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  1. Happy belated day of birth!

    1. moxie


      Thanks Tooner...miss ya! :) 

  2. Tooner58

    Black Clover

  3. A big happy birthday to the one and only!!

  4. 1 point tradeboard posts. Will be cleaning out over the next few days. Don't miss out and request and desired sets ahead of posting. (:

  5. Bye guys :headbang2:

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    2. Paul


      Bye! And thanks again for the gift!

    3. darthbeever


      It's sad to have our first interactions also be our last since I just joined, but I wish you well in whatever you do from here on out :headbang2:

    4. RubixCube


      you welcome tooner. you were also one of the few that always rooted for me to reach my goals in Smackdown. i wanted to tell you I did reach 30,000 wins all time and I did make 15 top 5s along with 10 number 1s. i still remember those nights were you rooted for me to try to reach 4,000 wins I came up short by just 500 but you still congratulated me. I think that's how I knew you were gonna be a wonderful friend. I also think what I liked or saw was you were always logical. i think i liked that the best. since that was like me too least most of the time .

  6. Happy birthday!!!

  7. Happy birthday!!

  8. Actively buying off my wishlist (:

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