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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. Cipher's Desires

    I’ll repost, I was bombarding the TB with posts and needed the spot
  3. CTContests' Sales

    Anastasia Bartok 8k Commanding Rasputin 15k Rasputin 8k Vladimir 8k Gravity Falls Grunkle Stan 6k Ranger McGucket 6k Rumble 10k Soos 6k Waddles 6k American Dragon Jake Long Dragon Haley 6k 79k? Please and thank you!
  4. Black Clover

    Asta Plainclothes Asta and Yuno Names above each character Names above each character Names above each character
  5. Black Clover

  6. Cipher's Desires

    Posted 2 from your TTG.
  7. Now I feel bad for whining about AO, but this time instead... I want to give a big thank you, to the people who are helping me get the points together to compete for it. While I know that not everyone is concerned about the enjoyment of other players, it really is the few who are, that make CT so special. So thank you! 

    1. Joshfarias16


      Awwww you're gonna make me blush... <3 Stopppp it youuuu 

    2. RubixCube


      it's like a job your gonna find some that concerned with getting ahead and then you will find the ones that want to talk with others about life and helping one another. 


  8. Oh look... another Naruto toon I need <_<

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ssoldier


      @Xavianangel Good choice imo - need to drain @Joshfarias16's points!!!

    3. Tooner58


      Not even going to be able to imagine what it’s like to have one, if people continue to jump the price with 5 minutes left. <_<

    4. Joshfarias16


      I saw a few sell for like less than 300k :) Hoping to get one for that price too lol 

  9. Sora's Wishlist!

  10. Valentines Disney Hunger Games

    Here to steal royalty and the win Thanks for the awesome contest Kitty! I would like to have a Jasmine and Aladdin, please!
  11. Tooner's Wish List : Updated 2/20

  12. Captainjacks want list

    Posted a few
  13. Tooner's Wish List : Updated 2/20

    You didn’t like your lowball offer? Guess I can do that instead
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