebe Principal Wartz Ruth Sid Sitting Chocolate Boy Stella Stinky Suzie Tish Wolfgang Ballin' arnold Chillin' Arnold Curtsy Lila Disgruntled Helga Extra Extra Helga's Shrine Jammin' Arnold Monkeyman Patriotic Gertie Strawberry Suit Gerald Johnny Bravo: Bollywood Johnny Bollywood Johnny Decorating Johnny Johnny Claus 10th Anniversary Johnny Bunny Bravo Carl Chryniszzswics Electrified Johnny Harido Johnny Heather Asplund Heather's Chocolate Heart JB Logo Sticker Johnny Bravo Olympian Johnny Pink Elephant Super Star Sticker Suzy A Johnny Bravo Christmas Chef Bravo Johnny Bravo Ornament Johnny's Scooter Lounging Johnny Lovestruck Johnny Mothering Bunny Phoning Johnny Pull up Johnny Schocked Johnny Tailgate Party Johnny Torn-up Johnny Valentine's Perfection Velma Suzie Barkeep Pops Deputy Carl Rodeo Bunny Salad Fork Dan Sheriff Bravo League of Legends: Bard Draven Lee Sin Space Ghost: Batmantis Brak Sticker Coffee Break Moltar Sticker Moltar the Director Second Banana Brak SGC2C Logo Space Ghost Sticker Space Ghost the Host Space Ghost's Desk Zorak Sticker Zorak the Bandleader Flexing Space Ghost 10th Anniversary Zorak Flying Space Ghost Lokar Moltar Space Ghost Tansut The Emperor's New Groove: Bucky Chaca Kitty Yzma Pacha's Family Theme Song Guy Tipo Yzma Laying Llama Plaques: Christmas fools Hoppers Snowballers Re-Gifters Christmas Case
  9. rustysneakrs

    Do you remember me?

    Hey guys. it's been a long time. Just had some thoughts about this site a few days ago and wanted to check if it was still up and running and who was still around. Hopefully atleast a few people to still remember me.
  10. rustysneakrs

    Old Players Welcome

    Hey. my old username was rustysneakers
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