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  1. Flash, I'll take the decorating robots & Bambis Mother
  2. Decorating robots -75k first ancestor fa-75k poised beast-50k bambi's mother-30k thanks
  3. I found Tom the Turkey When Me & Tom the Turkey met he was 50 pounds over weight.. I knew I had to do something to help this poor Turkey get back into shape. I took him under my wing to help him. At first Tom the Turkey wanted nothing to do with me. I didn't give up though. Was determined to get him to shape. Fed him the write food raw eggs & protein shakes. Everyday for every meal. Finally Tom the Turkey grew to like me. After months & months of training, running & weight lifting & eating right. Every day working as hard as we could. One day as we were getting ready for our daily workout we saw an ad for this race. Tom the turkey & I knew we needed to try out for it. We knew what we were getting ourselves into to. Much harder and harder training than we were doing now. Tom the Turkey & I ran Miles & miles up & down hills & roads to prepare for the big race. Tom & I did all we could to prepare. All his might has gone into his race. Its his dream to win this. Said he'd be so proud. His life goal would be accomplished.
  4. jessika156 I'll be a voter & I vote for @jwoolman1993
  5. Jessika156 my favorite is bulbasaur
  6. The Simpsons Abe Simpson -5k Apu Nahasapeemapetilon -7k Barney Gumbel -5k Bart Simpsons -5k Bloated Homer -5k Christmas Baking -5k
  7. Lilo & Stitch Experiments Babyfier Originals Cobra Bubbles Grand Councilwomen Hula Lilo Promos Stitches Tricycle Bambi Original Bambis Mother Daydreaming Thumper Flower Friend Owl Teen Bambi Promos Playful Bambi Shy Flower Sleeping Bambi
  8. Hi I just joined collecttoons my name is Jessika, I used to play a long time ago but my account got deleted I kinda forgot how it all works... Any tips?
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