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  1. thelastsith

    Early Cworld contest

    First up, Halloween. I chose American Horror Story: Apocalypse as my theme as I love AHS and this season is already shaping up to be a great one: As for the superheroes, well, it speaks for itself I think lol: I had a lot of fun making these, thanks for the contest, IGPX!
  2. thelastsith

    A Raffle For Those With Bad Luck

    theLASTsith ;)
  3. thelastsith

    thelastsith's Wish List - Updated on 9/17/18

    TIE bump...been a minute.
  4. So hype for AHS: Apocalypse tonight. My two favorite seasons together. Best reward for an already too long week.


  5. thelastsith

    CT Pog Game 2

    THELASTSITH again...again
  6. thelastsith

    CT Pog Game 2

    THELASTSITH again :)
  7. thelastsith

    CT Pog Game 2

  8. thelastsith

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    Awesome idea and an awesome show. Gonna go with my favorite character, Queen Regina. Thx Kitty & Wanted
  9. Love the new Adventure Time code toon. It's perfect. @Masoonite, you did it ;)

    Now back to the tears.

    1. Masoonite


      All I did was suggest it, thank you to the the team for adding it <3

  10. thelastsith

    Early Cworld contest

    THELASTSITH I love themed cWorld stuff, count me in.
  11. Happy Birthday, Dragon! Hope it's been a good one! Thanks for always making me laugh!


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