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  1. My clearance sale ends this weekend and then my store will be reborn! For now, check out the final, awesome sale i have going on in my old shop! http://www.collectoons.com/myshop/22589 I'll be editing both my store, and this topic next week. But for now, grab the last of my old inventory at the lowest prices ever!
  2. Clearance sale going on in my shop, clearing out stock for a store reset. Added some more 100 pt toons too!

  3. Another round of price drops in my shop! Lots of 100 point toons!

  4. More price drops in my shop! New 100 pt toons added to summer clearance!

  5. This weeks auctions are up! Tons of HTF toons! Summers End Clearance also going on in my store with updated toons!

  6. lots of auctions up from now till the end of the month! Prices slashed in my store as well!

  7. Kai here. Would like to sign up.
  8. I do, per our previous discussions, I think advertising guidelines for the site need to be spelled out clearly. What can and can't we do, then once we figure out what can be done, we start doing it. My youtube ideas are low/no cost, and they are a great springboard/starting point.
  9. That is truly tragic regarding the code. I'll have to let my friend know, he'll be devastated (perhaps it'd be better if i say nothing). So was there like a special mod cp or something like that? Did you ever get any screen grabs of the mod panel for Cartoon Orbit? Did WB hire a third party to manage/develop Orbit or was there like a WB Interactive arm you were answering to. Any cool mod stories? You're absolutely right. There were BEAUTIFUL water-colored backgrounds in the lot. Thousands upon thousands of korean boxes. Sadly many of the cells had stuck together over time, but the water-colors were all well preserved. Side note: I have spoken to Xavian in regards to some marketing strategies for the site. In short, the impression that i got is that traditional marketing is touchy due to licensing stuff. I am available and well experienced at Guerilla web marketing, and have some strategies i'd be willing to employ. One of which was reachcing out to youtubers who specialize in nostalgia. If i can get an interview set with you, would you do it and promote the site/your other projects? Feel free to pm. Regretting starting the thread yet? Hahaha.
  10. Holy crap man. There's a lot to unpack there. Thanks for the answer! I'd love to hear just general soptires about what it was like to work for/at Orbit someday, maybe these older guys have heard that stuff already but I havent. You could do a full youtube history of Orbit with an interview with you, by the sounds of it *hint hint*. One last question regarding Orbit. Did you ever get any of the code from Orbit, or did you code this bad girl 100% yourself? See, i know that Orbit used code from a site Communities.com that a fellow friend and colleague of mine worked on way back in the day. While both sites are long gone, it might be neat to know some of their code lives on here. I follow your work on both RR and Toonarifc and I must say the work is impressive. I had no idea some of these books were actually done by the artists themselves, and i doubt many do. Please donate it. I'll tell you a story of why. A few years back a compooany I worked for bought a floor of a Sony building in new york. The reason for the purchase was the floor was filled top to bottom with animation cells from Sunbow Entertainment (i believe one of many korean animation studios that WB, etc, would ship storyboards to at the time). There wasn't a ton of great stuff in there, but I did use your site to figure out which GI Joe cells we had scored (G.I. Joe Extreme by the way, among others). If you're ever looking for, you know, millions of animation cells that are kinda stuck together, I know a guy :).
  11. Do you also run Retro Reprints? What's the story behind the two affiliate sites? If you do run retro reprints... do you work for a coloring book company? Curious.
  12. Lots of auctions up, check 'em out!

  13. I'll provide collateral loans on toons. Send me a super rare toon and i'll lend you the points till you pay me back. Unless it's against the rules, that's the way to do it.
  14. Realized i missed last month. So in for this month.
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