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  1. thelastsith

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    THELASTSITH Permission to come aboard once more, Cap'n.
  2. thelastsith

    X Marks The Spot

    THELASTSITH 27 please
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Sith!!! :) 


    1. thelastsith


      Thank you, Zip, it was indeed! Perfect GIF use btw! ;)

  5. star-wars-birthday-design-cake-mumbai-23Happy Birthday Man!  :bday2:

  6. Happy birthday, man! Hope you have an amazing day!:bday2:

    1. thelastsith


      Thanks, Goth, it was a really great one :)


  7. Happy birthday!!

    1. thelastsith


      Thanks, Tooner!

  8. Happy Birthday Sith...hope its as amazing as you are :) 



    1. thelastsith


      Thank you, deep, you flatter me :). It was definitely a really good one!

  9. Harry birthday man! May your sithy endeavors be fruitful today!

    1. thelastsith


      Thank you, Punz! Sithy good times were had ;)

  10. Happy birthday, buddy!!! Hope it's a great one 

    1. moxie


      Happy Birthday @thelastsith... I hope you have an amazing day today! :bday1:

    2. thelastsith


      Thank you both, it was a great and amazing one indeed! :)

  11. :bday2:

  12. Happy birthday, sith!

  13. thelastsith

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    I never watched it but heard good things...hmm.
  14. Guys, I just finished Daredevil season three and it is FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it. Absolutely terrific writing, acting, cinematography, action sequences, etc. etc. It's the gritty Marvel movie we've all been waiting for and more. Just watch it and thank me later ;).

  15. thelastsith

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    THELASTSITH giving it another shot!
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