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  1. I went to an anime con a few weeks ago and purchased eren (Attack on titan), and happy (fairy tail) mini funko pops. Theyre preety cool. But i mainly collect lego minifigs, video games, and anime
  2. Hmm, i believe she was there. Sharktibolt was also there
  3. I was on chat yesterday but couldnt make today since im at a friend bday prty
  4. Dang. I was just about to hop on but me thinks im late xD
  5. So tomorrow at 10:30pm?
  6. Ill pass on the avatar's for now due to points xD but ill take the rest. Thank you!
  7. Happy early bday!
  8. Tokyo ghoul Yukinori Shinohara-3k yomo-2k Itsuki marude- 3k Avatar the last airbender avatar kyoshi- 5k avatar roku- 5k
  9. okay so i just played duck hunt and beat the 200,000 to get max points, since double weekend just started but i got 4k instead. i wasnt sure how that new 10k update thing works? i might be just doing it wrong but at least i did get that 4k. anywho would anyone know?
  10. Legitartifact thanks
  11. Set 28 box 2?
  12. Thanks xavianangel, i had it made, sometimes you mess up, so hopefully it reaches people in someway. Maybe if i pimp my car up some more, it'll atract more people and they can read the quote hahaha. i wanted another one saying "drive your imagination" but i didnt. Ill probably get it later.
  13. Man oh man, thats actually something i intended to do when i was younger. Im especially a big fan of older big body american muscles. Although the one id love to find and rebuild would be a 1962 convertible chevy impala SS ^.^ good luck with the nova though, theyre extremely hard to find haha
  14. Anyone into cars? Here's my honda HR-V. Has alot of work to be done until im satisfied, but thats it for now. Vaynle wrapped my head/tailights. Plasti-dipped my wheels/ gas cap. Interior and exterior neon. Plus i added the light blue fog lights and tinted windows. Do show me yours?
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