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  1. Josh123

    Kaigeta's Wishlist: Megaman X LE!

    Have a ton of golden toons, how many points do you want to spend?
  2. Josh123

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    I shall be Prince Charming, Charmed? I'm sure.
  3. Josh123

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    I'll just take anyone who is still available, Since I can't tell who some of the characters are. XD
  4. Josh123

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    Josh123 will take Anna please. I would also like to donate 3 hr's if that's okay?
  5. Josh123

    Offline trades

    I figured this would probably be incredibly easy to do, so if possible... can the limit for offline trades be increased to 100?
  6. Well... my OOAK is nearly made, I couldn't be more happy with it. :) 

  7. Bumpedy Bump bumppppppp Young Midoriya Style
  8. Josh123

    2018 Site Updates

    I'm a bit bummed... it seems the shop sales in the mall no longer work? I remember it was changed to sales per month? Now it's sales per week, but now no sales are noticeable.. XD @The Grand Poobah @Xavianangel @Sora Any ideas why?
  9. Josh123

    Golden Ticket Auctions

    Mine is currently being made by the amazing villain! @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin Let me just tell you guys, it is truly... A work of art. <333
  10. Josh123

    September 2018 Releases

    @neokid90 here you go dudeeee ;] Thanks Mongoose!
  11. READ: Looking for the perfect Naruto Shippuden or My Hero Academia Image to make my OOAK is hard.. If anyone can find me an image that I will use, they'll win a considerable point prize. ;) 

    1. Draden


      which are your favorite characters from my hero academia? what kind of picture do you want them to be like? All osom and powerful. Sexy and decent characters? All in a group? 

    2. Josh123


      I was really looking for one of like all might 

    3. Draden


      ok il try to find one

  12. Josh123

    September 2018 Releases

    Usually within a week or two, someone will post the lists in this thread. So keep checking
  13. Josh123

    September 2018 Releases

    looks like it, what didn't stock?
  14. Sora, meet me in chat, for 2 seconds. 

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