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  1. Their is probably a thread for this already but I for the life of me couldn't find it.... but anyways..... Their are currently 611 active toons in the pokemon set.. and I believe their are 3 ghost toons but am not 100% certain on that... trying to figure out which toons you're missing is quite the trouble.. that's why I propose we fix the subcategories for these in both the database and in game, for example.. pokemon creatures should have multiple subcategories such as Gen 1 ' Gen 2 Gen 3 and so on... instead of just "Pokemon creatures" I'm sure i'm not alone in this though.... would love others input.. @Sharktibolt @Xavianangel
  2. Josh123

    Easier pokemon collection sorting..

    Well, I mean the majority did vote in favor of it, so regardless I would think it would be left up to the team to decide for... XD Soooo maybe that can be a topic of discussion soon? XD
  3. How many ghost toons are in the pokemon set? :o 

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      2 I believe Shiny Arceus and Shiny Mew.... well 3 technically as there’s a OOAK out there

    2. Josh123


      what about shiny charizard? @Moana of Motunui

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Wasn’t Shiny Charizard a donation gift? 

  4. Josh123

    Josh's sales!

    Feel free to ask about anything... I will sell a good amount of toons since I don't play as actively anymore, however don't ask about the following sets though it'll be a waste of your time 1.Naruto/Naruto shippuden 2.My hero academia 3.Disney sets unless I have more than 1 copy of the toon 4.Tokyo Ghoul 5.Secret life of pets (Unless I have more than x16) 6. Sing(Unless I have more than x4)
  5. Josh123

    Josh's sales!

    Bump... buy my stuff... I want to sell 300 pages in 3 days...
  6. Gonna be posting a ton of stuff on tb for dirt cheap and updating my shop at least 3 times a day... want too get rid of 300 pages of toons in 3 days :P because why not. LINK to my shop below where ALMOST everything is less than 1k.. XD 


  7. Josh123

    Tooner's Wish List : Updated 6/18

    Have all these, I stopped at summer wars. So lets start at these and i'll pick apart the rest of he list later. (And no not because I started to watch Netflix.....;) )
  8. Josh123

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, you can now use magic, but you didn't specify what kinda magic so you're only able to pull a rabbit out of any hat that you wear... and eventually it gets played out... plus you own way to many rabbits now and it's kinda creepy.. I wish I could win the lottery.
  9. Josh123

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but because their is already an account associated with your IP address, you get banned and then re-join again only to find yourself banned again, in an infinity loop, in a never ending cycle. I wish I had superpowers.
  10. Saw deadpool 2 today, One particular scene made me laugh so hard, I hadn't laughed that hard in about a year and it felt really good. XD

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    2. Josh123




      was so sad to see Morena Baccarin die... XD


    3. thelastsith


      Ahahaha agreed, that was one of the funniest thing I've seen in a while. "What the hell is going on right now?"


      The image of Peter skydiving was also up there for me.


    4. Josh123


      Yes, that was great too! XD 

  11. Josh123

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    this was one of the first times in a while I pulled something and went "OH! Cool!" And ofcourse, I loved this show as a kid!
  12. Josh123

    June 2018 Releases

    Lovers gunna love. Your move jack.
  13. Josh123

    IGPXCHAMP66's Wishlist

    I have 34/35 of the gundam wing set... set up the offline trade and i'll post a common toon for you too offer me points on. Offer whatever you think is fair. @IGPXCHAMP66
  14. Oh... my.... gosh. XD 

    1. Xavianangel
    2. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Josh, if your state splits into 3 and ruins our economy, you better start a civil war down there

  15. Josh123

    June 2018 Releases

    Nerd .
  16. Josh123

    Anime Sunday

    Participants for Anime Sunday 10 June, 2018 1.Tooner 2.Lan 3.Sith 4.Shark 5.Nickel 6.Kuroyuki 7.Shark 8.Ike 9. Futurama 10.Dragonwolf
  17. 75k or two mystery holy rares for the first person who solves this code and likes this status update so I know you saw this.  It's the attack on titan toon LINK BELOW. 



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    2. Josh123


      Lol Love the idea Kitty! XD @TheWolfandtheRose


      @thelastsith all good man, @Sharktibolt won't even give us a hint. D : <

    3. Sharktibolt


      Because it's only been about 2 weeks, and hints come around 2 MONTHS. :lol:

    4. TheWolfandtheRose


      hint: Shark has fins.

      How will that help solve the code?


      Well maybe I had a sip too many XD

  18. Well if you're newer any interested in making points fast, buying shop toons for me is a great way to make the points. Below you will find all the shop toons I need currently and the number of them as well. Enjoy & Thanks for helping me out! NOTE: If they're is no x next to them I only need 1! Your Name (premium only) Musubi - x4 RELEASED: April Captain Underpants Shop 2 Captain Underpants (BP) RELEASED:May Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals Shop 1 Chibi Deidara (CR) (I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!! Lion King expansion Released: May Caged Zazu (Holy Rare) x1 Ostrich Ride (Crazy Rare) x1 Rude Awakening (Crazy Rare) x2 Batman Arkham Asylum AA Bane (VR) AA Poison Ivy (UN) Armored Batman (CR) James Gordon (UN) Premium Only 3D Timmy and 2D Jimmy Disfigured Merged Zamasu x2 Galaxy-Eyes Photon DragonMagical GatheringShisui's Susanoo x3 Smackdown Prizes All Tangled Up--TangledItachi's Susanoo x4Aura Sphere--Pokemon Starters Pokemon Eggs--Pokemon Team Seven (Naruto)x3 Posed Armin--Attack on Titanx3 Embarrassed Nick--Zootopiax1 Big thanks to the following people who've really helped me with my wishlist! If I missed you sorry but thank you tons for helping! Especially wanna recognize Xavi for always helping me out giving me awesome discounts helping me look for rare things and wanna thank Coolguy for taking the time to go through and find out tons of extras he had for me to sell to me! Xavi Zeroooo Ike Tameran Coolguy Rella! Patriot81JTL Crimson Kitty!! Punz Masoooooon Toooooner!
  19. Added 3 new sets
  20. Josh123

    Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Must have been someone screwing around.
  21. Josh123

    Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    can we see if a user named Mush needs a verification please. @Sharktibolt @Xavianangel they went into chat but no one was their.
  22. Josh123

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    set 16, box 2.
  23.  Updated any bit helps guys :) 

  24. Josh123

    June 2018 Releases

    ANOTHER SUSANOO !? My points</3333
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