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  1. lannisteryen

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Another try. Thanks!
  2. lannisteryen

    X Marks The Spot

    36 please!
  3. lannisteryen

    November 2018 Releases

    Boruto HR Shop 1 Kurama Mode Hokage
  4. lannisteryen

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Lannisteryen - thanks!
  5. lannisteryen

    Show Me the Money!

    Lannisteryen - thanks!
  6. lannisteryen

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Lannisteryen would like to enter the wormhole and travel to another dimension. Thank you!
  7. lannisteryen

    20 Toon Raffles!

    Lannisteryen thank you for the raffle.
  8. lannisteryen

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I am just honestly a lot busier with school nowadays but do miss being on here more! Once things calm down I will be around more. Thanks for everything you do, Xavi!
  9. lannisteryen

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    Our motorboat was docking when it happened. The sky was a vision of unnatural colors and the crackling sounds accompanying it were chilling. The villagers at the docks were quick to frantically run into their homes from the start. Meeko turned to give me a quizzical look. "Looks like they're already here..." I said as I swiftly drew and nocked an arrow with my trusty new crossbow. "Let's move quickly, we don't know how many of Emperor John's thugs have already reached Wakanda." Meeko nodded and sped off ahead of me. In that moment, I was once again reminded of what our failures had cost this world. Prince John had declared himself the rightful ruler and emperor of Earth and declared war against anyone who challenged him. With a vast army of sentry drones he was inspired to build by the infamous Ultron, John was virtually unstoppable. Thanks to my friend, Captain Rogers, however, we had hope. Steve bestowed upon me a vibranium crossbow and gave me cryptic instructions to meet him at a secret entrance into the legendary kingdom. Meeko, my loyal friend, and I had to do terrible things to reach this point and yet we were as determined as ever. As we dashed through the village, the lights in the sky seemed to be intensifying. A few miles later, we reached the hidden door at the base of a great tree. I pressed my hand against it and this set off a series of clicks and whirring sounds. The door whoosed open and I felt overwhelming relief to see Steve himself beaming on the other side. "You made it", he smiled, "Good. John's forces are overwhelming our troops. You know your mission, Mr. Hood." As much as I believed in this cause and in being the one to take down Emperor John, there was one thing no one but I knew. I will never be able to join the Avengers because the only way this mission ends is with an arrow between John's wicked eyes. I'm ending this, once and for all. "Alright, let's go Meeko, it's hunting season."
  10. Happy birthday, Josh! Hope you have a great day! 


    1. Josh123


      In all honesty, I wish I shared the same birthday with naruto! <333 Thank you Lann! Means a lot ! :) 

  11. lannisteryen

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    Meliodas please.
  12. lannisteryen

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 24 box 2 please
  13. lannisteryen

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 17 Box 2 please
  14. lannisteryen

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Thanks, haha. And thank you, @Xavianangel!
  15. lannisteryen

    May 2018 Releases

    New My Hero Academia HR "Stain", Shop 6. Owner's List:
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