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  1. Both are from the shows I know ^^
  2. Wow, these are pretty interesting.
  3. Well lookie there, neat pull.
  4. It'll be interesting considering the recent SAO movie, really.
  5. Game addict + work = Sleep deprived

  6. To put it simply, it's my work shifts and commitments need to be fulfilled. I do enjoy collecting the sets at CT, at the same time I tend to fall asleep after going back home. The time I had before I started my job really changes the schedule. So yeah, I think that's the reason why I haven't been as active.
  7. *rimshot*
  8. This week's pull.
  9. Two of this week, but.... no idea.
  10. Classic ones never die
  11. Well, that's pretty funny to get it 2nd time.
  12. It's definite worth it moment watching SAO movie.

    1. Kuroyukihime


      SAO = Sword Art Online :P

  13. This week's pull, pretty neat.
  14. Well... something that I didn't know o.o
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