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  1. Tooner58

    Final Mega Anime Celebration

    Please send out a message that day. It looks like I missed my first CCW in two years last month, due to no message going out. Thanks as always for the events <3333
  2. Everything in my shop is 1 point; will be clearing out a lot of my collection on tradeboard before hibernation begins. (: Also, if you see anything in my tb posts that is on your wishlist please pm asap so that I can send it your way (:

    1. deepcanyon1


      thanks for some great pieces i needed :) 

  3. Tooner58

    Early Cworld contest -Halloween -Superhero
  4. Tooner58


    There is a Golden Blossom on last page of tradeboard, with no offers.
  5. Tooner58

    Has this ever been considered

    Maybe instead, we could get some new ways to make points. Maybe that is the bigger issue (I also don't like/use the games in the arcade) (:
  6. Mega Sale, no buying limits! In my shop all day (:

  7. Tooner58

    Has this ever been considered

    Also, points right now aren’t circulating as well for the lower point holders. Though thank you @Xavianangel for trying to make CT rich again! I’ve been trying to circulate those points back in by buying from my wishlist. Speaking of my wishlist.. Personally, I am much less likely to spend 100k on a holy rare I kind of want, when some of my wishlist toons I really want, are gonna cost 4m+. I have to save and think ahead for long run. I’ve also seen a decrease in sales in my shop on cheaper toons than the hrs, but you just kinda have to ride the tide of no selling right now while people take care of why they aren’t buying (whether less game play/saving points/having no points). Like what @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin previously said, any profit is good profit in general and you can’t always look to make big bucks.
  8. Tooner58

    A Raffle For Those With Bad Luck

    Tooner58, thanks as always! edit: looking like the same lot of unlucky people, I’m claiming my spot! Thanks (:
  9. Tooner58


    I don't often put them in my shop if someone has them on their wishlist. I try to catch it beforehand and make a deal with them so that other people who are just causally buying/hoarding, don't scoop it up.
  10. Tooner58

    Old school runescape on app store

    Yeah lol, since originally old school RuneScape gradually became RS3, with no intent on bringing os back. So if you make a brand new account now and go into RS3, you’re fine, but original os was lost. I’m a huge RuneScape fan/player since the glory days, so I’m super hype people are getting back into it.
  11. Tooner58

    Old school runescape on app store

    Yeah, my original account had logged into RS3, so I got to keep my username, but had to start everything over from scratch.
  12. Tooner58

    Old school runescape on app store

    I still play old school on pc XD
  13. 6 pages of tradeboard posts, and less than 25 offers all together.. Where is everyone?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sister Love

      Sister Love

      Working on another book while my 60k MG fantasy sits there and the other one I have done gets beta read.

    3. Johnny


      Trying to save some points right now :/

      I do want some of your toons though lol

    4. Tooner58


      @Johnny I am always buying from my wishlist/toon for toon trading for my wishlist if that helps (: 

      @Sister Love Good luck on your book! I’ve seen your posts on the difficulty. 

      @Xavianangel hopefully things slow down and you can get some relaxation in!

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