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  1. That's fine. Price?
  2. Well since you offered lol. Prices for the below? Avatar TLA: Aang; Appa; Appa and Momo fighting; Avatar Aang; Avatar Kyoshi; Avatar Roku; Azula; Bearded Cat; Blue Spirit; Combustion Man; Earth-Bending Toph: Elemental Heroes; Iroh; Katara; King Bumi; Leaping Momo; Long Feng; Lord Ozai; Momo; Pakku; Sad Momo; Sokka; Suki; The Duke; The Mechanist; Toph; Ty Lee; Zuko Danny Phantom: Jazz Fenton; Mr. Lancer Teen Titans: Alien Probe; Attacking Cinderblock; Brother Blood; Cheshire; Control Freak; Doctor Light; Flying Bumblebee; Frozen Madame Rogue; Gizmo; Hotspot; Johnny Rancid; Kid Flash; Leaping Jinx; Lovestruck Starfire; Mammoth; Mas y Menos; Plasmus; Tramm; Wildebeest The Legend of Korra: Amon; Avatar Korra; Korrasami; Lin Bei Feng;
  3. CT's Greatest Detective Discussion

    Hokey didn't do it.
  4. Tooner's Wish List

    Hi! I am currently looking to buy/trade for anything Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/ Teen Titans/ Inuyasha/Powerpuff Girls/ or Spirited Away that I do not currently have.
  5. Tooner's Wish List

    Hi everyone! I am cleaning out a lot of my toons, so I can do toon for too, or buy outright. Just let me know your preferences and thanks for the help! (: Sailor Moon Malachite Neo Queen Serenity Nephrite Tuxedo Mask Naruto Shukakau Cursed Seal State 1 Sasuke Cursed Seal State 2 Kidomaru Cursed Seal State 2 Sakon & Ukon Inuyasha Battle-Ready Sango Cloaked Naraku Possessed Royaken Also Looking to Complete -Avatar The Last Airbender -Cardcaptors -Fate/Stay -Fairy Tale -Danny Phantom -Death Note (only need Love of Apples) -Naruto Shippuden
  6. Tooner's Wish List

    Hey, not sure how I completely missed this note, but thank you! Now that it's been a year, I've collected a lot more from these, so currently it doesn't look like you have any extra doubles. But thank you again!
  7. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  8. #PARTY Contest

    2 + like 2, like, that like equals double bork mode unlocked.
  9. #PARTY Contest

  10. Are you like, super excited for this party?! I think it's like, going to be super rad! 

    1. Joshfarias16


      I'm like totes excited! :D 

  11. #PARTY Contest

    SpoiledTears has like, a bunch of Rems, definitely awesome.
  12. #PARTY Contest

    I was going to like, make a Goofy Movie reference with electrified Johnny, but like the the perspective was off. But lots of rad people showed up to see the new band DXD.
  13. #PARTY Contest

    Is it like too late to join? Tooner58. We should like, have a party in a zero gravity club.
  14. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Naruto Shippuden Kisame Hoshigaki 8k Death Note Raye Penber 5k Total 13k
  15. Anime Sunday

    I was present too, made the comment about bean paste in the martini being weird.
  16. Injured Spider-man

    Are they ended now??
  17. Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    Heal red lion hurt Baron
  18. Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    Heal deadpool hurt Blue falcon
  19. Ghost Town Boss Battle!!! Ichigo Has Fallen!

    Man, that's intense. Did she have like candles out or something? But long story short the highlights we're driving the bridesmaids and getting run off the road, just to get to our destination and find out that everything we had paid for was wrong when it was delivered two hours before the wedding...
  20. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Yup, good to go. Thanks!
  21. Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    It was definitely a spooky showdown, good call
  22. Ghost Town Boss Battle!!! Ichigo Has Fallen!

    And thank you of course!
  23. Ghost Town Boss Battle!!! Ichigo Has Fallen!

    I diiiid playing helped me stress less about the disaster that happened before the wedding
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