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  1. Buying All for One (New HR Shop 1) Buying for points or trading toons for them. Message me to make a deal!

  2. i got my third challengers plaque and to think you helped me get my first one ever in this game. i have come along way since that day. i want to thank you for helping me get started in it all . you gave me my first few sales of these rare pokemon toons and i took that and ran with it . it was the constant grind and help from you and few others that paved the way for me own this many . 


     I own 14 pokemon chaos rares 

    I own 93 pokemon holy rares 

    I own 19 pokemon omega rares 

    i own 5 premium mews 

    i own 23 pokemon auction onlys 

    1. Josh123


      No need to thank me bud. Just happy to help you :) 

    2. RubixCube


      i like giving shout outs to people who deserve it . things a times go unsaid you know sometimes you dont those chances to when you want too. i always believed people should be celebrated.

  3. Got the My hero HR in shops at work during my lunch in my car. XD So happy 

  4. 51 more minutes till my hero academia expansion release. :D :D :D :D :D  :D :D :D :D :D 

    1. Sharktibolt


      You know its been out since noon CT right? In shop 1.

    2. Josh123


      Did not... XD 

  5. Hoping to make a dent in my wishlst can trade toons or pay points, link is below any help is appreciated. :) 



    1. Xavianangel


      I think I threw in a huge dent for ya. Check your offlines :P

    2. Josh123


      Oh my goodness.... thank you... :o :D 

  6. Really hoping to make a huge dent in the avatar wishlist toons, any help would be greatly appreciated. :) 

  7. Will re watch episodes 1-20 this week to update for a wave 1 set. However, holy rare potential Magic Knights: Asta & Yuno
  8. Happy birthday man! 

  9. Need four copies of the new fma BH OR message me to work something out. :) 

    1. Paul


      If only it sells out from the shop already, so i can buy some off the trade board too.

  10. bumpppppp added expired sets. Paying big for those.
  11. Week one is already amazing of Ani-May w/the HxH expansion! 

  12. "It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaarrrrr" . . . . . . . . . It's ANI-MAYYYY!
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