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  1. TheWolfandtheRose

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

    set 38 box 2
  2. TheWolfandtheRose

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

    Set 11 box 2
  3. Over a month of my grandmother being on the verge of the end, wondering if she'd kick it and get better, dying and being brought back to life by paramedics...and it's finally over. So I might not be my perky old self anymore. But @Josh123 can always make me laugh no matter how dim my mood. And my best friend ever @OrphanMaker  is doing all the things best friends do. XD So lucky to have such amazing people in my life.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      Thanks everyone for the sympathy and smiles.

    3. screechingweasel96


      hey Kitty, here for ya if you need to spit or vent or anything.  Been through this before with my grandparents, so I know what you're going through.

    4. moxie


      I'm sorry for your loss...sending love and prayers along with a big hug your way kitty. 

  4. TheWolfandtheRose

    Re-vamped Raffles (I think I spelled Revamped right)

    I wouldn't participate in one of these raffles, but I do get the point. I do think some people would like to do this... But as for me, I'm happy betting against Joshy and taking his points.
  5. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    there were 29 participants so 35?
  6. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    AUGUST 4TH PARTICIPANTS RuMpLeStIlTsKiN Abdizur (informally known as "Slytherin") RumpleCraftNWizardry Tooner <3 Justme (informally known as "Aladdin" or "Al" if your name is Robin Williams) Lan Darkness Dragon quoyle kenneth Sith (informally known as Anakin) mongoose Punz Great job on the stories, guys! I loved them, hope you enjoyed making them. Hope you guys enjoy your prizes for joining the fun. @Xavianangel when you have a chance don't forget about the 3 July Plaques.
  7. Happy Birthday to one of the best friends on CT! You're such a great guy, Josh, and the fact that you appreciate everything people do for you makes you so much fun to spoil. :D Love to make you happy! So glad we became friends because you truly have a heart of gold. Pure, untarnishable, endlessly valuable gold. Hope you have a crazy-fun blast of a day!



    1. Josh123


      Awww Kitty, you are a terrific friend! I thank you for these kind words, you've truly been such a wonderful ray of light and an outstanding member of this community you truly make the game worth playing :) Thank you again! :) 

  8. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    Before Entering, you must read the rules (If you do not follow them, you will not count for Disney Saturday). 1. Pick a location 2. Pick a character to become Characters: 3. Pick a pet Pets: 4. Tell me your combination in chat 5. Post your story
  9. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    I'll do a Disney Saturday tomorrow night at 7:30pm ct time. Will try to come up with a forums game or something. Must participate and be in chat during event to qualify for plaques.
  10. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    July 29 participants @Xavianangel
  11. TheWolfandtheRose

    Disney Saturdays!!

    @Moana of Motunui if you can post your list from last month i can combine the lists or you can post the tally up to you. Then I can pass them out, as I know you've got a lot going on. XD And then we can decide which two Saturdays we're having Disney Saturday this month and send out packets of tea. And locks of Punz's loooooooooooooong hair!
  12. LEMxYek.png

    1. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Thanks Rowena! ^_^

  13. Happy Birthday, my fellow Hades-loving man! Hope hades comes to serenade you and make you a co-host of the Underworld for five minutes. XD

    1. sciencefriction


      Thank you!! Haha, that would be awesome. I could use that. XD

  14. TheWolfandtheRose

    I love CT because...

    Since Josh and Xavi did it I want to too. XD There have been some people on here who did things I feel friends shouldn’t do to each other. Some people who expect me to still love them when they go behind my back or say something so shamelessly hateful. And then there are those who make this a site worth coming back to even when I feel like quitting. @OrphanMakerYou are the most loyal friend anybody could ask for, and you only turn your back on people who you feel betrayed a friend you love deeply. All I can say about you is WOW. You are the best friend I always wanted but thought was my imagination. I never saw you coming and I’ll never be the same. All I can say is I thought I had to be alone in life forever. But you really showed me a tamer, less lonely world. You took this lone wolf and did something purely magical. And I know you will never betray me because it's not in you. @thelastsithYou are a sweet person and a great friend. Whenever I PM you all upset, I always expect to find a judgmental reply or something. But you always surprise me by making me smile instead. You really know what to say to bring ppl out of a dark mood whether you’re aware of your ability or not. @Sister Loveyou know what you mean to me girl. XD So much love I can’t even start. Thanks for helping me come back and telling me I don’t have to worry about the same old toxic community I used to know. Because if you hadn’t, I never would’ve set foot in chat and I never would’ve met all these awesome (young) people XD And IF NOT FOR YOU I wouldn't have watched Once Upon a Time and met my fave character of all time. Rumplestiltskin. <3 Thank you! @Josh123You have been such a great friend to me, and you know I love to surprise you. It makes me happy knowing I made you happy. Our friendship means the world to me. I’ll never forget the first time you made me laugh out loud, and I was laughing for days, unable to stop thinking about what you did. XD @screechingweasel96It’s so spitting good out in the world of spitting that the level 80 Ponyta spits with the Sneasel on the streets in vegas and they get arrested by that cop glowering with no ounce of humor. Of course he burns his hands on the ponyta’s mane. XD I love to have goofy talks with you! @PurpleHaze so much love! I’m glad to have you as a friend. You make chat more fun. @SharktiboltYou are such a great mod. Even when everyone else is all fiery and emotional, you’re usually not. And it makes someone who wants peace enjoy chat more just having you on CT. Having you as a mod makes ct feel less dramatic than if you were merely a member. You make me smile and laugh a lot-especially when you show your “Ooak” XD *steals it* @indieman19Disney fans forever! We have our differences, but you’re a really cool guy who I like a lot as a friend. I love to hear you’re doing well, love to see Disneyworld (or land) pics. XD Love to hear about Vegas and how me and Screech will get arrested for spitting on the street and PH will stand there ladylike all I told you guys not to spit… @Moana of MotunuiThanks for letting me be your co-host. You’ve been awesome. Thanks for SDing me when I needed a partner…and thanks for being a fellow Disney fan with me. Don’t go to the dark side! Stay on the Disney side! @Coolguy You definitely added something wonderful to CT before work got too busy for you. Hope to see you on again. You definitely make CT a better place. @RubixCubeglad we buried the hatchet, Smackdown King. @BTVKIDS You definitely have a highly positive attitude. It always makes me grin when you go “waaaanted!” XD I know life isn’t always happy for you, but you’ve always got me as a friend as long as you want me. @FUTURAMA GUY you don’t talk much, but when you do, you make me laugh. Do you work as a comedian? If not, you should. @Blossom we don’t have much time to talk to each other, but when we do, I always see what a wonderful person you are. So glad you are on here! @Sora you are awesome. That’s my honest opinion of you. @Volcomwhatever you’re doing, hope life is treating you well. You’re such a nice person to talk to. I miss my Volca Vola! @FredTheFishit’s time for another Cartoon! CN for the win! You love EEE like I love PPG. (But not the new twerking one). I love your signature, and I love it when you get down and chatty in…the chatroom. You’re a cool host, bringing in an Ed as a guest (sorry I would’ve been more excited if it was a PPG but I am a girl XD). You’re a really cool dude. @XxGothsCanSmile2xX you are such a creative girl! I admire you for sharing your genius with ct. @Tooner58mix me a drink! You make me less ashamed proud to admit I drink “happy” drinks. XD Without you joking about the “moonshine”, I would feel like an alien every time I have a glass of wine in CT chat. XD Thank you for sharing your not-so-ordinary thoughtwave when in a “happy drink” mode. I seriously get excited when you enter chat and not just because I’m dying to steal your drink. @Tameran I haven’t seen you in chat much but when I did, you were a lot of fun to read. I remember giggling and anticipating your return for more giggles. Was kinda sad when you stopped joining the chat parties. @Xavianangel last but not least, I came on the site hearing how wonderful you are. Then I thought you didn’t like me and didn’t know why. XD But for these past few months I’ve been noticing how amazing you are. I think you’re a great woman who works too hard and pushes herself to the brink of exhaustion. And I think you are one of the fairest judges on CT, seeing the worst in people but still believing the best in our species. And trying so hard to make it worth it for us to come back. I’m so grateful you aren’t like the old mods in the past or heaven knows I would’ve quit again 3 months after rejoining XD ***DISCLAIMER*** The purpose of this post is to make the above people smile. If it backfires, it's because I fell short as a writer, dredging up how amazing you are. I still know you're awesome but am not explaining it right. And there are other wonderful ppl on CT I didn't mention b/c I know I can't effectively say why they're so great, such as @moxie. (Moxie, I'd love to gush about you but literally can't think what to say so consider yourself HUGGED instead)
  15. TheWolfandtheRose

    July 2018 Releases

    Oliver & Company 28 toons
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