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  1. Like I said, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the game as it is - I enjoy the collection aspect on its own, have never played Card Clash and while Smackdown is fun it's not a major draw for me. But I think that it's easiest to bill CT as a TCG, that the site would benefit most from an infusion of new players, and that to draw those players the competition aspects would need to be played up and brought more to the forefront. I don't think it's realistic to overhaul the site completely in order to make it something it's not, but tweaking some things to focus a little more on CC/Smackdown for promotional purposes, while retaining the pure collection aspect for people like me who enjoy it, might be a little more within reach. This is all strictly in the land of hypotheticals at this point, since Grand Poobah has made his wishes clear in this regard, unless there's someone who's genuinely willing and able to take over the reins. I've seen a lot of passion and desire in this thread, but whether that translates over to technological and financial competence is another matter entirely.
  2. @Masoonite while I like the gist of your post, I think the main problem is that CT caters to a niche interest and doesn't seem to have been advertised very well. I found this site via a link on the Wikipedia article for Cartoon Orbit, but I've never seen it mentioned anywhere else. I also admit, however, that I don't know exactly how one advertises websites except through SEO, which is a whole discipline unto itself. By "niche interest" I mean that I can't quite think of how to describe this game; it's touted as a collectible card game but (outside of Card Clash and Smackdown, which involve very small subsets of the card database) it doesn't have the competitive aspect most people think of when they think of CCGs. It fits the loosest definition of the term - you collect items, trade with other players, and there are gameplay elements in how those items are acquired - but I think that if people are signing up for a trading card game they expect to be able to do something with the toons they collect. I don't say any of this as a condemnation, because I enjoy the game as it is - it scratches an itch to just collect things, which I find satisfying, but I'm not sure how you'd describe or market that aspect. If we're really interested in keeping the site going we could do something like Patreon or Gofundme, which might bring in some fresh blood. Emphasize the gameplay aspects of Card Clash and Smackdown, offer some nice incentives for supporters, maybe make a few cosmetic changes to the site to freshen it up?
  3. I'm honestly pretty crushed. I haven't been here very long (since April 2017), but I really enjoyed playing here and building my collection, and I'll miss coming here. I'm heartbroken that all the time and enthusiasm I put into playing is going to be lost, and I can't imagine how hard this is on the members who've been here for so much longer than I have. There's so much I wish I could have done - I wanted to get good enough at image editing to contribute some sets, namely for Zoids Zero and Interstella 5555 - and I'm sad that I'll never get to finish the sets I was collecting. But I'm grateful for the time I got to spend here, and to the people who showed me kindness and helped me build and complete some of my sets, through sales, trades or gifts. I will never forget how Ike gifted me all of the Zoids toons I was looking for, no strings attached, or how generous Josh was in providing me with Digimon toons when I first joined, or in general how helpful and welcoming everyone was when I was new and learning how to use the site. I've not been the most vocal member, but this was a really nice little community, and it will be missed. Thanks for all the good times, friends.
  4. Could we please get set lists for Coco, Hamtaro and Spider-Man?
  5. Not totally sure where to put this, mods plz move if you feel it belongs somewhere else. Anyway! I was wondering if we had any artsy-fartsy types here on the forums who'd like to show off their skillz. Draw your favorite toon and share it here! Here's a quick crappy sketch of Ed the hyena to kick things off: GO TO IT, ARTFRIENDS, DRAW ALL THE THINGS
  6. ZaberFang. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas!
  7. When are these toons going to be handed out? I haven't received mine yet and I've been really looking forward to that Lion King plaque. :[
  8. The "Poodle" in the Balto set is named Dixie, and she's some kind of spitz.
  9. Sorry for necro-ing a five-year-old thread but I don't think I'm ever gonna pull this off again, so.
  10. Could those of you snapping up all the Elsas and Annas the second they hit the shop maybe slow your roll a little and let the rest of us have a chance at getting one? :/
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