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  1. Snuggly Grim
  2. Blossom, nidoran female.
  3. Party!
  4. Wanna battle tonight?
  5. Johnny the dreamboat! He can't sing a note. That's why he has to work on his muscles. And scare off ladies by saying, "Like" and "totally" too often. John Mayer stepped in and sang at mine, but I didn't get my camera quick enough, sorry CG. I was too busy getting his autograph.
  6. I'm like Nala because I like to be on top.
  7. Pretty sure I never saw this, but I still find it amusing.
  8. Thank you!
  9. Snorlax starved to death.
  10. I have an extra Gaston Flexing Gaston Enchanted Mirror Ottoman Puppy (though this is one of my favorites from BatB, I'll still have 3 if I sell you one) Maurice Lefou I'll put them on tb for ya and you can offer "whatevers" as people say. (25k would be nice, but I'm not fussed.)
  11. 509. One MUST be on the lean/short side. They can't all be 900-lbers! (And if they are...we are going to experience famine from all these huge Snorlaxs eating CT's food supply. Brace yourselves!)
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