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  1. subarukazumi, and I'll like to #PARTY at Dexter's lab while messing around with his equipments~
  2. Uhhh.... nope.
  3. When you just start getting addicted on another game, it just sucks.

    Sword Art Online MD > Mystic Messenger


  4. Gosh.... I just started to get on them when I'm free and this happens.
  5. The work kinda messed it up, but I can only post what I morphed v.v
  6. That's what I'm feelin' about this week's pull.
  7. Hmm... is #59 still available? Username subarukazumi
  8. Can't it just be something else?
  9. Heal Wagon Ride Hurt Dialga I just had to
  10. Does it count if you enter chat room one Sunday? Just wondering.
  11. Lonely Town 1,030-7 = 1,023 Smack him with a leek!
  12. A Pokemon and code only toon, nice.
  13. I hit thee nose with a frying pan. 1,093 - 7 =1,086 HP
  14. You're both cute but the cuter one is... Bubbles Of course, she's super nice and such but don't get deceived by thinking being nice means weak. IT'S NOT. She's really strong but her kindness holds her from getting too violent~
  15. Okay, so here's the plan on freeing the clan's members: 1- Satoko and Rika from Higurashi When They Cry will disguise themselves as the pizza guy since those turtles love pizza so much, but after they eat a few slices of it none will realize it is laced with sleeping medicine, which they get from Irie Clinic. 2- When the turtles are asleep, you can sneak up to reach on the captured members as Shion will keep watch of the turtles while using her stungun if they may awake and such. 3- Mion will come with the car ready for departure after all of them rescued. Sounds ridiculous isn't it?
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