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  1. Tooner58

    Left Center Right #2

    Tooner58, thanks as always <333
  2. Tooner58

    I love CT because...

    Hmmm, where to begin? I haven’t been with CT as long as many of you, but short and sweet, I love the community (and the chat events that brought us all together ). It saddens me that in my short time though, I too, have seen many players come in strong and leave just as quickly as they came. There are many times that even I have been on the verge of leaving entirely, (whether it be for life reasons, or in game differences) and even times felt like I just didn’t belong... but EVERY time I go to leave, a CT player ALWAYS gives me a reason to stay, without even knowing it. It makes me see that while we all have our own struggles and don’t always see eye to eye, most players in this game really want and strive to make this an enjoyable place. I wish we could get more players to have that experience, but when even long term players have lost that understanding, the game takes the hit. I’ve seen some great ideas though to boost morale, and am super hopeful that everyone gets on the CT bandwagon! Annnnd because there were more negatives than positives in that list, here’s a list of other non-top reasons, as to why I love CT. Nostalgia from Orbit The Awesome Toons (like seriously, y’all do great work with making them epic) Finding new shows to love and watch (I’ve watched way too many shows because of this site, but it’s great because it’s given me more to love!) The Events/Games/Competitions in the Forums The Giveaways The Community The Want to make CT a better place (bet you thought I was gonna phrase that differently ) The Game itself, there are games within games on this.. (and if that’s not cool, well then neither are you for not thinking so...) *A serious thank you to all of you who have done so much to better this game; some of us are cheering y’all on from the sidelines more than you know! Also, while I have stepped back from the game quite a bit in recent times (whether it seems that way or not, because I have a tendency to overendulge on the greatness of CT), I plan on throwing out a few minor ideas and try to really give back where it’s needed. (Also, I don’t understand the text differences in this post, but I will edit them out later XD).
  3. Tooner58

    CT Wedding

    If I’m making the drinks, this is highly likely Gratz to you both and sending lots of love your way!! I am honored to be part of this CT V.I.P.
  4. Happy birthday!!

  5. Tooner58

    First Thing That Comes To Mind!

  6. Tooner58

    Member Above Me!

    ^is secretly instead the actual Ultimate Showdown Winner..
  7. Sending you lots of love today Deep!
  8. Happy birthday!!

  9. Tooner58

    July 2018 Releases

    Is there a new one?
  10. Happy belated birthday!!

    1. Unluckygal


      Thank You:bettylou:

  11. Happy birthday!!!

    1. SagNoras


      Thank you!

  12. Tooner58

    Anime Sunday

    Did @Sharktibolt do the June ones? That would explain why they went out so quickly
  13. Tooner58

    Anime Sunday

    Did Assasins ever go out??
  14. Tooner58

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    EEE and Tangled as well, please and thanks!
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