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  1. kaigeta

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

  2. Finally got 100% of the Batman Beyond set, both promos and originals, very stoked. 

    Seems near impossible to do the same for Zoids, but thats what im dedicating 2019 to! haha

    1. lolitagirl


      Good luck!!

  3. kaigeta

    Migrate Chat to Discord?

    Last i heard they were working on the rules. Wondering if we have an ETA on this feature as i'm very excited for it.
  4. kaigeta

    Recurring donation

    Poobah could set up subscription services through paypal, easy nuff.
  5. kaigeta

    Kaigeta's Wishlist: ZOIDS *updated* 12/30

    Updated, added Mad Stan and Imperial Forces. EDIT: Got mad stan, added xenoblade Chronicles.
  6. Looking for Mad Stan from Batman Beyond. Last toon I need from the set. PM me.

    1. lolitagirl


      I have a mad stan if you need it still

    2. kaigeta


      I do! pm me in-game can do points or trade!

  7. kaigeta

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas Contest!

    WOO @Sharktibolt BESERK FURY! You know me so well!
  8. kaigeta

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas Contest!

    kaigeta happy holidays all!
  9. I get paid friday and triple points only lasts today and tomorrow, FML.

  10. kaigeta

    Christmas Advent Calendar 2018

    Looks like im missing ol' saint trick from yo-kai if anyone has extra.
  11. My december auctions end in less than 12 hours, get your bids in!

  12. kaigeta

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

  13. hows discord coming along?

    1. oasisx


      (Person working on it here)
      We're waiting for someone to write the rules for the Discord. Seeing it's much more powerful compared to our current chat room, we need a new set of rules to go along with it. I'll be checking with them later this week, due to finals and holidays at work things have been moving slow a little bit on my end.

    2. Xavianangel


      I'm gonna try to work on the rules. I've been too busy with work and helping people with final papers. This time of year I just cant spare the time for CT as much. 

    3. kaigeta


      Nice. Looking forward to it. Would be cool to see something like Discord-Only toons given away during chat events. 

  14. Put up this months auctions, check 'em out.

  15. 'cause you're a robot, and they designed your life.


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