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  1. Weekly NFL contest

    ============================ Weekly NFL Contest Hello everyone and welcome to the 2017 NFL season, I've decided to make a weekly contest to celebrate this wonderful time of year! Rules: Each Week - Pick the Winning NFL Team from the match-ups that I post In addition, Guess the Point total of Monday Night's Game(s) (only used to break ties) See below for an example of how to enter: Hide contents Thursday Game (September 14th) Houston texans at Cincinnati Bengals=bengals Sunday Game (September 17th) cleveland browns at baltimore ravens= browns buffalo bills at carolina panthers= panthers arizona cardinals at indinapolis colts= cardinals tennessee titans at jacksonville jaguars= titans philadelphia eagles at kansas city chiefs= chiefs (they destroyed my boys) New England Patriots at new orleans saints= Patriots Minnesota vikings at pittsburgh steelers= steelers chicago bears at tampa bay buccaneers= bearss n.y. jets at oakland raiders= raiders miami dolphins at l.a. chargers= chargers dallas cowboys and denver broncos= cowboys washington redskins at l.a. rams= L.A. Rams san francisco 49ers at seattle seahawks= seahawks greenbay packers at atlanta falcons= falcons Monday Game (September 18th) detroit lions at n.y. giants= lions POINT TOTAL OF MONDAY NIGHT GAME (For use in the event of tie) = 69 points Note: One person may copy the example above, but it may not be the best to do so. Prizes: The Winner from each week will receive about 25,000 points worth of cToons from CTContests (Picked by Coolguy) In addition, there will be bonus prizes for winning during the playoffs
  2. Looking for someone to do some dbz morphs for me, i'm almost done with that set. :) 

  3. Josh123's wishlist updated July 26th :)

    Massive bump because @TheWolfandtheRose has helped me nearly complete my pokemon set!
  4. ALICE IN WONDERLAND BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES DRAGON BALL Z Buu Saga cell saga Dbz movies Ben 10 Bob's burgers Gravity Falls Pokemon CT Clue plaques Lilo & Stitch Finding Nemo Collectoons (this set needs to be done in subcategories i'm sorry it's just too many toons to list XD) REALLY WANNA FINISH THIS SET ASAP PLEASE HELP Birthday Surprises: Candy Hearts 2009: Collectoons Promos: Easter Surprises: Sings of the times: Smackdown Show-offs: St.Patty's day 2015: Super Bowl 2011: Valentines Cards 2011: Valentines Cards 2013: Valentines Cards 2015: Sets currently in my collection to finish or have been finished Card Clash D.Gray Man Despicable Me Disney Infinity FMA Brotherhood Futurama Grandia Guardians of the galaxy Hotel Translyvania Hunter X hunter Ice age series Invader Zim Justice League Johnny test (1 toon) King of the kill kingdom hearts marvel superheroes Marvel: avengers alliance minions my hero academia my little pony:friendship is magic one piece ratatouille Re:Zero Regular Show rosario + vampire sing soul eater south park star wars star wars the clone wars (cgi) super hero squad show superman: the animated series sword art online tarzan teen titans teen titans go the avengers united they stand the batman the legend of korra the little mermaid the nightmare before christmas the princess and the frog The secret life of pets (x25 of everything I already have some) the seven deadly sins tinkerbell peter pan total drama totally spies transformers animated trigun ultimate spiderman Up Young Justice Yugioh Yugioh 5D's Yugioh GX Big thanks to the following people who've really helped me with my wishlist! If I missed you sorry but thank you tons for helping! Especially wanna recognize Xavi for always helping me out giving me awesome discounts helping me look for rare things and wanna thank Coolguy for taking the time to go through and find out tons of extras he had for me to sell to me! Xavi (12 sets) Z (4 sets) Ike (2 sets) Tameran Coolguy (5 sets) Rella Patriot81JTL Crimson Kitty!! Punz!
  5. First 8 People Get a Chance at 4 Toons

    Josh123 Want that snow white lol!
  6. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a great one! 

  7.  Don't forget to sign up for the weekly nfl contest i'm hosting if I get 10 participants this week, i'll host a raffle. You have to sign up before the thursdau night game at 8:25 pm et

  8. Weekly NFL contest

    Ken had 10 wins TF had 8 wins Meaning @ken is the winner of week 1! @Coolguy can you get the prizes sent out for week 1? NOTE: I'll be posting week 2 matchups tonight.
  9. anyone have the following? Will pay well. 2 slowpoke, igglypuff, bellsprout, 2 oddish? thank you

    1. Volcom


      I got Oddish x2 and Slowpoke... What are you paying!?

    2. Joshfarias16


      30k for the 3?

    3. Volcom


      Its up my boiii

  10. Make sure to join my contest, weekly :) I'll make a status update when the next time to register will be. :D 

  11. Weekly NFL contest

    Only 2 entries this week since we started this one super late, that's perfect. Good luck to you both! @FredTheFish @ken
  12. I know I have been less active lately, life has gotten very busy with the school semester. :) I hope everyone is enjoying life! 


  14. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    save kyuubi naruto @ken you keep leaving kyuubi naruto out
  15. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    1 good and 1 awful XD
  16. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    save mega rayquaza
  17. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    thank you! XD
  18. Fantasy Football

    well mike is inactive and koga told me he was out, also timewart hasn't been active at all recently either.
  19. can someone link me the owners list to shelly goodwin please?

  20. Big shout out to @TheWolfandtheRose and @Sister Love for helping me with pokemon morphs! got a few more left still need to be made if anyone wants to help them! :) Paying 1k per bp

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      I'm ready for the next five.

    2. Joshfarias16


      Always killing it! Just do whichever you'd like, i've got no preference :) 

  21. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    save kyuubi naruto
  22. Pokemon go

    we've got the plaques, we need the faces behind the teams.
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