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  1. ShortyBeanDip

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas Contest!

    ShortyBeanDip 5' 16"
  2. ShortyBeanDip

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Mee too!
  3. ShortyBeanDip

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Here we go...
  4. ShortyBeanDip

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Yes, I dare enter...
  5. ShortyBeanDip

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    ShortyBeanDip is a bit confused...
  6. ShortyBeanDip

    2018 Spookiest cWorld Contest

    Not that anyone is counting, but I'm #24. Dang, the competition looks tough...
  7. ShortyBeanDip

    Post 10 Auctions

  8. ShortyBeanDip

    Error in FreeCell

    I noticed the last line of the instructions paragraph reads "Score 600 = 5000 points". However it only gives 3000 points. Man, if I had 2000 points for every time I scored 500+, I'd be buying drinks tonight!
  9. ShortyBeanDip

    Professor Oak's Lab

    Is this thing still working? One Tepig please!
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