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  1. LegitArtifact

    Cipher's Desires

    Just posted some listings for you
  2. LegitArtifact

    CTContests' Sales

    Fairy tail Aquarius key-10k Capricorn key- 10k Happy-5k Leo key-10k Saggitarius key-10k One Piece: Batlle-ready tashigi-10k fiery aced-10k monkey D. luffy-10k slave arrow boa hancock-10k
  3. LegitArtifact

    Bill's Deals

    Are your: legend of korra, clannad, clannad:afterstory, avatar toons for sale?
  4. LegitArtifact

    LegitArtifact's Wishlist (LA)

  5. LegitArtifact

    December 2017 Donation Contest

    Have the top donaters been awarded?
  6. LegitArtifact

    Buying Rutabaga!/Blue-eyes Ult plus more!

    Mitch, whats your ign?
  7. LegitArtifact

    LegitArtifact's Wishlist (LA)

    just added one piece and a few prices need most of one piece, shoot me a message if you have any
  8. I am selling everything visible in my collection minus the following: over the garden wall samurai jack toradora tokyo ghoul Avatar the last airbender the legend of korra clannad clannad: after story also buying all of these toons! Check my wishlist for prices. Link of my collection is: http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcollection.php?user_id=21127&usrnm=LEGITARTIFACT
  9. LegitArtifact

    Holiday Drawing Contest

    let me know if that worked. ive never used imigur and i followed the steps on how to post a screenshot on forums so not sure what went wrong haha
  10. LegitArtifact

    Pokemon Raffle

    Legitartifact id like a dratini, mainly because his line of evolutions are too good!!
  11. LegitArtifact

    Holiday Drawing Contest

    Santa snorlax >.< https://imgur.com/twz9iNA
  12. LegitArtifact

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

  13. LegitArtifact

    #PARTY Contest

    Legitartifact Like OMG! We should totally throw a party on a boat looking out at the city in sydney!!
  14. LegitArtifact

    4th of July: 4 Chances to Win Raffle

    Legitartifact thanks!!
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