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Status Updates posted by Joshfarias16

  1. Looking for someone to do some dbz morphs for me, i'm almost done with that set. :) 

  2. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a great one! 

  3.  Don't forget to sign up for the weekly nfl contest i'm hosting if I get 10 participants this week, i'll host a raffle. You have to sign up before the thursdau night game at 8:25 pm et

  4. anyone have the following? Will pay well. 2 slowpoke, igglypuff, bellsprout, 2 oddish? thank you

    1. Volcom


      I got Oddish x2 and Slowpoke... What are you paying!?

    2. Joshfarias16


      30k for the 3?

    3. Volcom


      Its up my boiii

  5. Make sure to join my contest, weekly :) I'll make a status update when the next time to register will be. :D 

  6. I know I have been less active lately, life has gotten very busy with the school semester. :) I hope everyone is enjoying life! 


  8. can someone link me the owners list to shelly goodwin please?

  9. Big shout out to @TheWolfandtheRose and @Sister Love for helping me with pokemon morphs! got a few more left still need to be made if anyone wants to help them! :) Paying 1k per bp

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      I'm ready for the next five.

    2. Joshfarias16


      Always killing it! Just do whichever you'd like, i've got no preference :) 

  10. Happy birthday my brother! Hope it was a good one!!! 

  11. I threw up 55 auctions set too end in 2 days. :) I'll throw some more up shortly.

  12. Everything in current inventory is for sale everyone, except archer, collectoons, and naruto shippuden (I'll post naruto shippuden that are for sale)

  13. Porygon spawned yesterday, couldn't find him. It was truly a devistating day for all of man kind.

  14. Happy birthday Toon! Thank you for everything that you do for the community here at Collectoons! Hope you have a blast man! P.S. I know you didn't complete the newest pokedex! :P Good luck with all the unknowns in game. XD

  15. Happy birthday Terrie! 

  16. Happy b-day!

  17. We need an auction weekend! Anyone down to throw some things up maybe next weekend? :-) 

  18. Happy birthday Groot! :D 

  19. Happy birthday man! Haven't seen you around in quite awhile, hope all is well. How's the pupper? 

    1. sciencefriction


      Thanks! Been busy with some summer classes. It's been overwhelming lol.

    2. Joshfarias16


      That's no fun, sorry to here it man

  20. Anyone interested in doing fantasy football this year? :) 

    1. dragonwolf


      I could

    2. Joshfarias16


      Sweet I'll link you to our topic about it later on. :) Not home now though!

  21. Aye girl! Are you like totes excited for this party or what? I heard it's going to be the most lit party of the centuryyyyyyyy.... I heard even #PartyCoolguy Is gonna be thereeeeee!!!!!! :wub::bday1:


    P.S. Are you like going by yourself? because if you are it's just a coincidence I also am going by myself.. so like if you wanted like I don't know, maybe like a plus one? You know like a date... or something.... You could you know like go with me girl... ;) 

  22. Been a crazy day in my household filled with tension. Woooow surprised my house isn't a war zone for WWIII yet. 

    1. deepcanyon1


      hope things get better for you soon...

    2. smileygirl


      Same tbh. 

    3. smileygirl



  23. Enjoy, and happy shopping to you! :) 

  24. gonna be updating my shop every couple hours, with tons of older doubles so I can re-distribute some older and cool extras and what not. I don't see a reason for lots of my doubles and triples enjoy them :) 

  25. Massive Wishlist Bump :D 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Coolguy


      Any in the CT set. The CT Heroes OOAKs come to mind. Or you'll have to win a OOAK contest and have it be in the Collectoons set.

      Maybe I'll take a look in the Game Mod panel to see if something is causing it. Rumor suggest an April Fool's Prank gone wrong caused the glitch.

    3. Joshfarias16


      ugh, that's a giant inconvenience. XD 

    4. Coolguy


      @Sharktibolt - I actually think I may have found the problem with the Collectoons set.

      Could you check and see if "Contest Ticket" is set to be a ghost ctoon? And/Or delete it since there is none in-game?

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