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  1. That's fine. Price?
  2. Well since you offered lol. Prices for the below? Avatar TLA: Aang; Appa; Appa and Momo fighting; Avatar Aang; Avatar Kyoshi; Avatar Roku; Azula; Bearded Cat; Blue Spirit; Combustion Man; Earth-Bending Toph: Elemental Heroes; Iroh; Katara; King Bumi; Leaping Momo; Long Feng; Lord Ozai; Momo; Pakku; Sad Momo; Sokka; Suki; The Duke; The Mechanist; Toph; Ty Lee; Zuko Danny Phantom: Jazz Fenton; Mr. Lancer Teen Titans: Alien Probe; Attacking Cinderblock; Brother Blood; Cheshire; Control Freak; Doctor Light; Flying Bumblebee; Frozen Madame Rogue; Gizmo; Hotspot; Johnny Rancid; Kid Flash; Leaping Jinx; Lovestruck Starfire; Mammoth; Mas y Menos; Plasmus; Tramm; Wildebeest The Legend of Korra: Amon; Avatar Korra; Korrasami; Lin Bei Feng;
  3. CT's Greatest Detective Discussion

    Hokey didn't do it.
  4. Tooner's Wish List

    Hey, not sure how I completely missed this note, but thank you! Now that it's been a year, I've collected a lot more from these, so currently it doesn't look like you have any extra doubles. But thank you again!
  5. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  6. #PARTY Contest

    2 + like 2, like, that like equals double bork mode unlocked.
  7. #PARTY Contest

  8. Are you like, super excited for this party?! I think it's like, going to be super rad! 

    1. Joshfarias16


      I'm like totes excited! :D 

  9. #PARTY Contest

    SpoiledTears has like, a bunch of Rems, definitely awesome.
  10. #PARTY Contest

    I was going to like, make a Goofy Movie reference with electrified Johnny, but like the the perspective was off. But lots of rad people showed up to see the new band DXD.
  11. #PARTY Contest

    Is it like too late to join? Tooner58. We should like, have a party in a zero gravity club.
  12. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Naruto Shippuden Kisame Hoshigaki 8k Death Note Raye Penber 5k Total 13k
  13. Anime Sunday

    I was present too, made the comment about bean paste in the martini being weird.
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