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  1. Just popping in to see if there was any new Anime talk <333

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    2. Josh123


      You should watch Dr.Stone, from what i've seen I really don't have an complaints. 

    3. Tooner58


      Busy summer here too Rubix! Glad you’ve been having fun and that your news didn’t have a bad ending!

      I have not had a chance just yet Deep, as we got stuck in NY for longer than expected and we are still in the process of moving, but I will!

      And thanks for the recommendation Josh!


      <333 you guys!

    4. Josh123


      Also 7Seeds, I recommend that over Dr.Stone similar plots, marginally different storylines, I haven't been able to stop watching 7Seeds since I discovered it. 

  2. i hope you had an amazing birthday. i also hope you have been enjoying the early days to the start of summer. 

    1. Tooner58


      Thank you!! ^_^

  3. Happy Birthday..I sure hope you check in today and see this...I sure miss you my friend..and hate that you seems alot of people are leaving the site...Hope you have an amazing Birthday, deserve it <3 

    1. thelastsith


      Ditto everything that deep said. Hope you have a wonderful one, T!

    2. Tooner58


      Thanks to you both!! 

  4. Happy belated day of birth!

    1. moxie


      Thanks Tooner...miss ya! :) 

  5. Tooner58

    Black Clover

  6. A big happy birthday to the one and only!!

  7. 1 point tradeboard posts. Will be cleaning out over the next few days. Don't miss out and request and desired sets ahead of posting. (:

  8. Bye guys :headbang2:

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    2. Paul


      Bye! And thanks again for the gift!

    3. darthbeever


      It's sad to have our first interactions also be our last since I just joined, but I wish you well in whatever you do from here on out :headbang2:

    4. RubixCube


      you welcome tooner. you were also one of the few that always rooted for me to reach my goals in Smackdown. i wanted to tell you I did reach 30,000 wins all time and I did make 15 top 5s along with 10 number 1s. i still remember those nights were you rooted for me to try to reach 4,000 wins I came up short by just 500 but you still congratulated me. I think that's how I knew you were gonna be a wonderful friend. I also think what I liked or saw was you were always logical. i think i liked that the best. since that was like me too least most of the time .

  9. Happy birthday!!!

  10. Happy birthday!!

  11. Actively buying off my wishlist (:

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