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  1. kaigeta

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    first try post-reset! Let's see if my lucks a little better this time! kaigeta
  2. kaigeta

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    kaigeta, here goes nothing! *jumps*
  3. kaigeta

    Show Me the Money!

    kaigeta shoot hoping i didnt miss this!
  4. @The Grand Poobah just realized this forum runs on IPB, my favorite community software. Good on ya.

  5. kaigeta

    Rate persons above avatar

    9/10, -1 point for the seizure it gave me.
  6. kaigeta


    Would be cool to collect Crow, Tom Servo, and the rest, just putting it out there! Having some trouble finding full body images of the puppets, let me know if anyone else finds good ones!
  7. kaigeta

    Member Photos

    I'm hard to find on film, but here i am on the left. I'm the guy who says to wave at the NSA. I'm famous for my hair that i refuse to brush.
  8. kaigeta

    Josh123's Sales & Trades

    Alright Josh, i want to buy your: Entire Batman Beyond including any doubles Entire Xenoblade Chronicles including any doubles Leaping batman HR. PM me or whatever.
  9. kaigeta

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    I think keeping standard rates makes sense. You would get your Suppoints for donating, then your suppoints for burning, so you're already doubling. This seems balanced and would prevent, somewhat, a flood of support nook toons hitting the market.
  10. kaigeta

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    I see. Yeah it seems easier to do it manually in that case. An alternative model, or an idea you could consider in addition, would be a tiered membership model. If you have 12+ months of donations you're a "Gold member" or whatever, and get extra autosurf, Suppoints, whatever. This in addition to a burn system would further drive donations. On the one hand, members want to keep a certain status (tier) on the other they will want to burn months to get Suppoints or toons. This second idea would require even more of an overhaul than my previous, which is why I left it out initially. Feel free to disregard. I mostly am trying to think of ways to drive more donations and simultaneously benefit players.
  11. kaigeta

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    I originally had the idea that you could swap months for Suppoints or a "Premium Burn" toon, or both. I agree with Poobah that burning premium months for standard points would result in a flood of points. As for the code, without looking at the back end, perhaps set up a wallet (table) similar to the way you currently store Suppoints, then a wallet that stores the number of premium months. Have the wallet that stores the monthly premium value act as a "points wallet" that can be spent only on Suppoints. Seems you don't have a script in-game for buying currency with currency, but that may be the easiest workaround coding wise if you don't wish to do it manually.
  12. kaigeta

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    Thanks, i look at it as a win win for both the players and the site. More revenue, and more ctoons!
  13. kaigeta

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    I had an idea that may benefit players who have a lot of months of premium. Let's say you've donated a bunch and your set for like 20 months of premium, what if you could "spend" months of premium for ctoons, or Suppoints? This helps by driving more donation money, as the build up premium months will be more likely to be "spent" making for more donation money (in theory) as people may need to reup to keep premium, as opposed to just getting the monthly points and suppoints.
  14. kaigeta

    Black Sails

    Just finished season 4. Love this show, really bummed it ended but i can see why they decided to finish it off strong. I had watched seasons 1-3 last year, and waited to watch season 4 until just last week. Anyone else watch this show? Who's your favorite character?
  15. kaigeta

    Kinda, Sorta new!

    Welcome! Nice to meet ya!
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