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  1. Both are bad pulls. XD C'mon time machine
  2. Woot woot Lemme know how these prices work
  3. Collectoons 1.Festive Abu-100k 2.Festive Ariel-150k 3.Festive Aurora-150k 4.Festive Belle-150k 5.Festive Blue Bird-100k the 2 cheaper ones are much less popular that's why their prices are lower.
  4. Bump
  5. Massive Wishlist Bump :D 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Coolguy


      Any in the CT set. The CT Heroes OOAKs come to mind. Or you'll have to win a OOAK contest and have it be in the Collectoons set.

      Maybe I'll take a look in the Game Mod panel to see if something is causing it. Rumor suggest an April Fool's Prank gone wrong caused the glitch.

    3. Joshfarias16


      ugh, that's a giant inconvenience. XD 

    4. Coolguy


      @Sharktibolt - I actually think I may have found the problem with the Collectoons set.

      Could you check and see if "Contest Ticket" is set to be a ghost ctoon? And/Or delete it since there is none in-game?

  6. too low!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  7. Been spending to much, once I get to 8mil i'm done buying for awhile. 9,410,819
  8. Have been offlined to you, sorry been pokehuting! @Xavianangel thanks Cyn for the help!
  9. 2 Articunos in pokemon go but no Lugia for me... :( My dad got 2 and 2 XD

  10. Awwww everyone's excited for Johnny's party !
  11. Going to send you a pm in game now!
  12. really addicted to the flash, but needed to take a break before I finished through the current season on netflix.. so decided to watch Arrow! 

  13. Just wanna give a big thanks to everyone who's helped me so far, I really appreciate all the help!
  14. Dude sweet thanks so much!!!
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