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  2. 1. Fosters home for imaginary friends 2. If you count Disney movies Kiara if not Bloo (fosters) 3. Rumplestiltskin
  3. Sorry I missed yOur birthday screeching spit in Vegas 

  4. rumplestiltskin "Magic always comes with a price, Dearie" (cackles)
  5. Happy Birthday, Joshy! Hope you have a wonderful day! #futuredad :)

    1. Josh123


      Thank you so much!!! Buuuuut I want to say congratulations to you momma!! I saw the post before you took it down. So precious you and your child. <3333 :D 

  6. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a special one! :)

  7. Aladdin and Mickey, thanks Smackdown Belt Champion!
  8. Wild West. I think it was way more exciting. People weren't such know-it-alls back then because you couldn't look everything up on the computer. And the horses...and there were more trees then. More danger More bungee-jumpers! More porcupines.
  9. I would guess that maybe half the players of this game either don't play ct anymore or don't have as much time to play. It was a fun game, but I mean it's been like 2 years *too lazy to check date*. It would be cool if it could be restarted from scratch, then we'd at least know who is still available to play the game. It's too bad Spike didn't manage to finish it. It was a blast when it was. *Hangs RIP sign from Spike's Grand Adventure.*
  10. Rumplestiltskin says, "Sign me up, Dearie!"
  11. Happy belated birthday, fellow Disney lover! Sorry I was too busy yesterday to catch you then, but hope you had a wonderful birthday! :D

    1. DisneyDaygo


      Thanks Rumple!! It was an awesome day!!

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