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  1. Adventure Time: Adventure Lovers Money Drop Family Guy: Jason Voorhees Jungle Book: Bashful Shanti Spongebob Squarepants: Candy_grubbing Jellyfish Count Gary Horrific Pearl Hula Sandy Kelp Bar Pirate Krabs Spaceman Plankton Spongestein Frankenpants Sweets craving Skeleton Flying Dutchman Witchy Puff Burger-Beard Juggling Spongebob Sponge Gar Super Sponge Bubble Buddy Runaway Patty St Patrick Toy Story: Froggie and Walking car Lenny Mike Mr. Potatohead Mr. Pricklepants Roller Bob Woody and Buster Pizza Planet Truck Wheezy Pokemon: Aura Sphere Banana Splits: Bingo Dancing Bingo Total Drama: Life Saver Lakeside Harold LaShawna Lakeside Sadi
  2. BTVKIDS jumps in head first hopes to land on something that doesn't hurt...much
  3. Aladdin, The Legend Of Zelda please and thank you
  4. I guess Kneeling Inuyasha, Catwoman and Gandolf...
  5. Aww man :/ still congrats to the winners!
  6. Seems like a cool contest so I'm in BTVKIDS
  7. BTVKIDS jumps in without looking back
  8. BTVKIDS after being lost for a bit bunny hops in
  9. Awesome! how much do you want for those?
  10. Supporters Nook (as money is tight for me and can't afford to donate ) so these would be greatly apprecated: Pumpkin Heads (plq) Courage Sticker Golden Huckleberry Hound Golden Cow Yogi Bear Gummy Trash Can Meowth Bouncy Trouncy Tigger Sidekicks that out of the way Adventure Time: Adventure Lovers Adventuring Pals Ax Bass Brain Beast Bro Hug Bucket Knight Charlie Cinnamon Drone Colonel Candy Skeleton Daddy's Little Monster Demon Guard Duchess Gummybuns Earl of Lemongrab Fire Newt Flambo Gary the Mermaid Queen Gingerbread Man Guy Farting Hudson Abadeer Ice Queen Jake Jr. Kim Kil Whan Lady Quitebottum Leaping Marceline Leader of the Pack Lord of Evil Magic Man Martin Mertens Money Drop Naked Wizard Penguin Peppermint Butler Professor Pants Rainbow Finn Strawberry Jake T.V. The Lich Tree Monster Tree Trunks Viola Why Wolf Zombie Candy American Dad: American Dad Logo Francine Smith Hayley Smith Steve Smith Anastasia: A Formal Couple Anya Bartok Dimitri Commanding Rasputin Family Guy: Ben Stiller Jason Voorhees Freddy Kruger Sophisticated Brian Final Fantasy: Ai Hayakawa Cid Earl Tyrant Futurama: Matt Groening's Head Jim Henson's Muppet Babies: Nanny Jungle Book: Bashful Shanti Kim Possible: Gil Moss Start Vs. The Forces of Evil: Pony Head St. Olga Guards Regular Show: Agitated Rigby Caffeinated Mowers Disembodied Rigby Margaret Mitch Sorenstein Poolside Rigby Pops Maellard Rampaging Muscle Man Skips
  11. Might as well try again so BTVKIDS jumps into the wormhole
  12. BTVKIDS Merry Christmas all, and for those that are Jewish hope had a nice and Happy Hannukah!
  13. BTVKIDS walks in at least one more time
  14. BTVKIDS read something in the book of everything so jumps into the wormhole again
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