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  1. Hey! You can be the President and Vice President k buddy? YOU GOT THIS!!!! :)

  2. Just posted some offers!
  3. Big bro SS Happy b-day dawgggg

  4. feel free to counter offer i'll throw some prices next to them.
  5. Can I get some prices bud? Old justice-70k batman and robin-35k elder ham-35k pot of gold 1-20k pikachu's jack o lantern-20k shooting star saphire-7k dark side of dimensions-20k red eyes darkness metal dragon-25k to infinity and beyond-25k thanks!
  6. Join me in chat for awhile friends? :) 

  7. Awesome Cyn, thank you!
  8. Too branch off @Naterbater2 idea in March 2017 releases, I know it's hard to ask for but I like the idea of the voting both again, not for all sets just for 3 or 4 of them for that month out of the 8... I think it would be cool and it doesn't have to be the same every month.. for example one month the 3 options could be anime, disney, cartoon network, or you could go more in depth with it.... Disney: Moana, Frozen expansion, Cars expansion, Cartoon network: Regular show expansion, ttg expansion etc I really like that idea, *Mainly because I want a secret life of pets set* XD
  9. Hi there Hmmmmm why aren't I on as much.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well to be quite honest I log on everyday, pop into chat everyday as well, but I am not AS active as I once was, and I big part of it has to do with the fact that I message owners lists quite a lot to get toons i'm missing and a lot of the time I never get a response back even though it shows me on their Cworld that they've logged in since receiving my message, it's a big pet peeve of mine. I also agree with titanic force about random sets having morphables, since I hate smackdown with a passion, now i've gotta pay someone to make the morphs for me from the set that I think shouldn't have morphs, but it is different and I like different! Pokemon, Digimon, FMA those make sense though..
  10. No worries Just wanted to clarify
  11. The poll would be point less if the set wasn't already cut and made, there aren't enough people to cut out 4 sets for each different category. I think
  12. hopefully, in the meantime.. I can do some toons from my collection? I don't mind. It seems like she just sends a few.
  13. Awesome, glad I could help. Sent you an ingame message by the way. Also nice image!
  14. If you have anymore questions message me in game: Josh123
  15. that could be the issue but I don't think it would be... Try uploading the picture to imgur then copy and pasting it here.
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