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  1. Captainjacks want list

    3k for all?
  2. Captainjacks want list

  3. Captainjacks want list

    Hey, don't know if you still need, but I have the following 3. Fire Emblem : Titania Danmachi: Lunoire Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast
  4. CTContests' Sales

    For November: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers Brandy Herrington: 5k Cheryl Toucan: 5k Ed the Giant Otter: 5k Gaspar Le Gecko: 5k Isabel: 5k Lester the Ape: 5k Lola Boa: 5k Lorenzo Jaguar: 5k Margo the Stick Bug: 5k Meryl Toucan: 5k Total: 50k please and thank you?
  5. CT Hangman

  6. CT Hangman

  7. CT Hangman

  8. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    Ha! I was just getting ready to put all of my clues together since I finally had time , grats!
  9. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    I was gonna work on it some more, but ran out of time.. Here goes lol..
  10. Anime Sunday

  11. CT Hunger Games - Halloween Edition

    Tooner58 here!
  12. Tooner's Wish List

    Hey, not sure how that happened. The one above is the only one I need. Thanks.
  13. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    Awesome, thanks! @Volcom
  14. Volcom'S Selling And Trading Center.

    Hey, interested in a few. Willing to negotiate, just let me know. Thanks! (: Winx: Wizgiz 3k Ranma 1/2: Training Shampoo 10k Powerpuff Girls (2016): soaring PPG 40k
  15. Trick, Treat, or Trick!

    Thank you!
  16. Trick, Treat, or Trick!

    Set 16, box 2 please (:
  17. Anime Sunday

    Rule: If the case of death results in the user becoming engulfed with murderous tendencies (i.e. too many uses), Ryuuk can at any time determine that the overzealous user of the Death Note, will have whatever punishment they assign to the other person enacted instead, upon themselves. *Note: Ryuuk only does this when he doesn’t like said person. Example: It was clear that Ryuuk didn’t like Cho-Cho from the moment her chip covered hands touched the Death Note. However, being such a honorable Shinobi in training, he decided to give her a chance. And honorable she was. She only wrote in dangerous threats to the hidden leaf village. Unfortunately. Ryuuk didn’t like her and quickly grew irritated with her overall being and knew it was quite possible anyway she may become a serial killer, (even though she literally only wrote one name) that when she wrote down her second punishment of starvation, Ryuuk thought it was only fitting to let her starve for a minor period of time. *End PG version.
  18. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Thanks! For October Danny Phantom: Mr. Lancer 5k Paulina 5k Star 5k Dave the Barbarian: Faffy 5k Lula 5k The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy 5k Total: 40k please and thank you!
  19. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    DANNY PHANTOM: Clockwork 5K Danny Phantom 5k Dash 5K Download 5k Ghost Dragon 5k Ghost Mailman 5k Jack Fenton 5k Jazz Fenton 5k Madeline Fenton 5k Sam Manson 5k 50k? Please and thank you
  20. That's fine. Price?
  21. Well since you offered lol. Prices for the below? Avatar TLA: Aang; Appa; Appa and Momo fighting; Avatar Aang; Avatar Kyoshi; Avatar Roku; Azula; Bearded Cat; Blue Spirit; Combustion Man; Earth-Bending Toph: Elemental Heroes; Iroh; Katara; King Bumi; Leaping Momo; Long Feng; Lord Ozai; Momo; Pakku; Sad Momo; Sokka; Suki; The Duke; The Mechanist; Toph; Ty Lee; Zuko Danny Phantom: Jazz Fenton; Mr. Lancer Teen Titans: Alien Probe; Attacking Cinderblock; Brother Blood; Cheshire; Control Freak; Doctor Light; Flying Bumblebee; Frozen Madame Rogue; Gizmo; Hotspot; Johnny Rancid; Kid Flash; Leaping Jinx; Lovestruck Starfire; Mammoth; Mas y Menos; Plasmus; Tramm; Wildebeest The Legend of Korra: Amon; Avatar Korra; Korrasami; Lin Bei Feng;
  22. CT's Greatest Detective Discussion

    Hokey didn't do it.
  23. Tooner's Wish List

    Hey, not sure how I completely missed this note, but thank you! Now that it's been a year, I've collected a lot more from these, so currently it doesn't look like you have any extra doubles. But thank you again!
  24. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

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