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  1. Sounds good. I don't need Botan anymore. So total would be 495k if that works.
  2. Hey, Would the following work? DBZ SS1 Goku x2 - 20k Fairy Tail Future Rogue (Fairy Tail) - 10k Pokemon Groudon - 100k Rayquaza - 200k The Seven Deadly Sins Armor Giant - 5k Deadly Sins - 5k The Seven Deadly Sins DVD - 3k Yu Yu Hakusho Botan - 3k Gouki - 3k Kazuma Kuwabara - 3k Keiko - 3k Majin Hiei - 5k Sayaka - 3k Schoolgirl Botan - 3k The Forlorn Hope - 5k The Orb of Bas - 5k The Shadow Sword - 5k YYH Logo Sticker - 3k Yu-Gi-Oh! Time Wizard - 5k Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Jack Atlas - 3k Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Jaden - 3k
  3. 335k is fine. Thanks!
  4. #4 please and thanks!
  5. Happy birthday, Shark! Hope you have a great day.

  6. I choose cauliflower.
  7. Attack on Titan Attacking Petra - 10k Dancing Sasha - 10k Total: 20k
  8. Hey Flash! Attack on Titan Leaping Titan - 4k Marco Bodt - 3k Ymir - 3k Megaman NT Warrior Zero.EXE - 50k? Pokemon Ho-Oh - 150k Total: 260k Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I am currently looking for the following Pokemon. Will pay in points and/or toons. Entei Mew (PO) Raikou Thanks!
  10. Fairy Tail and Mulan please. Thanks!
  11. Same here - I was on chat for a while but had to leave to study for an exam. I think others can vouch for my presence haha.
  12. Thank you, Flash (not to be mistaken again, hopefully ). Attack on Titan Berthold Huber - 3k Connie Springer - 3k Erwin Smith - 3k Jean Kirschstein - 3k Levi - 3k Total: 15k
  13. #7 please
  14. Thanks so much, Flash! And I am so sorry about calling you Shark! Force of habit from previous CTC postings I guess lol. I will take everything except Krillin, so new total for last one is 20k without it I think. Everything else (135k lot, 70k lot) great as is. Thank you!
  15. Fate/stay night Gilgamesh - 3k Justice League Unlimited Aztek - 5k Dr. Midnight - 7k Osmosis Jones Agent Drix - 5k Yu-Gi-Oh! Celtic Guardian - 20k? Total: 40k
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