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  1. Realized i missed last month. So in for this month.
  2. put up some 1pt common auctions for the stuff going on this weekend

  3. If this route is taken. I would try a facebook campaign. Our facebook page has a bunch of followers that could be re-engaged, or we could run targeted campaigns for people who like Cartoon Orbit or Cartoon Network pages. In addition: I'vve been thinking about making a "how-to play" series for CollecToons, or maybe even a Let's Play series. I know there are some dated Collectoons videos on youtube, and that's great. But i think i can make something with a bit more production value/a little more in depth. Then i feel like reaching out to Youtubers like these guys (see below) who sepcialize in nostalgic fan-revival games (Pirates Online, Gaia, Toontown, etc) and trying to get them to them run an episode on Orbit (plugging CT towards the end of the video), or get them to link to my tutorial videos in their description. I think this approach stands to net us the most new/returning/Orbit players with the least amount of cost. Some examples of youtubers to target, and their videos: What do you guys think? EDIT: Also @The Grand Poobah https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/ Trusted, open funded, secure. As for the find/replace... GLHF. lol j/k.
  4. 16 million+ points or any of my toons available for Beta Testers. 

  5. Sounds like you need discord to get new players/increase current player activity (as evidenced by decreasing activity). It also sounds like if there was any increase in player activity, staff wouldnt be able to handle it. To be honest, the way you describe the staff relationship with the site currently it appears to be in a "guided death spiral." Not good from any perspective, and disheartening to say the least. To say activity needs to increase to warrant a discord is the most backwards thing i've ever read from a community staffer TBH. I guess i'll put it this way. We're all busy. I've been waiting on a decent chat room for this game that i donate a fair amount of money to for about six months now, and it's something i could make, and make in a self sustaining way, in a night (according to your needs). As we're all busy, myself included, if time and money are better spent elsewhere, I understand and perhaps i too will get on board with that. These replies couldn't be more disappointing, whats the point of this game really if no one has the time to run it beyond its basic mechanics? I had no idea the state of the game was as such.
  6. I've been on this subject for quite a while. I will say i understand your perspective, being a admin and all, but the pros far outweigh the cons here in my opinion. 1. You do not need an account, unlike Discord so far as I've been able to gather, and that's going to be a turn off for some. Heck, right now as I type we have 8 people in chat and half are guest users. And you can just drop in anytime with Oasiz, without an account, you just type your nickname and you're allowed in, no approval or anything. I would be fascinated to know the number of users who are turned off by making an account for Discord. I'd be willing to bet more users, or at least more potential (future) users, already have a Discord account. If they don't, making one is no more difficult than making a CT account. I am betting you could count the amount of people this is a barrier to on one hand, could be wrong though. This isn't even to mention that having a Discord itself is in fact a form of promotion. Services like Disboard and Discord.me give you server visibility, and can attract a whole new demographic to your game. 2. Plus with regards to new players, sometimes people come in with problems in regards to making their accounts. I have had people say they need help verifying their account and there wasn't even an account made to verify. If they don't have an account and need help making it, I wouldn't approve someone into the Discord if they aren't a player, so I don't know how they would get help. I'd imagine the forum/social media/support email also serve this function. Adding something to the registration section directing people to something other than the chat might be wise as it stands anyway. 3. And with regards to approving people, that would be an issue as well. Of the staff currently, I'm the only one who is consistently in the Oasiz chat every day at one point or another. And to be brutally honest, I have no interest in Discord. Even if we have one, I'll still likely use the Oasiz one. So I just don't know who there would be to approve people or be there for the sake of having staff THERE, for price checks, questions, or whatever else. Suppose this issue is internal. The added functionality of a mobile chat plus the gamification options offered by discord should outweigh this, methinks. Both platforms serve the exact same function, with one simply offering more API-wise, etc. That's my two cents. As something who has used both platforms extensively and is new to CT as of 2018. I've written discord bots and worked with other chat platforms extensively. So once again if help is needed in this area just hit me up. Good luck! P.S. When i brought this up last year in my topic, i think we had 4-5 users for a Discord, with one user against. I believe Oasisx was working on it with Xavian last i had tabs on this.
  7. Thanks @Sharktibolt! Hmmm. I'll have a look around the net, but last i checked the Way Back Machine totally missed the date range that these were available. Willl give it another go.
  8. @The Grand Poobah would you mind letting me know where i finished in this? I'm curious due to the fact that Boro placed and I did not. I know Boro in real life (i refered him to the site, forgot to use my referral links, doy), and we are both fairly certain i donated more than him last month. I believe i donated with two transactions (one on double points weekend and one not i believe) and im not sure if that affected my status. That being said, i donated $50 in february as well, i think in two payments, and did not place that time either. Just curious if im getting overlooked for making multiple payments, or if im genuinely not donating enough to place. Thanks. EDIT: issue resolved, thanks!
  9. I know shark found 'em on MCOAP, the images that is. I went to burger kind for a month straight as a kid to collect these toons, and i'd love to see them in-game. More-so, i'd love to see them as a rare, or difficult to obtain toon. Whether it be (SO) (AO), or something like that, that'd be neato. @Sharktibolt if you wouldnt mind posting a link to the images, i still am having troube navigating the image gallery, lol.
  10. My april auctions are up. Shop has also been updated, spring sale is back on!.

  11. Happy to report that i completed a full game of tower defense without logging out. Problem appears to be fixed!
  12. When I get home tonight i'll do a run on Tower Defense and report back.
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