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  1. TheWolfandtheRose

    July 2018 Releases

    Beauty & the Beast expansion-31 ctoons
  2. TheWolfandtheRose

    July 2018 Releases

    Beauty and the Beast HR shop 4 Tale of Love Owner's List
  3. TheWolfandtheRose

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    Enchanting Esmerelda should be Enchanting Esmeralda
  4. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    For Saturday, July 21st, I will be in chat at 9-11am ct time 2-4 pm ct time 7-9 pm ct time with Disney Saturday fun. If you do 3 tasks, you count for Disney saturday in July.
  5. TheWolfandtheRose

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    would Jazzy, ken, and wanteddead have counted? I remember them being there last night. Guest_jazzyishere has mysteriously appeared!
  6. TheWolfandtheRose

    July 2018 Releases

    Anastasia expansion (28 ctoons) After the Storm-cr Amazed Dimitri-cm Anastasia Imposter-cm Anastasia's Tiara-cm Awkward Confrontation-vr Dancing Girl-cm Dowager Empress Marie-cm Father-Daughter Dance-un Flirty Anastasia-vr Happy Pooka-cm Imagined High-Five-vr Jumping Vladimir-cm Knight Pooka-cm Nicholas Romanov-cm On Top of the World-cm Once Upon a December-cr Opened Music Box-vr Rasputin's Demon-rare Rose-cm Sleepwalking Anya-cm Sophie-cm Sophie's Cat-cm Stagecoach-rare The Hint-un Together in Paris-vr Under the Stars-cr Young Anastasia-rare Young Dimitri-un
  7. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Can't wait! Alright, guys, I'm brainstorming the contest but there's going to be a bunch of different tasks, like one for each masterpiece Disney animated film. + others which are for disney period (for example, post your fave line from disney...). I will give five ctoons for each task completed, and in order to count for disney saturday you'll have to do 3 tasks. I'm going to write it all down and pass the prizes out the following morning as I imagine it'll be a lot of work but worth it.
  8. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    On account of Disney saturday ending, instead of watching a film, I will be planning a long disney game on July 21st. It will have a few sections, and I'll post the times I'll be in chat to host the game. (It will be more or less all day a morning time, afternoon time and evening time.) I don't expect a lot of participation, but I hope those who do participate have fun.
  9. Happy Birthday, Sora! Hope you have a nice one :)

  10. TheWolfandtheRose

    Cant change usershop music

    won't let me add a song.
  11. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    I'll do the 21st @Moana of Motunui
  12. TheWolfandtheRose

    Anime Sunday

    No I think Punz did. We were all in chat last night...and Shark asked Punz.... And then a star fell out of the sky and he had to clean it up. XD
  13. TheWolfandtheRose

    Anime Sunday

    I don't think anyone did the May CCW tally, so I don't think those were passed out either. (Geniuses)
  14. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Of course, she earns it.
  15. TheWolfandtheRose

    Anime Sunday

    If no one else can I will with the pokemon Xavi put in dis sat months ago.
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