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  1. Couldn't reproduce this error. Hilarious math though.
  2. New server is fast, impressed.

  3. Im going to assume we've entered the dark age of server migration on the site?

  4. I need a set for this!


    1. Josh123


      The following statement is 100% truth: I Literally couldn't agree with you anymore than I do. 

  5. UPDATE 3/20/2019 LOOKING FOR THIS OLDER GWEN STACY (http://db.collectowne.com/details.php?image_id=12785) AND ANY/ALL SPIDERVERSE TOONS. PAYING TOP DOLLAR.
  6. If my math serves right we're coming up on my 6 month anniversary on collectoons! Neat!
  7. Will be updating this thread as i put new auctions up. Right now i schedule at least 100 auctions a month. 2/24/19: 100 Auctions up. Lots of expired Zoids and Batman Beyond from when i was completing those collections, Other expired toons as well.
  8. I've noticed that you can sort by Support Nook toons while looking at your collection, but this feature does not extend to the "mycollection.php" pop-up window for listing on the trade board, shop, etc. Any chance we could get that rarity category added?
  9. Clearing out a ton of toons from my shop to make way for new ones. Feel free to PM me if you see toons you'd like a lower price on. Happy to do that NP.

  10. tons of new auctions up. Lots of expired and rare toon starting at 1l-10k. 

  11. Just put a ton of expired, hard to find, and rare ctoons up at auction! Get your bids in, they end in 4 hours!

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