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  1. Happy birthday dude

  2. Hodgepodge Id like number 60 please!
  3. Heal vegeta's ashes hurt chicken ball
  4. @Xavianangel this guy is set for life..
  5. Tried updating my account with my new E-Mail....cannot login now and did not recieve verification. Anyone can help me out?
  6. happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday dude!

  8. All the things! lol. attacking mewtwo, golden goku, a few zoroak breaks, ss4 attacking gogeta. a few pokemon HR i didnt have and of course just the random nick nacks. XD
  9. I had like 4 million it seemed a few weeks ago, now 250k....I dont even know what happened :'( lol
  10. Ready for those new pokemon! ^.^

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Sorry bud, due to supply and demand, all pokemon will be reverted to Yugioh. First come first serve on Cresselia however.

    2. Hodgepodge


      Meh, its a win win situation for me! Ill take the Yugioh too :)

  11. Mega Gyarados would be more than willing to assist our cause!
  12. Get em while they are hot, cause I assure you I will be trying to buy golden Zoroarks!!
  13. just put up most of the 2010 Static shock collection in auction for 2 days, IDK if they are worth anything but they are there if you want em!
  14. Looking for Cloud and Sephiroth! Holler at me!

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