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  1. Legitartifact Like OMG! We should totally throw a party on a boat looking out at the city in sydney!!
  2. Legitartifact thanks!!
  3. Ill take the star wars toon
  4. Yeah. I got on but it was like at 10pm after work and it was over >.<
  5. Legitartifact 55?
  6. Newtown 826-7=819
  7. But i did say both are unique to themselves and theyre work. I just hate choosing between two goods haha. But if i must, danaello is a turtle so thats even better than tony stark because any man can create inventions but can any turtle? Haha
  8. That's a good question, the answer is... "neither of you, Batman makes better gadgets". "Both of you, donatello and tony stark make great inventions yourself as they are unique to yourself and your line of work. Although some of your inventions due cause destruction and havoc, they also help bring peace to the world.
  9. Heal bill hurt deadpooh
  10. Alright, we'll need a distraction for sure! Ill send out a couple people who will stand in front of the camera doing magic tricks and nonsense. Whilst distracted we'll have a few guards move onto the top of the building from where there are no cameras. From there, we will either find a window thats put of reach of the cameras, or cut through the cieling with a laser. Once inside and having the criminal distracted well slowly move from behind and grab him.
  11. Take some of this!! Pow!! Done!
  12. Hongry?? 


  13. Done! my phone is retarded as well as my computer, so i couldnt post the photo. theres the link though.... http://s349.photobucket.com/user/Legitartifact/media/high score_zps0h6wspjx.png.html
  14. Hey guys, so yesterday and today ctc shopping mall has been unable to load for most of us by the looks of it. I believe only mods are able to access the store since the toons have only dropped by 1 buyer yesterday and about 2 today. Ive tried through google chrome & microsoft edge and even through my phone and no luck. Anything else i can try?
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