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  1. Well guys, it's been a wild ride getting to know you. I wonder how many of us will be still be around once we have to start paying for access to certain sites like CT:

    The Republican party: screwing the middle class is just another service they provide.

    Their actions speak for themselves so I won't say anything else. I think De Niro said it all last night.

    As the saying goes, if you have nothing nice to say...sit next to me.

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    2. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      California is voting on their ballot to split into 3 states, which if successful will probably crash the stock market and send us into another great depression, and you're over here worried about something that we never had pre-2014, and will upon repeal lead to absolutely no changes in how people do business. Heck, i'd be all for it possibly. Look at how cellphones are. Bunch of businesses constantly make better deals than their competition, leading to some super cheap costs. How much do you pay for internet, Sith? If you bought an all-in package if such was to happen, I guarantee it'd be under 150 easily. DirecTV's highest package is 115 bucks, some people pay that just for TV! as the years go on and on, prices progressively go lower and lower as the companies try doing better business. The average internet cost right now is 45 bucks a month. It ain't gonna go all too much higher. Reason why? Some company out there would keep the internet at the same rate to keep customers.

    3. thelastsith


      I'm too exhausted to argue in lots of detail but:

      1.) The split (which is idiotic) would probably help the Republicans

      2.) The concept of net neutrality is integral to helping entities such as small business be on the same playing field as the big corporations (without it, ISP companies can slow down access to smaller players in addition to a lot of other issues)

      3.) Even though the change will be subtle and insidious, these companies have no need to stop at that $150 you mention. They will set the price as high as they think people will pay. Why the hell should we have to pay to access anything?? The paywall comes after when we order something on Amazon or sign up for Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, the price for that will likely go up as well since companies will have more incentive to charge Netflix for bandwith and threaten to slow down service. As a result, they'll have to charge consumers more.

      This is just all around bad. The mental gymnastics that it takes for someone who's not in the top 1% to favor this are genuinely astonishing.

    4. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      I'm telling you sith, ain't nothin gonna come out of this. While you can argue that there's a "fair field" that is never, ever going to be true. Money is a big issue on how fast your website is and how far it reaches users. Simple fact is walmart for example, with or without net neutrality, will have a FAR bigger reach than most companies... period. They have the money and brand recognition. Net neutrality is one thing. Words. Hell, we have rules against monopolies in America, right? Then how come there's monopolies in America? The answer there is simple of course: loopholes. But, to the public eye, a monopoly cannot exist despite existing. The rule against them is simply words. As for the split, that's just California being California, let's be honest there. California has always been nothing but trouble, on both sides. 

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