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  1. FInally done putting things in my locker, everything besides archer and naruto shippuden is for sale, feel free to pm me in here or in game ;) 

  2. Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    No they shouldn't XD If someone already owns an extremely old AO let someone else get a chance getting one.
  3. Get ready for a massive massive sale, starting this weekend guys! :) 

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    2. Joshfarias16


      my little pony

    3. Joshfarias16


      One piece start with one piece logo

    4. Joshfarias16


      rosario + Vampire. 

  4. Anime Sunday

    UA Frisbee brawler spell 2.
  5. Superbowl: Guess The Score

    Eagles- 21-14 at the half... Mr.Bellichick is a master mind at strategizing during halftime.. Patriots-35-31
  6. Gametimeeeeeeee is almost upon us.... Praying for the best. :) 

  7. Site Suggestion Dump

    I'm part of an instagram community were people show off pokemon cards, or trade them, sell them, raffle them etc.. XD And an idea popped in my head that I see on their all the time... PAID RAFFLES.... I'll explain a little more below and then i'll list an example... What a pay to play raffle is exactly... A pay to play raffle is a raffle in which you post a toon for sale, but then put in a buy in price.. and how many spots you can have in the raffle. And then after all the spots have been filled in you will select one via a random name selector like this one right below.. I realize with this people can cheat and get toons and a much cheaper cost or just down right not select someone for whatever reason, that's why for the time being accounts ran by moderators will be the only ones able to do it.. NAME GENERATOR WEBSITE (FREE) EXAMPLES: Let's say I have a toon worth 100k.. let's just say in this scenario the toon is the one listed below. The description would be... "Menacing Gengar pay to play raffle, 10k a spot, 10 spots, and 3 spots max per person!" NOTE: can be customized however you want... 10k a spot 5 spots 1 spot max.. 100k a spot 10 spots 2 spots max..... etc etc. once all spots have been reached you can use the name generator site.. and select a winner. NOTE: This is just a fun little suggestion.... doesn't need to be implemented I just think it'd be fun... a good way to get rare toons into game and to give all players a chance to win something they may not normally be able to afford, also gives players who don't have many points a chance to flip a toon and make more points.. Obviously their may be some flaw but nonetheless a fun little idea to tinker with in the near future... Toons could be anything from old 08 toons from rare and expensive sets like avatar, or AO's and ChR's. @Coolguy @Xavianangel @ whom ever... would love feedback and suggestions on my idea.
  8. Really bummed the size of epic fail was changed... 

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    2. Xavianangel


      I can change it back. I just need to know who changed it.

    3. Joshfarias16


      Please do XD I spent so much on these thangsssss @Xavianangel

    4. IGPXCHAMP66


      I totes a set up. Josh just wants epic fail bigger lol

  9. Amaris's Wish list

    got all these
  10. Chelsea's Wishlist :) 1/25 Overwatch Pixel Sprays

    I've got all these too.
  11. 2017 Site Updates

    super happy descriptions are being added again. makes it that much better.
  12. Moxie's Wishlist

    pretty sure I have all these, I can check for yah later tonight/possibly tomorrow. EDIT: I have all of these for yah.
  13. Chelsea's Wishlist :) 1/25 Overwatch Pixel Sprays

    I can send more overwatch, can I buy all your archer toons if they're for sale? Namely Appalled sticker, danger zone, and katya down?
  14. Paying 2mil for epic fail. :) 

  15. Still really excited that in one semester I was able to bring my overall G.P.A up from a 2.4 to a 3.1! Thanks college!!! Next goal is 3.5 at the end of this upcoming semester! :) 

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    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      I am so proud of you!

    3. RubixCube


      congrats. keep doing good and all that will pay off big time. 

    4. thelastsith


      Congrats, man!! Keep it up! You can do this!!


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