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  1. Thanks @Sharktibolt! Hmmm. I'll have a look around the net, but last i checked the Way Back Machine totally missed the date range that these were available. Willl give it another go.
  2. @The Grand Poobah would you mind letting me know where i finished in this? I'm curious due to the fact that Boro placed and I did not. I know Boro in real life (i refered him to the site, forgot to use my referral links, doy), and we are both fairly certain i donated more than him last month. I believe i donated with two transactions (one on double points weekend and one not i believe) and im not sure if that affected my status. That being said, i donated $50 in february as well, i think in two payments, and did not place that time either. Just curious if im getting overlooked for making multiple payments, or if im genuinely not donating enough to place. Thanks. EDIT: issue resolved, thanks!
  3. I know shark found 'em on MCOAP, the images that is. I went to burger kind for a month straight as a kid to collect these toons, and i'd love to see them in-game. More-so, i'd love to see them as a rare, or difficult to obtain toon. Whether it be (SO) (AO), or something like that, that'd be neato. @Sharktibolt if you wouldnt mind posting a link to the images, i still am having troube navigating the image gallery, lol.
  4. My april auctions are up. Shop has also been updated, spring sale is back on!.

  5. Happy to report that i completed a full game of tower defense without logging out. Problem appears to be fixed!
  6. When I get home tonight i'll do a run on Tower Defense and report back.
  7. Since the server upgrade, i've noticed my login session times out much faster than it used to (i have to login again every hour or so). This isn't a big deal except for the fact that the Tower Defense game generally takes longer for me to complete than the session allows. Essentially when i beat the game and go to submit my score, i get an error returned because my login session has ended and thus nothing can be written to the DB. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.
  8. Ah roger. Interested to know why that is. Do portions of the website update at different times?
  9. Ultra Instinct Shaggy appears to have no info card. Probably just because he's so powerful he broke the game.
  10. Loving todays special CO. Paying or trading for Ultra Instinct Shaggy if you want to let yours go!

  11. I think it would be wise to either assign an active Staff member/mod to the Collectoons social media accounts, and leverage them actively, or delete those social media accounts all together. Ya'll got 2k following on FB for instance, it might be worth trying to reach out to those members through either paid or unpaid promotions. I see we do the regular monthly updates, but it might be worth doing a bit more social wise to bring people to Collectoons, with only a few posts a month, our visibility on social is likely close to zero. As it sits, there are currently a few links on the site that point to dead social accounts (i.e. CT Central->News & Updates), it's just a bad look. Better to use 'em or lose 'em. Also still waiting on Discord. Last i heard there were concerns with setting up bans, if this is still an issue feel free to let me know, there are plenty of solutions. I still firmly posit that a Discord channel will grant a more mobile friendly CT experience with very little legwork. Chat events, random codes through a bot, there are tons of potential gamification options that will up user engagement and offer fresh experience with little to no coding required. While mobile CT is still far off, Discord would at least allow for a mobile "arm" of CT that hosts events and increases community engagement. I've always thought having "platform exclusive" toons might be a neat idea. (TW) for twitter toons, (FB) for facebook, (DS) for discord. Kind of adds a little bit more of a scavenger hunt feel to code finding. Food for thought!
  12. I had an odd occurrence i'd figure i'd document. Got a trade board offer in my inbox for a ctoon i don't have and have never listed, as far as i can recall. "oekallday has sent you an offer of 10000 points for your Luigi. Go check it out in your inbox!" As far as i know, i've never owned Luigi nor have i ever listed it to the TB. Doesn't really affect me any, but figured i'd give a heads up. Didn't you say there was some weird cron errors pre-migration? Could be related to that.
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