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  1. Terrie please re enter me into the worm hole
  2. Terrie enter me in the worm hole please
  3. Terrie please re-enter me in the Pog Game
  4. Terrie Thanks for a new game i am ready to play
  5. Terrie Please i would like to go threw the wormhole again
  6. Terrie Please re enter me into the worm hole
  7. Terrie please re-enter me into the worm hole
  8. @The Grand Poobah Just to let you know i do not get the notices for the top 10 all i get is the notice about the monthly premium for the month and all that tells you is how many points you get and how many tickets you got Terrie
  9. Terrie please enter me into the wormhole again thank you
  10. Terrie please re-enter me into the wormhole
  11. Thank you for the fun had a fun time
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