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  1. LegitArtifact

    LegitArtifact's Wishlist (buying all clannad shop 1 toons)

    Rolling, sorry i didnt get notified, bif you still have them, ill purchase them ^.^
  2. LegitArtifact

    Honest Opinions Contest

    Its mainly because ive have less time in general what with 2 jobs, and social life, somewhat has to do also with the fact that theres no major ctoons im looking to collect at the moment, and busy with some of my goals as well.
  3. LegitArtifact

    LegitArtifact's Wishlist (buying all clannad shop 1 toons)

    Currently buying all clannad toons from shop one. Id like to hold back on the ones i havent reached my limits on, but ill still be buying thise in the future (RA, UN) buying- CM-800 UN-1k RA-1500 VR-2k CR-8k or, paying more than others
  4. LegitArtifact

    Cipher's Desires

    Just posted some listings for you
  5. LegitArtifact

    CTContests' Sales

    Fairy tail Aquarius key-10k Capricorn key- 10k Happy-5k Leo key-10k Saggitarius key-10k One Piece: Batlle-ready tashigi-10k fiery aced-10k monkey D. luffy-10k slave arrow boa hancock-10k
  6. LegitArtifact

    Bill's Deals

    Are your: legend of korra, clannad, clannad:afterstory, avatar toons for sale?
  7. LegitArtifact

    December 2017 Donation Contest

    Have the top donaters been awarded?
  8. LegitArtifact

    Buying Rutabaga!/Blue-eyes Ult plus more!

    Mitch, whats your ign?
  9. LegitArtifact

    LegitArtifact's Wishlist (buying all clannad shop 1 toons)

    just added one piece and a few prices need most of one piece, shoot me a message if you have any
  10. I am selling everything visible in my collection minus the following: over the garden wall samurai jack toradora tokyo ghoul Avatar the last airbender the legend of korra clannad clannad: after story also buying all of these toons! Check my wishlist for prices. Link of my collection is: http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcollection.php?user_id=21127&usrnm=LEGITARTIFACT
  11. LegitArtifact

    Holiday Drawing Contest

    let me know if that worked. ive never used imigur and i followed the steps on how to post a screenshot on forums so not sure what went wrong haha
  12. LegitArtifact

    Pokemon Raffle

    Legitartifact id like a dratini, mainly because his line of evolutions are too good!!
  13. LegitArtifact

    Holiday Drawing Contest

    Santa snorlax >.< https://imgur.com/twz9iNA
  14. LegitArtifact

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

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