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  1. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @Moana of Motunui please add Star Wars night to Disney Saturday may group when you have a chance! I don't think I was there that night, but I know you've been busy. For everyone else, for the final time I am not counting people who enter chat and do not yak about Disney. Even if you only have time for raffles, if you do not engage in DISNEY conversation, I am thinking you want basic chat. If you say "Hi how are you" and "congrats" that's nice but you must also engage in DISNEY chat. (Wood told us he was obsessed with Dumbo as a child, etc). And as Xavi has said, if you are rude or disrespectful to anyone during Disney Saturday, you will not be counted. So you can chat about Tinkerbell all you want, if you said something rude to me or, say, Sith, *whistles*. It's different if it's friendly banter, but if you are mad at someone, please ignore them or forfeit the paque. I will not put up with it. Thank you, and hope to see you next Saturday! I'd like to plan a game sometime soon for Disney Saturday. PS if I wasn't obvious about the above rule before, I am sorry. But I'm sticking by it. The disney plaques are NOT a necessity, it's something Champ thought of last year, and without him, there'd be no Disney Saturday. It is a wonderful ADDITION to CT, not a required part or they'd be Code Onlys. So if you can't show up and can't engage in fun conversation about crows smoking, maybe you don't want the plaque badly enough.
  2. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Here's the list of tonight's participants: Justme Terrie Champ Darkness Woodstock Ike Punz Screechingspit Shark Dragon Futur These are the people who chatted about disney tonight... Although yeah it turned into a Dumbo/pokemon chat. We invented a new pokemon! A flying elephant...flying/grass type... Dumborrific is the evolution. XD Sharktibolt : What if it was a Fighting/Grass type called Nuntrunk? Guest_screechingweasel96 : Batontrunk >> Nuntrunk >> Nuntrunkio >> Mega Nuntrunkio
  3. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    June 2nd participants BTV Nickel Sith Moxie Zip Champ Kitty Lan Ken Punz Darkness Justme Jazzy PurpleHaze mongoose Tonight's participants: Kitty nickel darkness punz Shark ken Slytherin Jazzy quoyle WD
  4. Tonight's Disney Saturday begins at 7:30pm (CT time) with a few raffles then Proud Family episode, and Recess: School's Out. Remember, in order to get counted for Hades plaque, you must tap your heels 3 times and say Disney Disney, Disney, where I can see you. ;)

  5. TheWolfandtheRose

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    set 39 box 1
  6. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    I will be hosting this upcoming Disney Saturday. Festivies will begin at 730p.m. and we will begin with raffles and move to an episode of Proud Family, then more raffles, and finally Recess: School's Out. If there are latecomers, we will polish off with a final doze of raffles. As long as said latecomers are chatting about Disney.
  7. TheWolfandtheRose

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    There are Two Tangled ctoons called All Tangled Up (a PO and Arena Only). Suggested Names for the Arena Only (as I feel the name suits the PO but not ArenaO) Rapunzel and Flynn's Feud One Long Feud Caught in Her Net The Infuriated Blonde One Wrong Word Wanted: Quarrel A Hairy Feud Flynn's Defeat Hair Tie In Her Hair Trapped By Rapunzel Fury and Smirk
  8. TheWolfandtheRose

    May 2018 Releases

    Lion King Expansion: 22 ctoons A Tale of Two Lions (Rare) Attacking Sarabi (Rare) Bemused Nala (Common) Caged Zazu (Holy Rare) Drenched Nala (Rare) Guessing Games (Uncommon) Like a King (Common) Lion King Gang (Very Rare) LK Moon (Uncommon) Nala Pinning Simba (Common) No Safe Place (Common) Ostrich Ride (Crazy Rare) Playful Kovu (Common) Rafiki's Drawing (Rare) Rafiki's Home (Uncommon) Rude Awakening (Crazy Rare) Sarabi (Common) Serafina and Nala (Common) Simpering Zazu (Common) Sneering Simba (Common) Splat! (Very Rare) Thinking Scar (Common)
  9. Happy Birthday, you breath of fresh air! Drink lots of moonshine, you Memorial Day-born Muggle. *Gives Tooner Chat Tickets to encourage her to return and pretty up chat for us*. Hope you have a wonderful day with your spoiled dogs.

    1. Tooner58


      Everyone knows the wizards are born on holidays, just look at when the first Harry Potter vhs was released ;) Thanks as always, for being so great Pretty Kitty Committee! 

  10. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Last Night's List: Champ Kitty PurpleHaze Screechy Mkw Futur Antsal Terrie Abdizur Disney Saturday’s May List: 36 total participants
  11. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Again, if you were you didn't talk. Tried to meet up with you in chat so we could do a late makeup for it, but you were busy...if you watch the film that's on the chat screen (please ignore all pop ups) I can give you a task to do for today's film if it's okay with @Moana of Motunui but you have to do it Sunday, May 27 (or very early in the morning on Monday).
  12. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    You were counted for April 28, the last week in April. If you were there first week of May, you didn't talk. But I'm sure you were thinking April 28.
  13. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Just a heads-up: I won't be counting anyone who say, says, "Hi," then starts chatting about something that isn't Disney (say basketball, anime, household chores). It's a Disney chat can't get the plaque by tapping your heels three times and saying Football, Football, Football! I mean to say, if someone enters chat and starts making it brutally obvious they aren't watching the film and have no interest in talking about Disney whatsoever, they pretty much aren't in chat for Disney Saturday. I've noticed people doing that some nights. So for future reference, if I don't count you and you "talked" this is why. However, Champ has the right to overrule me. So butter him up!
  14. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    All Comedians have been passed out.
  15. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    Last Week's Participants: BTV Deep Terrie Cube Darkness Shark Mongoose Champ Cutsman Punz Today's: Rubixcube Punz Darkness Lan Justme Dragon Nickel Futur Wanted Dead or Alive According to my cat-ulations, there are 23 participants for Disney Saturday so far and one more Saturday to go.
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