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  1. xcidis

    Can't log in...

    Still does not work. Now with a different error message. Account locked, speak to team if you think this is an error.
  2. xcidis

    Can't log in...

    Now it is saying I am locked out for the rest of the day. "Your account is blocked for the rest of the day. If you believe this is in error, contact one of the moderators through the Forums." Also, who has the power to authorize apps based on this game? I want to build you guys a native phone app. Sorry for the multi-response.
  3. xcidis

    Can't log in...

    Just made a new account, verified the email, and typed in verbatim the password and username sent in my email for lost passwords. Can't log in....
  4. xcidis

    Can't log in...

    I played cartoon orbit as a kid, and i recently read they had started it up again under another name. So here, I am... Except it won't let me log in =(.
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