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  1. Disney Saturdays!!

    Thirty minutes, then it's go time.
  2. The Night the Lights went out in Florida

    Segment Thirty-Nine Shark, OrphanMaker, Josh, CoolGuy, and Flash went to an indoor amusement park to blow off the steamy disappointment that they would not be going to DisneyWorld. “Of course Jwool didn’t win us tickets,” muttered Josh. “What kind of idiot gives twenty Disney tickets away? Whoever decided to make Toys R Us need to file for bankruptcy, perhaps?” Shark shook a finger at Josh. “Do not speak of that in this holy place.” “Gotcha.” Josh tried to smile, but the scowl consumed his features. He was pouting. “There sure are a lot of kids here,” muttered OrphanMaker. “For 10 a.m. on a Friday. Is home schooling this huge, or are all these kids playing hooky?” Flash eyeballed him. “Orph…it’s July. School’s out.” “Oh, right.” A mother, sitting slumped in the minibowling section, turned exhausted, friendly eyes upon them. She opened her mouth to say hello as she searched them at navel height. When she realized they didn’t have a kid with them, her mouth slammed shut. Those tired eyes sharpened. Folding her arms over her chest, she glared suspiciously. CoolGuy folded his arms over his own chest, licked his teeth, glanced at her kids, and gave the mother a leer worthy of the Joker. Angrily, she marched off, leaving her kids exposed. “Fresh meat!” CoolGuy joked. He poked Shark. “I dare you to introduce yourself to those kids and be warm and welcoming.” Shark beamed at him. “No way.” Then he yanked the whole group to the go-carts, which were on the opposite side of the building. “Shark,” OrphanMaker growled. “We can drive. Real cars. Way faster.” “But we can’t race unless we want a speeding ticket.” “Too true,” Flash answered. “But in a leg race, I always win.” “Dragon is waiting for that speed of yours to fail,” CoolGuy muttered. “Yeah, he is welcome to wait until dinosaurs are no longer extinct,” Flash assured him. “I’m never losing my speed.” They joined the line, waiting five minutes before their turn came. All five of them got separate cars, and five kids were in their group. Two of the kids had a father riding with them. As soon as the green light flashed, Shark took the lead. CoolGuy was on his bumper. As Shark and CoolGuy sped ahead, it became apparent that one car was awkwardly sluggish. The driver in this one scowled as he attempted to force it to pick up speed. When Shark passed the finish line the first time, CoolGuy was halfway beside his car. The second time Shark passed, they were neck-to-neck. Therefore, it wasn’t shocking when CoolGuy inched ahead of Shark and ended up being the victor. OrphanMaker was in the middle. Josh was two cars behind him. Dead last from start to finish, Flash meekly climbed out of his car. “A snail moves faster than that thing. I was framed!” CoolGuy draped his blue ribbon across Flash’s cheek. Flash made a move to grab it but couldn’t. As they were leaving the go-cart room, the exhausted mother came marching up to them with a manager in tow. She glared bullets at them. Her face was red, teeth ground, and eyes sharp but bulging. “These men,” she spat the word “men” the way a dog-loather would spit the word “canine”, “were looking to kidnap my four precious boys!” “Yet, you left us alone with them?” CoolGuy wondered. “What makes you think that?” the manager asked the woman. She exploded. “I am not crazy! They don’t have kids, yet they’re in a kiddie store!” “Ma’am,” the manager uttered calmly, soothingly, “this isn’t a kiddie store. We have tons of men and women come here on dates—without kids.” “Oh, yeah. For the immature adults, maybe,” she scoffed. “Believe you me, if a guy brought me here for a date, I’d slug him. “And FYI, that guy,” she pointed at CoolGuy, “gave me such a grin that stopped my heart cold for my poor kids’ health. I want him tossed out. Now.” The manager glanced at CoolGuy. “Ma’ offense, but he has a point. If he were going to do something to your kids, he would’ve when you left them alone.” She blew up, spitting out curse words and screaming about how unfair he was. That all the evidence was on her side, but he clearly had something against women if he wasn’t going to lay a finger on them. “Call the cops! Have them arrested!” She was frothing at the mouth. One of the kids walked up to her. “Hi, Mom. I just met this guy. His name is Derek. He invited me to his house. Can I go, Mom? Please?” She wasn’t even listening. “Uh-huh. Be home by dinnertime.” She lasered her eyes on the manager. “What kind of business are you running that you let kids get stolen right under your nose?” He was frowning deeply as he watched the kid strut off. “Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.” “No way! Stop being a,” the worst word she could possibly have used came from her lips. “Take some action! Get these idiots out of here!” Only, she didn’t say “idiots”. “If you won’t come with me,” the manager uttered in a no-nonsense tone, “you will either leave of your own free will or be escorted off the premises by security. These guys are doing nothing wrong, but your behavior, on the contrary, is disturbing and stress-inducing. This is a place of fun, not judgment.” “None of my friends will come here again,” she stormed. “I’m sorry to hear that,” the manager uttered matter-of-factly, “because your boys seem to be having a good time. I hope their aunt will bring them again. You are welcome to come back if you put the profanity away. Otherwise, please take your business elsewhere.” As they walked off, Shark muttered, “I can’t wait to tell Xavi about this. This is utterly insane.” “I’m telling you,” Flash said. “One of these days, a kid is going to make the news for sticking a bull ring in his kidnapper’s nose. It’s going to be epic.” “Kidnapping is lame,” Josh declared. “It takes the fun out of it.” “I wouldn’t kidnap with a ten-foot pole,” OrphanMaker announced. “Kids have way too much energy for me. I—” Then he saw her. His sentence cut off immediately as she made eye contact with him. She smirked and made a threatening step toward him. Forgetting that he had friends, OrphanMaker raced off to the one place he was sure the curly-haired kid would not follow. The men’s room.
  3. Gift Boxes

    CollecToons Puppy Gift Box Opens with Baby Lady inside Either: or
  4. Edition 2 - First 20 people entered for 20 toons!

  5. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    *Takes a wild guess* (Sorry, Flash) Suspect Moana murdered Tom with the Hotline Phone cord.
  6. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    That's fine.
  7. I'll be hosting Disney Saturday tomorrow, and we'll be watching Lady & the Tramp.

  8. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    Alice in Wonderland Head Shaking Dinah Johnny Bravo Hairdo Johnny Johnny Claus Johnny's Scooter Mothering Bunny Pink Panther Pink Panther Sneaking Pink Panther Quickdraw McGraw Quickdraw McGraw Quickdraw the Fan Mr. Bean Dancing Bean Light-UP Bean The Sword in the Stone The Sword Removed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Clarice 180k for all?
  9. The Night the Lights went out in Florida

    Segment Thirty-Eight “You look like hell laid an egg and it cracked and broke over your head,” Josh helpfully informed Sith. “Do you know what time it is? My bedtime. Thirty minutes of sleep. Yeah, I feel like a squirrel!” Champ laughed overhearing this. “That’s what you get for going to bed at insane hours.” He looked bright and cheerful and rather squirrelly. Minus the scampering up trees to fling acorns at fellow CTians. “I’ve only been up for five minutes,” Sith added, “so excuse me for not looking like a male model.” Ike, with raccoon circles around his eyes, rasped, “Don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous of us.” He flexed his muscles. “We get all the girls.” “Oh,” Champ breathed. “Meeko is the next Brad Pitt.” He scratched his head. “Gee. And I wonder why I didn’t see that coming. I’m ignorant, I suppose.” “I need sleep,” Ike mumbled. Then he poured a cup of coffee and drained it in ten seconds. “But I shall last. Once we get walking, I should wake up.” Everyone was chattering excitedly and/or grumpily, but no one looked more excited than Jwool. If he were a fairy, the glow surrounding him would be brighter than Deepcanyon’s. He appeared happier than any man who had ever won the lottery. And much, much happier than anyone who won a presidency campaign and got blamed for everything he had zero control over would feel at the end of his eight years as he told America, “Hasta la vista, baby!” and retired to The Bahamas. Jwool looked like the sun. CoolGuy showed up at the parking lot with a minibus. Everyone piled in. As they drove off, Jwool turned on loud, bouncy music that got everyone’s hearts thumping. Sith fell into an extremely uncomfortable sleep. After about three hours of driving, CoolGuy slammed on the brakes, and Jwool flipped off the music. “Guys,” Jwool said, “I need you to check your tickets.” “Yeah,” CoolGuy agreed. “Look at your eTicket codes. Backwards.” Sith awoke in a throng of confusion. “What’s going on?” Champ gasped as Ike tossed his ticket to the floor. “I knew something funky was going on,” Ike muttered. “Where are we?” Birdman squinted out the window. CoolGuy replied, “I’ve been driving in circles, so not far from the hotel.” Mkw narrowed his eyes. “That’s why we haven’t passed a gas station.” “What?” Sith felt like they were all speaking a foreign language. “Check your ticket code,” Terrie commanded. Sith read it. “UDKNRPLOOWJ.” “Backwards.” Sith squinted as he checked. JWOOLPRNKDU. “You mean,” he uttered slowly, “this is a fake ticket?” “As fake as my driver’s license, baby,” Jwool informed. “Which is how I got them for free.” “And CoolGuy knew about this?” CoolGuy saluted him. “Guilty.” “Which one are we cooking first?” Sith demanded. “Down, boy,” CoolGuy lectured. “You’re a murder suspect. This is the evidence they’re hunting for.” “But I didn’t…” Sith quickly clamped his mouth shut. BTVKIDS widened his eyes. “Darth Vader, give us the bloody alibi.” The real Darth Vader appeared at the windshield wearing a Joker mask, for a split second, inducing a few CTians to happily jump out of their skins. CoolGuy stared out. “Cher!” Everyone waited. Then Ike started laughing. “She’s not coming.” “Jessica Rabbit!” CT Member #5 yelled. Nothing. “You do it, BTV,” ordered CT Member #5. “No. That was a coincidence. And I’m not calling for a redhead. I’ll do Cher though to prove it.” He turned to Terrie. “Cher! Sing for me!” A limousine almost hit their minibus. “Well,” Mkw patted CoolGuy’s shoulder. “Perhaps we should’ve let Jwool drive after all.”
  10. Disney Saturdays!!

    Awesome! I'm thinking Lady and the Tramp as long as I find a free version online.
  11. Disney Saturdays!!

    Since CG is unable to, if it is allowed, I'd like to try. Unless you can find someone better.
  12. The Night the Lights went out in Florida

    Segment Thirty-Seven Random CT Member #2 had put on a sleeveless lilac sundress, high heels, and a silver necklace with a lilac teardrop stone. Her arm muscles were showing. She met Josh at a bar. They were hanging out as friends. As they sat on stools, OrphanMaker noticed them and joined their tiny party. “I can’t eat human food,” OrphanMaker informed, “but I sure can enjoy a Bloody Mary.” He licked red juice off his fangs. “Dee-licious!” Sipping her White Russian, Random CT Member #2 inquired, “What about grown-up drinks?” OrphanMaker replied, “I can drink any liquid. I just don’t like most. And vampires aren’t into fogging up their brains. We like to be alert.” “Well, whoop-de-doo,” Random CT Member #2 grumbled. “Lucky you. Must be nice to have such a rewarding life…” her eyes traveled up his arm as he moved it, “that you can enjoy a wicked-sharp mind.” “What are you talking about, hun? My life is over.” “Look,” Josh breathed. “Hot girl alert!” His eyes widened with desire. “Easy there, Brock…” “She’s the hottest girl I’ve ever seen!” “What about that one?” OrphanMaker nodded at a girl who sharply contrasted with the first. One was tall, tanned, black-haired, and square in the face. The other was short with white-blonde hair, an ivory complexion, and a heart-shaped face. “She’s even hotter! When in Florida, right? Whoa, that one just told off the waiter! She’s sexy!” OrphanMaker was chuckling. “Can you believe this guy?” he asked Random CT Member #2 without looking at her. “Who but Josh would find a mean girl…” His voice trailed off when he turned and glimpsed her eyes. The vibe he got from them was a gaping hole of longing but also a powerful stroke of jealousy. If her eyes could have been two pieces of nature, they would have been the depths of a lethargic volcano mingled with a Category 5 Hurricane. “Randi? You okay?” “I’m not pretty,” she whispered. Josh heard her. He blinked, surprised. “Oh, I mean, of course you…” She shook her head, fighting for composure. “Don’t lie. I’m not ugly, exactly, but I’m not pretty either. If I put makeup on, I could probably sort of be, but it wouldn’t be real. It’d be like wearing a Britney Spears mask. I don’t know why I care, but I do.” “Your dress is pretty,” Josh offered. Random CT Member #2 chuckled darkly. “Yes, I know. But I’m like a yellow tooth hiding behind pouty lips full of lipgloss.” “Your roommate was gorgeous,” Josh uttered helpfully. OrphanMaker smacked him. The dangerous storm grew in Random CT Member #2’s eyes. “I know,” she muttered. “Okay, sorry. I’m really bad at this.” A waitress floated past, and Josh turned hungry eyes upon her. In the next split second, he jerked his head away with a sigh. Squeezing Random CT Member #2’s knee, he muttered, “You really shouldn’t be hanging out with me when you feel the way you do.” “I’m a big girl,” she lied. “I can handle you ogling the waitresses.” “I’m sure some guys find you attractive,” Josh tried. Random CT Member #2’s mouth formed a straight line. “Yes, of course they do. I’m not ugly; I’m just not pretty. I’ve been kissed. It’s just…if I could change one thing about myself, I’d want to look like Random CT Member #1 did before she died.” OrphanMaker asked, “Really? She was that gorgeous?” Josh smacked him. OrphanMaker smirked and angled his body toward Josh. “I’m a vampire. You think that hurts?” Josh shrugged, combing OrphanMaker’s neck. “Is there a trapdoor somewhere I can activate?” OrphanMaker smiled mysteriously, black eyes twinkling. “No comment.” A smoking hot woman came strolling demurely through the restaurant with her kid sister at her hip. OrphanMaker’s eyes flickered over the sister. Quickly, as if spotting a large hairball, he dropped his legs to pivot his stool so he could face away from her. He drew his cape up and pressed his chin to his chest. Josh’s eyes were forming heart shapes. “Let me have her, let me have her!” He ripped off his jacket, starting toward the woman. Then he paused and turned back to see Random CT Member #2 tossing a few bills on the counter and sliding off her stool. Sighing with disappointment, Josh followed her. “Hey,” he said, clamping a hand over her shoulder. “Don’t worry about me.” “Your friendship matters more to me than some stupid hot girl I’ve known two seconds.. Come on, kid. Let’s go somewhere only men go.” She paused. “Like where?” “A strip club?” She slugged him. Lifting his hands in surrender, he confessed, “I was kidding! You can’t tell me I seriously thought that’d help.” Rolling her eyes at herself and starting to smile, Random CT Member #2 admitted, “I should’ve known you were pulling my leg. It’s just…now isn’t the best time.” “Actually, I was thinking we could do nachos and a movie in my room. Or just hang out. Whatever you want to do.” She gave him a half-smile. “No movies with pretty girls.” She stuck out her hand. “Deal?” Josh shook it. “We could watch car racing. Or wrestling. Or Air Bud.” “Air Bud? That probably won’t come on TV, so unless you brought a DVD, don’t count on it. But good suggestions.” She paused. “Let me go get OrphanMaker.” She sashayed to the bar, her face reminding strangers of the sky after a storm had passed. “OrphanMaker?” He was still trying to be invisible. Most of his face was in the shadow of his cape, but he allowed her to view one black eye. “Josh and I are going to hang out in his room. You coming?” “Is the girl behind me?” “What girl? The waitress?” “No. The little one.” “Uh…” Random CT Member #2 moved her eyes to the right, behind OrphanMaker. “No.” “Thank goodness!” He leapt to his feet just as another girl child came barreling in their direction. The other had curly light brown hair. This one, albeit the same height, was Asian with straight ebony hair. That didn’t stop OrphanMaker from jumping nearly to the ceiling when she ran into his stomach then ducked out of the way and ran on. “Kid,” he breathed at her fading form. “Don’t give me a heart attack. I’m already dead.” Random CT Member #2 could not resist pressing her hand against OrphanMaker’s chest. Not even the faintest pulse of a heart reached her fingers. “What are you so terrified of one little kid for?” she wondered as they ran out of the restaurant. He was leading. She was trying to keep up. Instead of answering, OrphanMaker threw his body out the door. As Random CT Member #2 caught up with him, he commented, “I think I should apply for a familiar.” “What? I thought only witches could.” “Prebs has one. It sings, Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…she was a super pretty witch with dark blonde hair and green eyes. She cast a spell to upset some guys tearing trees down for a mall parking lot…” “She was super pretty?” “Oh, I forgot.” He hummed Taps briefly, trying to show some respect. “Anyway, she broke several wizarding laws in that one hit, one of which is a felony by their standards. Interfering with Muggle business.” “But…how does Prebs have one? And wait…why was she turned into a cat over that?” Random CT Member #2’s eyes bugged. Patiently, OrphanMaker answered, “Everyone but Muggles can apply. Vamps, mummies, etc. Only witches and warlocks get changed, but any extraordinary folk can apply for one. “As to why? One: she did it knowing she’d get in trouble, and two: before the Witch’s Council, she swore up and down—there were several different curse words involved, so I hear—that she’d destroy urbanization, bit by bit, all over the world until each area was as rural as the day it first existed.” Random CT Member #2 gasped. “Even New York City?” “Yeah, that’s where she intended to go first after England.” “Wow,” Random CT Member #2 exhaled hard, imagining it. “Wait, can ghosts have familiars?” “It’s complicated, but yes. They can’t buy cat food or open cans, but familiars can do all that. Poltergeists have an easier time of it.” Josh—who’d been conversing with a random guy in the restaurant—came strolling up to them, hands buried in his shorts pockets. “What are you guys talking about?” The lowered sun was shining directly into his eyes, so he was squinting. “Familiars. Are you familiar with them?” “Oh, yeah. I had a werewolf uncle who had a familiar. She was impulsive. He drove her nuts. He kept foiling her plans to take over the world in cat form. They went on a train trip once, he stopped her—again—from accomplishing her goal. “She ripped open a window and jumped out. Of a speeding train. He still misses the way she used to nip at his fingers at bedtime. They loved each other like friends even though she did find him maddening.” Random CT Member #2 wondered, “Are all familiars female?” “Of course not,” OrphanMaker answered. A satisfied smile sat on his mouth. Until he noticed a curly-haired girl running past them. She didn’t spy OrphanMaker but headed straight for a blue Volkswagen. OrphanMaker drew Josh and Random CT Member #2 in his arms, turning their sides to the girl and pulling them toward his vehicle. “Come, let us make merry. In the height of this magnificent summer. Let us wine and dine and bask in the glory of friendship.”
  13. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

  14. CTContests' Sales

    Thank you, Flash!
  15. The Night the Lights went out in Florida

    Segment Thirty-Six “Do we really want to go to DisneyWorld if Jwool is driving?” Ike was asking Champ, Flash, CoolGuy, and GothsCanSmile from his perch on the beach. Ike sat cross-legged on a towel. “He doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.” “I don’t care.” GothsCanSmile made her silhouette vanish then reappeared standing atop Ike’s head. “I’m already dead.” “Would this count as an accident?” CoolGuy was reading a Post-It as he spoke, dividing his attention between the slip of paper and conversation. “Or intent to kill?” “Considering you guys would be dumb enough to get in the minibus,” GothsCanSmile quipped, “I’d say it’d count as suicide.” “In that case, I’d better work on my will,” CoolGuy noted. He put the current Post-It back in his waterproof briefcase, removed a yellow square, and jotted on it. “Hey!” Jwool splashed them, soaking the Post-It in CoolGuy’s hand along with the contents inside the waterproof briefcase. “I’m swimming right here!” Lifting a couple of pieces of paper out of their useless protector, CoolGuy shook them out. “Not cool.” “I’m usually cooler than you guys,” Jwool countered. “I mean…you guys are on a beach. In the hot Florida sunshine…I can go to the bottom of the ocean.” “And get eaten by a shark.” Flash rolled his neck. “It’s not my fault I float on water. God, it feels good to have my name off the suspect list. I can’t wait to get back home and order TF to give us KND on CCW.” He smiled dreamily. “I’m all about KND!” “Yeah, but he almost never listens to you,” Jwool muttered under his breath. “Everyone else wants Dexter.” He said it too low for Flash to hear. “Did you tell your wife yet?” Champ drummed his fingers on his towel. The smile dipped off Flash’s face. “That’s something better given in person. Like flowers. eflowers suck. I’m also going to have to butter her up first to try to reduce the steam she’ll let off. And maybe I’ll be Nearly Headless Flash rather than Fully Beheaded Flash.” “But then you can’t participate in the headless ghost games,” CoolGuy pointed out, concerned. “I don’t really like the idea of my head being detachable,” Flash informed him. “I might actually leave it somewhere and never find it again.” He shuddered. “You should videotape when you tell her,” Jwool suggested. “And YouTube! Or Skype all of CT!” “You wish,” Flash mocked. “Whatever you do to butter her up,” Ike advised, “don’t spend any money!” “I’m thinking one of my special Flash massages. She only gets them on her birthday, and she loves them.” Holding two thumbs up, GothsCanSmile added, “And it’s free!” “Actually,” Flash corrected, “I need a nice bed, good food, and a roof above my head in order to make them special. It’s not free indirectly, but she’ll think it is…” “I’ll build your tombstone,” Champ offered. “I have a hammer at home.” “CoolGuy,” Jwool whispered. “Psst.” CoolGuy left his briefcase under what was left of the sun and crouch-walked to the ocean. His ankles were submerged in water as he leaned his ear down to Jwool’s waiting mouth. Jwool whispered for two minutes. CoolGuy whispered a fleeting reply. Jwool added something. CoolGuy’s response was even faster than the first one. Ike watched them all the while, stroking his chin curiously. At last, merman and human shook hands. Turning to his friends, CoolGuy announced, “Jwool has decided to save your lives. He won’t be driving. I will.” Ike dropped down to his stomach on the towel. “And what’s with all the secrecy?” CoolGuy didn’t hesitate. “The minibus has password-activation. Moving on…we’re leaving at 5 a.m.” Champ was the only one of their group who looked excited at the chosen time. GothsCanSmile was neutral. Ike and Flash glowered. “When does it open?” Ike managed. “Nine for some parts, ten for others.” CoolGuy stood up straight and stretched his legs. “So why are we leaving at five?” Flash wanted to know. “The lines. Don’t worry!” CoolGuy trumpeted. “We have plenty of coffee available to keep y’all awake on the ride there.” Ike waved him off. “I won’t need it. This is bound to keep me awake from the sheer discomfort alone.” “Thigh-touching,” CoolGuy coughed. “You guys have fun with that! Jwool and I are going to be spread far apart up front.” Flash muttered to Ike, “Sith was smart to call BTV, so…” He stared pointedly at GothsCanSmile. “I’m sitting by you.” “She should sit between us,” Ike suggested. “So our heads can collide when we fall asleep.” “Guys! There’s only one me to go around!” She floated up. “I’ll pick who I’m sitting by.” She evaporated. “We overwhelmed her,” deduced Ike.
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