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  1. Here's the full set of those headshots: I'll repost what I did above so we have them all in one post. Here's what's above: Here's new ones: Here's more missing characters. Please let me know if the size is okay on those below and if so I'll get more. If not I can find bigger ones.
  2. Can I just bump this? They have all the characters in full body image already cut here: Here's more:
  3. Hmm, it seems I have a suggestion for a suggestion Neferpitou: Need a Knuckle too: I gotta learn to cut. Here's some more:
  4. You've honestly done too much already haha. I'm working on: Hunter x Hunter namely: Also for completion: Also working on Cowboy Bebop This Guy: and One Piece
  5. Here's my list: Hunter X Hunter Samurai Jack Cowboy Bebop Avatar: The Last Airbender Kingdom Hearts One Piece Adventure Time Rurouni Kenshin American Dragon: Jake Long Afro Samurai Batman Beyond DBZ Rick and Morty SSB Gurren Lagann Kiyoh Black Nia Teppelin Viral Yoko Littner Lagann Howl's Moving Castle
  6. We need more Hunter x Hunter. Here's a bunch of screenshots that have toon potential: A few missing characters: The following are super cool, taken from The Last Mission Movie Poster: Lastly, there could be a set made from these headshots, there's a lot so I'm just presenting a sample the rest can be found here:
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