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  1. I would love to see the site stay up and running and like Deep i am up at 4:30 am so i could help out if shown how to do things, I was taught how to cut pieces from Xavi so if your willing to teach i am willing to learn,so we can keep it going as @screechingweasel96 was suggesting. if enough people were willing to help might be a good thing
  2. Happy Birthday

  3. @The Grand Poobah I would be a great gift to all of us if you would give it one last chance since we all know now what needs to be done to keep it open for the future. i do not want to loss all the friends i have made here and the wonderful pieces i have learned to cut for the site, so please please please give it one last shot Thank you Terrie
  4. I may not have been here as long as most of you, but i am sorry to see it go, I have made friends learned how to cut toons had lots of fun, enjoyed the contests. Grand Poobah, Thank you for the time you put into this site. Terrie
  5. Terrie please re-enter me once again
  6. 1.Norm of the North 2. Cars 2-3 3. Terrie
  7. Could we please get a set list for Family guy and Dead by daylight
  8. Could we please get a list for Family guy and Dead by daylight and pleas let us know how many Hr have been released for MMPG please
  9. Terrie

    Happy Belated birthday Zip

  10. When will double points weekend start, I thought it would have been this past weekend ending this morning

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    2. Terrie


      Now here is another question, has there been any holy rares released yet for Mega Man power up  or  Luigi's Mansion

    3. The Grand Poobah

      The Grand Poobah

      I was actually doing something this next week, actually. Stay tooned ;)

    4. Terrie
  11. Terrie please re-enter me thank you
  12. Terrie, I'm ready to re enter for another wormhole adventure
  13. Terrie re enter me into the wormhole
  14. Terrie, ready for another round in the wormhole
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