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  1. rustybucketbay jumpin in and looking for that poipole lol
  2. just posted a lot of the in shop toons you need on the trade board. feel free to offer me points or dbz i need (there are a lot of them)
  3. 3k each. Not sure about the color question...
  4. Sounds fair to me. They will be on the trade board.
  5. I have the following toons: Jefferson Davis, Ken Miyamae, Kaijin, Lord Karkull, and Action Gogeta Make me an offer.
  6. I have the following toons: gold supply ring, laser upgrade, silver supply ring, smart bomb, special supply ring, and supply container Make me an offer
  7. i have 16 d-3 devices. make me an offer
  8. I have rhyperior if you are interested. 500 per bp
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