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  1. Justice League Unlimited Green Lantern - 10k Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder - 3k Sword Art Online Heathcliff - 5k Kirito - 3k Yu-Gi-Oh! Slyfer the Sky Dragon - 20k Total: 41k Thank you, Flash!
  2. Ok thank you will do!
  3. Thank you! In light of that, can I take out Oily Jack and instead do Attacking Eren from Attack on Titan for 10k? New total would be 343k.
  4. Thanks so much for opening this back up! Dragon Ball Z Father-Son Kamehameha - 225k Fire Emblem Eliwood - 3k (not sure about pricing on this one) Pokemon Bubble Mew - 100k Samurai Jack Oily Jack - 25k Yu Yu Hakusho Youko the Legendary Demon Bandit - 5k Total: 358k
  5. As a very new member (just a bit over a week), I really love the nostalgia that this site inspires. It captures the spirit of Cartoon Orbit so well. Things that would keep me as invested as I am now going forward would be expansions of popular sets like Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. The Yu Yu Hakusho set that was just added is a fantastic example. In addition, more toons that are able to level up via Smackdown would be very appreciated. I don't know what Card Clash is, but another way to play with others besides Smackdown would be great as the Arcade games can get a bit tedious. Lastly, I completely agree with those above that the Time Machine could give out better toons - some seem very random. Thanks so much for running this site!
  6. I am hoping to follow in @thelastsith's steps here and post my own list. I am looking for toons I don't already have please. -Original Pokemon (my favorites are Charmander/Charizard, Growlithe, and Dratini if at all possible) -Justice League Unlimited Heroes: Flash and Green Lantern -Samurai Jack: Oily Jack is one of my all-time favorite anime moments -Superman: The Animated Series (Superman toons preferably, like "Flying Superman" and "Superman") -Yu-Gi-Oh!: Slyfer the Sky Dragon, Jinzo, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon are my favorites
  7. 10K each is fine. Thanks!
  8. I am looking for SS1 Goku (morphable). Sorry for the confusion. And 5K for each Digimon works. Thanks!
  9. I am really sorry to keep updating, but I have learned a lot from fellow community members about prices, leveling up in SmackDown, etc. Since I didn't get toons from yesterday, I am putting down 10 total if that is okay. PLEASE IGNORE MY PREVIOUS POST. Digimon Tsunomon x3 - 9k Gigimon - 3k Dragon Ball Z Goku x2 - 10k Vegeta x2 - 10k Yu Yu Hakusho Shuichi Minamino - 3k Yusuke Urameshi - 3k Total - 38k
  10. First time doing this as well! Dragon Ball GT Attacking SS4 Gogeta - 100k Dragon Ball Z Vegeta - 10k Digimon Garurumon - 10k Yu Yu Hakusho Suichi Minamino - 5k Yusuke Urameshi - 5k Total - 130k Thank you, Flash! Please see the updated list above.
  11. First time doing this as well! Dragon Ball GT Attacking SS4 Gogeta - 10k SS4 Goku - 10k Digimon Garurumon - 10k Yu Yu Hakusho Suichi Minamino - 5k Yusuke Urameshi - 5k Total - 40k
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