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  1. Josh123

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Josh123 again!
  2. Josh123

    X Marks The Spot

    Josh123 16 please.
  3. Josh123

    The Supporters Nook

    so these aren't gonna be in the plaque set on our collections?
  4. Due to Stan Lee's unfortunate and tragic death... I'd like to start a petition for a possible plaque to made in his memory with the title of "Excelsior" with this image maybe?






    found in this link. 

    1. kaigeta


      i second this.


    2. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin


    3. sugarwaffle


      This would be awesome. 

  5. Josh123

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Josh123 will venture in yet again!
  6. Josh123

    Show Me the Money!

  7. Josh123

    Josh123's Sales & Trades

    Description: Hi As of today I have decided that for the most part, the majority of toons in my collection have a possibility to be up for grabs. I mainly collect anime for the most part, feel free to ask about anything with the exception of the following sets x4. SETS NOT FOR SALE/TRADE 1.Attack on Titan x4 2.Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 3.Hunter x Hunter x4 4.Tokyo Ghoul x4 5.My Hero Academia x4 6.Secret Life of Pets x4 7.Justice League Action x4 8.Sing x4
  8. Josh123

    Licensed Hunter Plaque

    DUDE HECK YES!!!!!!!!! Found an image...
  9. Josh123

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Josh12 is here! To enter the ultra wormhole!
  10. Josh123

    November 2018 Releases

    Is.... is Arala from dragon ball super? ALSO BORUTO, PLEASE LET THEIR BE AN HR!
  11. been trying to catch you in chat but every time i go in there your not there buddy

    1. Josh123


      Sorry about that bud, haven't been to active lately... been working a lot. I'll try and meet you in their tomorrow I work a morning shift tomorrow. :) 

    2. RubixCube


      i understand buddy . 

  12. Happy birthday bud! Hope your day is great. :) 

  13. Here's a link to my collection let me know if I have anything that catches your eye.
  14. Bought myself a new car, well not new new, 2011 Chevy Cruze :P 

    1. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      Does it purr, growl, or ROAR? Have you named it yet?

    2. Josh123


      It only growls !

    3. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      It's a tiger then! <3

  15. Josh123

    Kaigeta's Wishlist: Zoids!

    Yes I am! I will send you a list of what i'm looking for!
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