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  1. I was hovering my mouse over the time and it would show a date but somehow when i screenshotted it would dissapear, but i was able to make the icons bigger and now it shows the date. On the next ones we should be ok ^.^
  2. yeah my computer for some reason only shows the time and ive looked around and cant seem to find how to put the date :/
  3. Dang. :/ usually i close thursday's so i dont get home till around 10pm but it would be nice since im a big disney fan ^.^
  4. Good. Itll save me points haha
  5. So is the only HR this week from ed edd and eddy?
  6. Pokemon. Misty and jessie lure
  7. Sweet. It helps to know they add up at least thankies!!
  8. Haha yeah. I just got lucky with the one punch OR. Woke up at 4am to use the restroom and boom! Haha
  9. Dang :/ is anyone else having trouble on the sage of six paths? Last week and this week i swear, throught the whole day, none were released but from 12am-4am 6 release and im one of the people on here who like to actually sleep during night time haha
  10. Question, those who are in the top 10's should they have already reacieved a message or prizes of some sort? I doubt i won but just curious haha and also, if some people donated more than once within the month, do you add the toal up and get the donator of the month that way?
  11. Velcome!!
  12. Space Dandy Adelie- 4k Alethia- 8k Crusher girl-5k Dr. H -5k Total= 22k
  13. Oh shoot. I read 22 and mustve skipper her haha. Ill do 4
  14. Ill take 23 thank you!
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