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  1. Terrie

    Early Cworld contest

  2. Terrie

    Early Cworld contest

  3. Terrie

    A Raffle For Those With Bad Luck

    Terrie ready for a new game
  4. Terrie

    CT Pog Game 2

    Terrie ready for round 4
  5. Terrie

    CT Pog Game 2

    Terrie time for round 3 lets play
  6. Terrie

    CT Pog Game 2

    Terrie round 2 ready to play
  7. Terrie

    CT Pog Game 2

    Terrie time to play
  8. Terrie

    Early Cworld contest

    Terrie Early Halloween
  9. Terrie

    Platinum Ticket Auctions

    Your taking your status as a cop to a whole new level you have no right to , this is a gaming sight and as far as i am concerned your bulling us with your I'm a COP, you have no legal right to do anything on this sight, and i will not mention names but you bully with i'm a COP! And you have no right to go into our private messages emails or anything else for that matter, text messages, Facebook messages AN THAT IS THE LAW you would have to have a search warrant from a judge. Unless your being paid to be a cop on this site you need to relax and leave your cop at the door, and enjoy this site like the rest of us. Deep and me when we post on here seem like that opinions we post are not allowed or gets deleted off so no one can read it like this one will, or i am private messaged telling me i'm not allowed to have an opinion when you as us for our opinion. We never had any issues until we were made mods but it has been down hill and nothing can be made right
  10. Terrie

    Honest Opinions Contest

    And yeah we don't give stuff to people who whine. I hate whiners. We are not going to give something to someone to get them off our back. Lots of the time, if we give an extra gift to someone, it comes from our own accounts as a thank you for something or as a birthday gift. But whining? oh no, we don't tolerate that. It leads to nothing. And the minute you let a whiner have something, they'll keep doing it over and over till you give in again. I have to disagree with you on this i do recall when you sent a private message about how you gave Flash a piece he wanted cause he didn't have enough points, cause you said had to keep the high donors happy. And he whined and whined till he got what he wanted. And brown nosing i feel that when you tell your GFX people that when someone wants a piece ASAP do it Sorry but everyone does not get treated the same i wish we all did but that does not happen here as far as i am concerned, I do not know why you seem so defensive about what i wrote the topic was Honest Opinions and those are my!!! opinions
  11. Terrie

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I am not active on here much do to the crap that goes on , and now that this site could be closing down why bother, I loved this site when i first started and when i became a Mod then Toon decided to remove me and put me onto the GFX team that was ok, but now you have crap like high school clicks and last time i checked i graduated over 35 yrs ago. Then you have the toons you need to finish sets and CT sales is not doing what it is suppose to do. and i am tired of certain people brown nosing, and the Power trips are more than necessary, and then you all decide that if you are on the same IP address you can not smackdown and i am not a cheater never was and never will be. That keeps me and Deep from compleating sets
  12. Terrie

    July 2018 Donator of the Month

    @Xavianangel pm sent
  13. I did not get the July contest awards i donated 20 dollars

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    2. deepcanyon1


      she did 20 just like i did..i have 40 on my pp account from last month...and i can send you the receipt numbers if you need them..


    3. deepcanyon1


      we both did 10 on the 4th of july it was trip;le pts day for the 4th and then i did 2 5.00 ones on the 22nd and then terrie did a 10 one on the 22nd...of july..

    4. Xavianangel


      I'll just ask Toon. Hes got the records.

  14. Terrie

    Toon Bingo #3

    Thank you Shark lets play again
  15. Terrie

    Toon Bingo #3

    Terrie ready to play
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