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  1. Logged in today to see 12mil locked points, I don't even have 12mil... XD Why? Just why? 

    1. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      :bulge: Whoa, that is insane! Hope you get it fixed soon.

  2. All 20 of them have been released this week
  3. 10/10 Recommend this idea. Absolutely love it. Any input: @RubixCube @sciencefriction @Sharktibolt @The Villainous Rumplestiltskin @moxie @Zip @narengoku @Gamer11 @Draden @dab_marino @Blossom @robin @BTVKIDS
  4. 1.Naruto Shippuden/My Hero Academia 3.Attack On Titan (This season made me replace this it was gonna be at like no.6) 4.Hunter x Hunter 5.Black Clover 6.Naruto 7.Seven Deadly Sins 8.Tokyo Ghoul (season 3 was trash until the end) 9.One Punch Man ( 10.Avatar the Last Airbender (for the sake of me considering it anime-ish) XD On my watchlist: 1. That Time I got Reincarnated As a Slime 2. Konosuba 3. The Rising of the Shield Hero (On like ep. 4) 4. Parasyte 5. One Piece... (LOL)
  5. What does that mean? Brute force permissions?
  6. Had our gender reveal today.... IT'S A GIRL!!! :D:D:D 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. ChelseaOrgana21


      Holy crap!! You’re having a baby!!!? Congrats!!!

    3. Josh123


      Thank you all so much ! 

    4. Blossom


      josh? omgod, i still think of you as that kid graduating high school!! lol congrats and im thrilled for you that its a girl! you are going to love it!!

  7. Actually this is probably the best time to bring it up. Do we have an ETA on that discord? I think it would make PM's/TB deals so much more efficient. @Xavianangel @oasisx
  8. Josh123 & Tomura Shigaraki enter the mix.
  9. I lost millions upon millions of points worth of toons, twice. It's a bit inconvenient but trust me, it's so much fun actually having a goal. I find myself often just logging in to check my tb posts bc I don't have a goal to reach anymore. I pretty much have everything I want to collect. The community is fun and we'll be happy to help you by sending you some care packages to get you started up again. Zarbon isn't common but it's definitely not that hard to find and I even see powered up garlic jr. on the tb quite frequently these days too.
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