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  1. Just caught a Shiny Margikarp in Pokemon Go in my backyard. :lol:

    1. Sharktibolt


      That is extremely lucky. XD Congrats.

    2. Josh123


      I wish you couldve logged into my account to get it for me XD

  2. Iver never failed a shiny yet, but I would be super upset with myself, especially with a legendary. Master ball is there for those rare cases if something goes terribly wrong. Unfortunately you only get one per game though.
  3. Ive been hunting for a few years so I guess at this point Im used to it. But its always the great feeling when you find one and its always when you least expect it too! Some say the hours you put in aren't worth it but that 10minutes of "Holy Crap a shiny!" is awesome. Update on my Ruby Badge Quest. I found a Seedot on Route 114 and evolved it into a awesome looking Nuzleaf. It was barley any different than its normal form and I would've ran away from it if it wasn't for the sparkles. That was around mid-day I found that, then went onto Fiery Path that night and after less than 100 random encounters a Shiny Numel popped up. I was flipping my lid. Two shinies in a day was the first for me. I was ecstatic! lol. So I kinda skipped a few parts of my BQ because I really wanted to do another Soft Reset hunt and I chose one of the Regis to so. Im at a few hundred with Regice now. So I'm at 7 badges with 4 shinies so far, Regice will make the 5th. I plan on going to Mt. Pyre afterwards to get Duskull (6th) since it is 100% encounter rate and I think its shiny rules. Im not quite too sure about the 7th or 8th shiny I want before I face Wallace. Registeel, Regirock, Groudon, Zangoose or Swablu would be nice. Kinda want to get extremely lucky and get a shiny Heracross in the safari zone. I caught a beast jolly natured Heracross there and I love her. So fast, so strong lol. Til then good luck on your hunts if anyone is hunting besides me....lol. Also got my DS Lite Crimson/Black in with my Japanese Diamond and I've started SRing for a shiny Chimchar. Would be first gen 4 pokemon shiny ever. Still waiting on my Japanese Fire Red to come overseas though and Ill probably SR for Charmander.
  4. Welcome, drue ( LOGOUT ) Points: 3,084,942 Woot, hit 3mil today.
  5. Annoyed about my slow computer giving me no chances for any new PPG toons. <_< Gonna have to try my luck late-night shopping.

  6. OMG!! 2 shinies in a day on the same game! Shiny Numel has been caught and completes the 4th part of my Ruby BQ. :D

  7. Shiny Seedot just appeared on Ruby for part 3 of my badge quest! :o

  8. drue


    Just recently got back into reading this year as well. Ive been a big fan of James Patterson's work lately. But some of my favorite books I have read this year have been random pick ups or books I've borrowed from a buddy. I really enjoyed "A Dog's Purpose". That had me all over the place emotion wise, I loved the book, been thinking about picking up the sequel. "Cradle and All" by James Patterson was alright to me, not my favorite from him but this girl recommended it to me and it just wasn't my forte. I was expecting something else I guess. My favorite book Ive read lately has been "Lost on the Appalachian Trail". I really like to hike and would love to one day actually boss up and hike the AT trail. Its over 2000miles long and stretches from Georgia to Maine. It takes like 6 months or so to complete depending on your pace. Next I want to read "A Hikers Purpose". Another book about the AT trail. But at the moment Ive been lazy and been playing to many video games to pick up a book.
  9. drue

    Drue's Wishlist

    Bump for a much needed update.
  10. Fun contest. I'm guessing Snorlax weighs about 870 pounds.
  11. Drue dropping by the #PARTY and you know I'm bringing the keg of some local Double IPA. Would love to like, have a bunch of people out on the lake throwing down on like, a huge boat! *hashtagparty*
  12. Welcome to Collectoons bro! Have any questions about anything I'm sure I can answer them for you or at least get you an answer from someone knowledgeable.
  13. Shiny Mawile just appeared for the second part of my Ruby Badge Quest!!! :o

    1. Josh123


      Nice! GG!

  14. drue

    Favorite cToons?

    Darn so many to choose from haha. Honestly I have a favorite style of cToons as well, I always enjoyed the older looking toons with the choppy cutouts and the black outline around them. Some of my current favorites are Suspect Zangoose, Back to Back, Crystal Onix, The Mange, Slade in Shadows, Lion, Armored Titan, Golden Buttercup, Hisoka and Rick's Ride. Sorry, Im too lazy to figure out how to post the pictures at the moment.
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