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  1. Pokemon master, do you have a low level celebi or jirachi for trade in any of your pokemon ds games? It's a long shot but figured I'd ask, i'd like one for my team and have barely started pokemon ultra sun.

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    2. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Do i have ur Friend Code Josh, not sure. 

    3. Josh123


      not sure, no clue how to do any of that.. XD 


      How do I find mine?

    4. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Oh sorry just saw it. 

      On the Desktop you'll see an orange square with a smiley face at the top. 

      This is your friend list. 

      Your profile will show your Friend Code beneath your name. 

      Mines 2063-0381-7393. 

      Click on add friend, then via internet, type in their code and once both have entered their codes the friend request will be accepted. ^_^

  2. Updated my wishlist, wanna get it done fast, commons 1k, uncommon 1.2k, rare 1.5k very rare 3k crazy rares 5-10k depending. 

  3. Josh123

    June 2018 Releases

    If anyone has the set lists for the week of tangled and whatever other show was released... that'd be great! And yes i'm aware it's a team effort.
  4. Josh123

    Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer!

    Ash would need a farfetch'd and it would probably be against the Kalos league's future champion Calem (only true pokemon fans would know who calem is) Who would win in a fight to the death, Saitama, Superman, or Goku, and why?
  5. Josh123

    Pokemon Go friend codes

    As most of you who play Pokemon Go (Yes, it's still a thing) already know, friends are now a feature, you can gift friends items, you receive at stops (Please note: These gifts you can't use yourself, you are only able to send them to friends, in addition you can also trade with friends who are within range) and trainers level 30 and up are able to add each other with friend codes. If you would like to post your friend code below feel free to do so at your own discretion, enjoy.
  6. Josh123

    Left Center Right

    Josh123 doesn't understand but didn't read full description either..
  7. Josh123

    Easier pokemon collection sorting..

    Well, I mean the majority did vote in favor of it, so regardless I would think it would be left up to the team to decide for... XD Soooo maybe that can be a topic of discussion soon? XD
  8. Their is probably a thread for this already but I for the life of me couldn't find it.... but anyways..... Their are currently 611 active toons in the pokemon set.. and I believe their are 3 ghost toons but am not 100% certain on that... trying to figure out which toons you're missing is quite the trouble.. that's why I propose we fix the subcategories for these in both the database and in game, for example.. pokemon creatures should have multiple subcategories such as Gen 1 ' Gen 2 Gen 3 and so on... instead of just "Pokemon creatures" I'm sure i'm not alone in this though.... would love others input.. @Sharktibolt @Xavianangel
  9. How many ghost toons are in the pokemon set? :o 

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      2 I believe Shiny Arceus and Shiny Mew.... well 3 technically as there’s a OOAK out there

    2. Josh123


      what about shiny charizard? @Moana of Motunui

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Wasn’t Shiny Charizard a donation gift? 

  10. Josh123

    Josh's sales!

    Bump... buy my stuff... I want to sell 300 pages in 3 days...
  11. Gonna be posting a ton of stuff on tb for dirt cheap and updating my shop at least 3 times a day... want too get rid of 300 pages of toons in 3 days :P because why not. LINK to my shop below where ALMOST everything is less than 1k.. XD 


  12. Josh123

    Tooner's Wish List : Updated 6/18

    Have all these, I stopped at summer wars. So lets start at these and i'll pick apart the rest of he list later. (And no not because I started to watch Netflix.....;) )
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