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  1. Terrie's wish list

    @ dewdrop I am so sorry i missed this is it still available cause yes i would like it for 5k
  2. Good morning sweetie hope you slept well

    1. smileygirl



      Morning! I hope the same for you! :D 

    2. Terrie
  3. #PARTY Contest

    likes Yendor's C world with Batgirl
  4. Terrie's wish list

    Anastasia: Commanding Rasputin Winnie the pooh Thankful Pooh christopher robin eeyore kanga piglet winnie the pooh WTP Lumpy BEAUTY AND THE BEAST deadly wolf enchanted mirror enchanted rose maurice ottoman puppy flexing Gaston opened Armoire BRAVE Archer Merida dingwall poised cub the triplets walking cub wee dingwall witch Young Macgruffin Cars Sneaky lightning Mcqueen Doc Filmore Flo Guido Lightning Mcqueen Lizzy Luigi Mack Mater Ramone Red Sally Sarge Sheriff ALADDIN gift-giving lago prince ali BARBIE Sunburst Shimmer Rainbow Elina Lumina linden Laverna Gee Fungus Maximus Flancing Glee Faben Elina Bibble Azura DISPICABLE ME Shoving Minions Bazooka minion clipboard minion Dr. Nafario Edith Fighting minions Flattened minion Gru Gru's mom Kung Fu minion Margo Minion Vector
  5. #PARTY Contest

    Like OMG we need to Party Like it's 1999 and like party at the Prince compound, with The Revolution , and Morris Day
  6. Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    Hurt Blue
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