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  1. I am a little bit late, but I still liked to check in from time to time and try buy a few plqs. Really sad to see collectoons go and wanted to stop in and say thank you for all the hard work you guys did.
  2. I don't play quite as much anymore, I still log on most days and check the trade board for the few toons I'm still after and try and grab any new plqs. I still enjoy playing all though lately I have found it increasingly more difficult harder to buy or sell toons. I am personally not a fan of smackdown, but it doesn't effect my game play I just ignore it and buy the evolve toons if I'm really interested, My real life friends I joined with either quit or don't play as much anymore and that is the main reason I am not as involved as i used to be. Edit: Also like Tam said the website does look very dated, I would very much like to see atleast the cworlds size expanded (so we can fit more of our collections and its more visible since in my opinion its the most important thing in the game)
  3. Rule: If the cause of death is specified in the note as asphyxiation, the person in possession of the note will gain the powers of the person named. After years of being irrelevant in fights that put the earth in jeopardy, Krillin writes Vegeta's name in the note. After Vegeta's death Krillin gains all the power of the sayians, a monkey tail, and some awesome spikey hair, which he greatly enjoys. The next time the planet is attacked Krillin will be ready as one of our greatest defenders.
  4. Thank you for the post raven, I'll also be in chat in around 8:30 sever time tonight if we can get another person maybe we can just knock it out then with the rule change @BROKEN raven123 988 - 7 = 981
  5. Lonely town 1086 - 7 = 1079 only 155 attacks to go!
  6. Bubble and Gunter you are both just adorable. But its obvious that Bubbles is cuter! It really just comes down to the eyes, and gunters yours are just dead, while bubbles has adorable sky blue eyes. And of course bubbles has better hair.
  7. Of course I will help you out! First thing we need to do is recruit rocksteady and bebop to wreck up the town with Ralph and draw the turtles attention. While the turtles are busy chasing them around town we will enter the sewers. Naruto and Chopper will lead two teams of your finest foot soldiers into the sewers to locate the turtles hideout, Once the prisoners have been located Naruto's team will distract splinter (possibly with the sexy jutsu) while choppers team secures the prisoners. Now that we have the prisoners we will signal the team to stop wrecking up the town and all meet up back at our hideout.
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