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  1. I see. That image looks great! Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks so much, @Xavianangel! Would either of these work? I know the resolution isn't great, but it is hard to find high-res YYH images. Alternatively, @thelastsith cut an image which I think looks great. He also suggested a great Karasu toon as well. They can be found at:
  3. New Rio HR in Shop 2 - Blu's Family
  4. No YYH? When will there ever be a Yoko Kurama toon?
  5. Is a list of sets out? If not, I have been hoping for a Yu Yu Hakusho set forever... Especially a Yoko Kurama toon!
  6. New Digimon HR, Shop 1: VenomMyotismon
  7. Meliodas and Back off Kevin please and thanks
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