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  1. So I was wondering if we could get a CO of Jerry Lewis from either the Jerry Lewis comic from the 60's and/or a CO of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis from the Adventures of Martin and Lewis comic from the 50's. I ask this for two reasons. I am a big fan of both Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and because Jerry passed away fairly recently and we don't have a toon of him on the sight. I also ask this because Jerry Lewis was a great humanitarian who raised millions of dolor for the MDA that is the muscular dystrophy Association. muscular dystrophy is an illness which affects mostly children and for which their is no cure. Jerry Lewis did a yearly telethon for this cause for several decades, each running for 24 hours strait, which at no time did Jerry take any real brakes. Some of you on here might even remember that they used to call the children affected by muscular dystrophy Jerry's Kids. Anyway, that is why I am asking. Hope you all don't mind, I just think that it would be nice to do a CO in memory of him or something.
  2. Happy Birthday  !!! hope its a great one :bday2:

  3. I'll see if I can find it. Thanks for the info
  4. Not really sure how this contest works, but I think this would be a good CO
  5. Happy birthday!!!! :D 

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