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  1. ZaberFang's Wishlist

    Pensive bump.
  2. Rock Dog

    Fortunately the official website had all these as transparent images already, so it wasn't too much effort on my part, haha. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong to make the resized images so grainy, though. Do you know if there's a place on the forums where I could ask for tips about making graphics? There are so many toon sets I'd like to work on and I want to git gud.
  3. Rock Dog

    An obscure Chinese/American 2016 CGI movie about a Tibetan mastiff that wants to be a rock star. The characters are cute, at least. I tried to resize these in GIMP and they turned out really bleh and grainy. I'll stick the original images under a spoiler at the end and maybe someone more skilled than I can do a better job with them. Bodi Angus Scattergood Khampa Fleetwood Yak Dharma Germur Trey Linnux Riff Ozzie Sheep Stack Mastiff-Disguised Sheep Scattercaster Radio Jammin' Bodi Jammin' Angus Jammin' Germur Scattered Music Full-size images:
  4. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    Ayyyy nice! Thanks!
  5. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    Set 12, box 1.
  6. September 2017 Releases

  7. Sora's Wishlist!

    They're up, in three batches. Thanks!
  8. Sora's Wishlist!

    dp, sorry!
  9. Sora's Wishlist!

    I have the following I can put on the trade board for you if you're interested:
  10. CollecToons Screenshots 2016 & 2017

    What happened to all the gift boxes in Sgt Pepper's? (I'm not really sure where to post this, lmao. It's unusual but I don't know if this is something scheduled or what.)
  11. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Well hot diggity dang. Also got a Michelo Chariot from G Gundam, which is my favorite Gundam series. A nice pull for me this week!
  12. ZaberFang's Wishlist

    Aggressive bump.
  13. ZaberFang's Wishlist

    Gentle bump.
  14. #PARTY Contest

    Dude, like, whatever you're on, I want some.
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