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  1. First 10 Get a Chance

  2. Happy birthday, Punz!

    1. deepcanyon1


      Happy Birthday Punz...hope you have a really great one..and hope to see you back soon!! 

  3. Yoko Kurama, The Missing Essential Character

    Can we please make this Yoko Kurama into a toon? I am obviously biased since he is one of my all-time favorite anime characters, but he really deserves a toon and Sith's is good!
  4. Hey @Joshfarias16, I just posted some stuff on the TB for you!
  5. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Morphs 7-12
  6. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Morphs 1-6
  7. Gold or Nothing

    Set 17 Box 2 please!
  8. SUPERMAN on your Cworld please !!!

  9. How Many Holy Rares do you Have?

  10. Easter Video Games Hunger Games

    Thane Krios
  11. Amaris's Wish list

    28k total?
  12. Amaris's Wish list

    Hey @amaris I have the following if you still want them: F-Zero GX - Black Shadow YYH - Battle-Ready Bui, Mukuro, Posing Keiko, Sensui Will put them on the TB in case!
  13. Sora's Wishlist!

    Hey @Sora, I just put up some Troll toons for you.
  14. Lann's Wish List

    That works, thanks!
  15. Lann's Wish List

    I do - how much do you want for them? Thanks so much!
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