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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day! We miss you on here!

  2. Happy Birthday, Lindsey!! Hope you have a really fun one!! :bday1:

  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday  Hope you have a great one !!  :bday2:

    1. notlindsayyy


      Thank you!

  5. Sorry for the absence lately. Life's been not the best and I'm not sure how much I'll be on for a while.

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    2. deepcanyon1


      Hope things get better for you soon !

    3. Xavianangel


      Hope things brighten up for you. Hang in there!

    4. notlindsayyy
  6. Hey there notlinsayyy...Like how cool is coolguy for throwing this #PARTY Contest!? Like I think he's pretty darn cool and I hope he knows how excited we are and how much we all appreciate it! :)

  7. #PARTY Contest

    PurpleHaze has like this totally beautiful Fallen Flonne!
  8. New in Town :)

    Congrats! Haha I did it when I needed to get the trophy
  9. #PARTY Contest

    All of the Johns!
  10. Lindsey's Wishlist

  11. Lindsey's Wishlist

    THANK YOU! This one has been making me crazy trying to find!
  12. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the game! You should check and in this thread for codes that will give you free toons! For more free toons, you can also make a post about what sets you'd like to complete in and a mod will offline you some toons to help! And for a free Pokemon toon you can play Smackdown with, check out I know that these all really helped me get my footing when I was super new! You can also join us in chat at 10 pm on Sundays and Wednesdays or at (I believe) 7 pm on Saturdays for Anime Sundays, Cartoon Cartoon Wednesdays, and Disney Saturdays. Players hang out in chat and collectively watch an anime, cartoon, or Disney show/movie. There's usually trivia to win toons, giveaways, and you get exclusive toons just for being there If you have any questions, need help, or just wanna say hi, feel free to shoot me a message! And enjoy the game!
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