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  1. Happy Birthday, my friend! I'm so glad I met you on here! You are awesome, man, and I hope you have a really great day!


    1. Ike


      I love it xD. In another world line, maybe we had a Steins;gate Birthday ctoon on  here.


  2. Daily Contest: Guess the Weight of the Snorlax

    *Checks date* Ahem. I hereby enter number nine hundred and twenty five.
  3. Daily Contest: Guess the Weight of the Snorlax

    I'm 0 for a lot...I got a little excited
  4. Disney Saturdays!!

    Not sure if it counts (Amaris found it first so it should go to her) but its been 24 hours and I haven't been able to find another so in case one of her other ones counts as her second, here's 8 (again ):
  5. What Would you Like to See Next?

    You could also do it based on number of sets completed that have a certain number. For example, one for when someone completes 5 sets that have 15 or more toons in each.
  6. Disney Saturdays!!

    I...finally got one. You guys were fast! Amaris, nice, wooow, I found 11 and 13 but hadn't realized you posted them already lol Luckily, i did find numbah 10:
  7. Disney Saturdays!!

    Chat because Netflix
  8. Sharkticomics

    Shark, the part about 1337 has me: This calls for a recount!
  9. Sharkticomics

    Wow, brilliant, Shark! I NEED more. Also, too real, man, too damn real...
  10. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  11. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Save Sith Lords Save Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
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